House of Bratz 4.15.13



On Monday, April 15, members of the House of Bratz will show their allegiance to our club by wearing FUNKY SOCKS! Don’t sweat it (haha, get it?) if you don’t own funky socks, you can always mismatch a pair or regular socks!!

For those Bratzies who have to wear a school uniform, funkify your shoe laces with charms like these!

Send us pics of your rad HOBle Monday looks!!!!



Huge news this week in the House of Bratz:

Cloe wrote back in the Super Secret Shared Notebook!!!! Check out what she had to say to Jade:


We decided we would all make HOB friendship bracelets. This way, you can identify the HOBles near you!!

Extra points go to the amazing Bratzies who can figure out how to turn those hearts into the letters: HOB     Send us pics of your bracelet designs!!

We also decided to have Pic A Day May on Instagram. Everyday we will be posting another picture of something YOU BRATZIES suggested!!  Do any of you have rad ideas for what we should take pics of?

Some good ideas we have already been given are: dollz out in nature, flowers, a pic of your BBF, fierce shoez, etc.!  Give us your awesome suggestions!

Lastly, we wanted to share with you this week’s House of Bratz quote:



62 thoughts on “House of Bratz 4.15.13

  1. i luv the idea girls guess what i will be in a sewing class so i can learn how to desighn


  2. AWSOME! you could take pics of what you love and the things that make you happy. oh and bratz what is this weeks clour cordination or is it the funky sock idea?! xoxo

  3. This is awesome! Ill be sure to share my photo. Another sugestion is nickname dress up. for example on facebook,I posted a pic of sasha dressed in a bunny costume since her nickname is bunny boo. Next I have to do jade.

  4. I love sasha’s styles and glam .my question to sasha is what is her life like

  5. Hi I’m really into fabrics and 3 months ago I decided to draw out a design from my imagination well I made 3 designs it was summer, Halloween and Xmas .The Next day my older sister saw my design and she said that I should make out of old materials I have so I got a design kit and its been 2 months later and I’ve made all 3 outfits now and gonna make more xxxxx xoxo

  6. Hey yall sorry I didn’t be on the blog my cousin came to spend the night because we where going to dixie land so sorry.

  7. hey, bratz i kinda have a problem, i really want to be a singer when i grow up my parents say that the singing world is tough and i really want to pursue my dreams but i have so many years to wait and if i still want to be a singer then, will it be the right choice even if it is tough. i would really appreciate if you girlz gave me some advice that you might use yourself in this situation. Thanks, i love bratz.

  8. Hiya Singerbratzi,

    This week’s color coordination IS the funky socks idea. Hope you rocked them!!


  9. Hiya singerbratzi,

    Becoming a singer IS really tough. It takes a lot of perseverance and you have to get used to a lot of rejection. But there is ALWAYS going to be parts of pursuing your passion that is NOT fun or easy. If singing is your passion, we say GO FOR IT!! You should start working hard now. Take singing lessons. Or, if you can’t have singing lessons, rent cds from your local library that teach singing scales, etc. Learn how to read music. Start your own girl group and organize practices at your house and performances in local venues. Show your parents how serious you are. It will take initiative to make it as a singer in the real world and you are never to young to start unleashing your passion!!!

    On the other hand, there is no reason why you cannot pursue multiple passions. If you love singing, but also love math, why not have both?! When you’re older, you can become a mathematician and sing in local community theater musicals and baseball games.

    There are soooooooooo many rad options out there. And sooooooooooo many AHHHHHmazing wayz to live your life. Don’t limit your options! The world is yours!!


  10. Wow Chaz!! That is TOTALLY AH-MAZ-ING that you made your own outfits! You are totally a passionista fashionista! We are totes impressed!!

    Sasha, like the rest of us, is livin’ the fab life in the fast line. She is always SUPER busy rockin’ out as the drama queen bee that she is!! We are sorry to hear they don’t sell many doll versions of Sasha in the UK. She doesn’t get over to the UK that often because there’s not enough of a demand. We love Sasha, and we are doing everything we can to spread her awesomeness world wide!!


  11. Hey bratz its me lil ms.mysterious and since everyone is talking about passion then i would want all the other bratzies to here mine. I love to be herd and inspire ppl. Well my passion is to become a mexican dancer expert. I love dancing it but its hard. My mom shows me but she barley has time. My hole family does it but they dont have time for me because thay are always busy so wat can i do to achieve better. I need advice.. :-(

    Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious

  12. Hey Bratz! Angel123 here! I wore my funky socks today! My first sock was white with a lot of music notes and colorful. My second sock was orange with a lot of stripes that were red,yellow, green,blue, purple and pink!!!!!!! I just love this idea. I almost forgot I am writing more Amd more in my super secret notebook!!!! This is just too awesome! Please write back if you liked my funky socks!!!!!

  13. Hey Bratz! Angel123 here! I wore my funky socks today! My first sock was white with a lot of music notes and colorful. My second sock was orange with a lot of stripes that were red,yellow, green,blue, purple and pink!!!!!!! I just love this idea! This is just too awesome! Please write back if you liked my funky socks!!!!!

  14. Your funky socks sound AWESOME, Angel123!!! So glad you showed your HOBle spirit!!


  15. Wow, Lil Ms.Mysterious, being a Mexican Dancer sounds suuuuuuuuuuuuper rad!! That’s a bummer that your ‘rents don’t have time for you. Here’s what you should do. Tell your fam that you want them to schedule a night where they can teach you all of the moves. Just one night. Then borrow a video camera from someone and record the lesson. Make sure you are in the video too so you can see how it looks when you do the moves both correctly and incorrectly. Put the video on a zip drive or on a DVD. This way, you can continue to practice when your family is too busy to help you!!

    Good luck!


  16. wow that is some of the best advice i have ever been given, thanks bratz. xoxo

  17. Hey bratz! I just saw your PIC-A-DAY MAY post on facebook. I am so excited! I have an idea for a prize! You could give a bratz made poster or maybe a Bratz game! Also I have a BUNCH of soulitions! Maybe bratz disco dancing on a dance floor,Bratz excersising,Bratz doing a science project,bratz summer vacation,Birthday,Thanksgiving,ect! OH I HAVE THE BEST ONE YET! CHANGEING THE WORLD! Cloe could recycle,sasha could start saving water by turning of faucets,yasmin could save electricity by turning off the lights,and jade can save all the animals! I cant wait to figure out the PRIZE! I am gonna ask my mom if I can enter soon as I find out the prize!

  18. I wore my funky socks this past Monday. They were knee high white socks with different colored kiss marks on them. What better way is there to show HOBle support than socks with lovely kiss marks on them? It’s so much fun coordinating with everyone!

  19. These are all SUPER great ideas, Ann!! We have the prize already figured out. You’re gonna love it! But we will TOTALLY use some of these suggestions for Pic-A-Day May!!



  20. hey bratz u shuld totally make a forum on here so HOBles hav a place to chat with other HOBles !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The other day I was the first one to blog on Bratz!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  22. This is so stylin ,because me and my friend have been doing this for like EVER stylin

  23. No problem Bratz! Also can the next theme for monday be mustaches? Also I finished making my cloe angel doll. I also….GOT THE HOB HANDSHAKE! Hopefully I can show you! Its really cool. now all I have to do is show my friends.

  24. Hi, LilBratzie!
    We LUV when our HOBles chat to one another in the comments sections. It’s totes our most fave thing to see our friends become besties with our other friends!! Maybe we can make a separate forum in the future. It’s totally a rad idea. But for now, have fun making new HOBtastic friends in the comments!!

    Hey Bratzies, Meet and say Hello to lilbratzie!


  25. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked you saw the House of Bratz Secret Handshake on Facebook and Youtube. Have you been able to practice it yet with a BBF? We totally hope all of our HOBles learn the shake!


  26. Really? That’s so krazy kool, fashion26! Tell me all about how you and your friends rock this fun and fab stuff!


  27. YAYAYAY!!!! Ann, I think it’s fabnomenal that you’ve ALREADY learned the secret handshake and are teaching it to your friends! I would LOVE for you to show us the handshake once you nail it down.

    Monday mustaches is totally a good idea. I will add it to the list!!


  28. Love,sorry to burst your bubble,but bratz specifaclly said not to ask personal info,which is in Safety while Surfin’. You shouldnt ask there info because then if you tell a stranger, they know who you are. They could come to your house,or do anything! Also bratz,when will we be told what the prize is?

  29. Hi Cloe! I’m new to bratz and I love it so much!Can I be part of HOB? I love reading and writing and drawing and imaginig cool stuff. Which bratz am I like? Please reply Cloe! I’d like that a lot!

  30. Hi ChelseaAngel!!
    Cloe here, and it sounds like you are a little bit like all of us! We all like to doodle and imagine up cool new stuff! My friends all call me Angel, so you and I already have a lot in common!! But Yasmin LOVES to write, so you are a lot like her, too.

    You can TOTALLY be part of House of Bratz!! Print out the Bratz Pact above this, place your hand over your heart and take the oath! Then keep checking this website to see what totally kool new things the HOBs are up to!


  31. I am 9 and I do gymnastics and yoga and I am a new fan of the Brats when I grow up i’m being a fashion designer.I feel shy because of my BIG brother Dallas.

  32. hi singerbratzi,

    The Bratz Pact is in the blog titled House of Bratz 4.22.13. Print out the pact and sign it to become a member of the House of Bratz. Or, if you can’t print it out, place your hand over your heart and read the words aloud. That totally counts!!


  33. That’s so rad, cate57! We LUV gymnastics and yoga! And we totally love designing fashion. You sounds like the kinda girl we totally dig!!

    Don’t worry about being shy. Everyone gets shy sometimes!! Especially when they have big brothers.


  34. I was wondering how to find my passion because I would maybe like to try karate but I love to swim And we’re getting a pool in our back yard

  35. That’s a GREAT question, Animalover11!! Sometimes it takes a while to find what your passion is. And just because you feel passionately about something, doesn’t mean it is easy to pursue it!

    A good way to start discovering you passion is to try a whole bunch of different things! When you feel passionately about something, you will know it! You will want to practice it in your free time. Research it. Think about it all the time.

    We think it’s great you want to look into karate!! The awesome thing is that even if you can’t take classes, you can look up moves on the internet! That’s the great thing about pursuing your passion today! There is a ton of places you can get access to it!

    Good luck!!


    PS – your pool sounds fab!

  36. My BIG brother is 11 years old I will be designing fashions for people and pets. I watch the Justice League.

  37. That sounds AHHHHMazing, Cate57!! Can’t wait to hear about all of your fashions when you are done!!

    Just so you know, we decided not to post your other comment that tells us your full name. Be careful not to share too much information on the web. You should check out our totally fab blog called Safety While Surfin’. It’ll give you a ton of tips to make sure your time online is totally safe and totally fun!!


  38. It’s Thursday today I have gymnastics at 5:15 to 6:15. PS gymnastics is a sport.

  39. I know animalover11 if you want more advice you can make an club and have members and have fun. PS make the club so they don’t quit.

  40. Sorry I forgot the word fun . PS make it special.



  43. hey Bratz! i was wondering…. do you think neon socks are funky? i have tons of neon socks! i went shopping yesterday and i bought black jeans with black flowers on it, a green knit sweater that will look AMAZING on Yasmin and a gold sweater with the cutest buttons on it. is that cool or what?!

  44. Hey peanut,

    we LOVE neon socks. They are a totally rad way to bring a color blast to any outfit. They put the fun in funky! You should totally rock them!


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