Holiday Cards

Yo yo yo, Bratzos!

‘Tis the season for corny Holiday Cards.  You know what I’m talking about, the ones with pictures of you and your family on the front.  The whole ordeal has so much drama-rama! Parents dragging you to the mall, putting you and your siblings in matching sweaters, and having to smile in front of a cheesy backdrop. All this drama, just so your parents can send that photograph Christmas card to all your friends and family, letting them know what kind of grades you got in school this year. (Shudder!)

Not to be a Grinch, but those photo cards are a big Bah Humbug!

This year, the  Bratz and I are making our own Holiday cards! We think you should, too!!

Here’s how to do it the Bratzie way:

Get your group of girls together and raid each other’s closets for the most fabulous or outrageous outfits imagineable! Don’t be afraid to get silly! Wigs! Shoulder pads! Your mom’s ratty old slippers from the 1980s!

Dress up in all the hilarious mix ‘n match styles and then ask your parents or older siblings to take awesome group photos of you with your besties!

Next, download the FREE Bratz Cam App.  You can get to it here:

This will let you add fabulous fierceness to your photos by enhancing them with our awesome filters, borders and stickers!

Last, take the final photo and show it to your parents. When they go to print their holiday cards, ask them to print you 20 of your own holiday cards with your fab photo on the front for you to hand out to your friends at school!

Last, decorate your locker or cubby hole with the fab holiday card so you can remember that fun day with your friends all year long!


38 thoughts on “Holiday Cards

  1. I love to make Christmas cards for my whole family its so much fun and
    I always use tons of glitter.

  2. i hate the cards but look on the bright side you can put the card in a frame you can see your family

  3. Hello everyone its me kittycat and Hi aprilbear! guys what?
    today i am going to lancaster i can,t wait its sooooooooo
    much fun over their because i,m barly bored and i get to
    see other friends in lancaster too.ooooooow i can,t wait.
    oh and i love your new website sasha!i wonder what i
    am getting for chrismas.owwwwwwwww i hope i,ve
    been good.Also i lost two more babby teeth on tuesday
    ya.good bye.good night brazies!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, Ciara! These are rad steps! We might do that.
    BTW, we heard about Nelson Mandela’s death.
    R.I.P Nelson Mandela
    I will tell you some facts:
    1. Born in July 18, 1918
    2. He has three wives and six children
    3. He went to jail for 27 years.
    4. He was the first black South Africa president
    5. He was president from 1994- 1999
    6. When Mandela was nine, his father died.
    7. He died in Johannesburg, South Africa
    8. He will never b forgetten
    9. He died because he was sick.
    10. When he turned 95, he went to the hospital
    11. He died at age 95
    12. He was a good former South Africa president

    Changing the subject, bratz plz chat with the Movie Star Fashionistaz and the Bratzies!

  5. Hi! Sassy here! Today I’m going sing from the talented singer Cher Llyod! It was made 2011 and Jailee likes it!

    Simon says “Swagger Jagger”

    You can’t stop looking at me
    Staring at me
    Tweeting about me
    I can’t stop running this beat
    I’m laughing all the way
    Get on the floor
    Get get get on the floor

    If you don’t well check it out on utube ( really YouTube ) the lyrics may b wrong! BTW, next time I will sing get lucky (SPOIL ALERT!) but whatevs! See ya sassy girls( including the old Fashionista crew)
    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. Hi! Sassy is back! As you know y I’m here! My scene from AholaBeachGirlz is done for 2day!
    So here we go!

    We’ve come too far
    To give up who we r
    So let’s raise the bar
    And our cups to the stars
    She’s up all night til the sun
    I’m up all night to some
    She’s up all night for good fun
    We’re to get lucky

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. Hi! It’s Ciara. We are finished shooting the movie 4 2day. Lol! BTW, We just passed by one of fablish model in the fashion universe; Sara Deon! The Fablish five met her! She likes Liv’s upcoming mag and charity (LIVglitz and Passionista) and she’s said she is going to complient us on the bratz blog!

    p.s.-Sara Deon is one of my favs!

  8. I’m so sorry I was wrong! I meant Candice Swanepoel from Victoria’s Seceret!


  9. Liv here! So I play the character Dove in AholaBeachGirlz and we r alike. FE (For example), we <3 fashion and we always gossip. Plus we know how to sing. I love Dove's personalities! It's AH-MAZING! BTW, I'm finshed shooting Dove's part 2day!
    Remember my LIVglitz
    Also My Passionista parade

  10. HEH!!! You stole my NAME!!!! I didn’t write ” Hi everyone i can’t wait until chrismas!oh and i love your new website sasha!” OR “I love your new website sasha!”
    PLEASE CHANGE YOUR USERNAME!!!! (really it is mine ) ( !!!!!! )

    AprilBear OUT!!!
    P.S. ( the aprilbear out thing shows that i’m the FIRST aprilbear ) ( !!!!!!!!! )

  11. ( this is the FIRST AprilBear )

    >:() ()::( I am watching you post SECOND AprilBear!!!!

  12. What a fun idea! I can’t wait til Christmas! Happy Holidays Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, and Chloe!

  13. sorry for steeling your user name its just i,m going through a lot of stuff.Hello everyone its me kittycat and Hi aprilbear.I hope you braties had a good weekend.

  14. hey bratz did you know i can talk french ill show you bonjour bratz see i know how cuz my school is french and wen it was the first day of school i watched baby bratz i loved it so much!

  15. Hi I’m Candice Swanepoel from VS! I really love the Movie Star Fashionistaz! They rock! BTW, I am from South Africa and heard Nelson’s death, so i am going to the memorial 2day. I am totes a movie model star fashionista! They sometimes inspires me. Here’s a tip for every bratzie
    1. You are strong girl, so don’t believe what haters say and live it up to the foulest!

    Bye all bratzies,
    Keep passion to yourself
    Models 4 ever
    I’m not just a movie star fashionista,
    I’m a fan of the Eva girlz
    Hasta mañana!

  16. i goted to see a real dinisor haorna head and brain at school today! it was awsome!Goodnight

  17. Hey Sasha and all your friends, I don’t think I can take pictures well silly pictures with my friends :(… But I can bring my family together to do some silly pictures, Good Luck On My Grades! :)

  18. well…i wish I could help you but I can’t bring my friends to my house and I can’t go to my friend’s house.I wish you could forgive me.:’(

  19. Hi Bratz!! U might not remember me but guess what… I AM,UR BIGGEST FAN!! Lol i am really really excited my bday is on may 8th so yeah im gonna be 13 finally a teenager lol and right now i only have 2 dolls of u guys i only have yasmin and jade and trying to get dylan and cloe and one more yasmin doll so in 4 days im gonna have a doll of you so then all i will need is cloe yasmin and dylan because im about to get you so im going to have all of u! I just love u guys!! Bye! Xoxo

  20. school holidays for me. i’m grade 5 turning grade 6 next but i miss my friends going to high school :(

  21. let me go ask my mom i dont think that a total rad idea it sounds kind of weird i think a cool kind of rad would describ it.

  22. hey guys this is what i got for 2 chistmas’s a talbelt neon pink head phones a new htc phone and for my second chirstmas i got raven queen from ever after high

  23. hello bratz how ARE you going sacha I love the web story I was watching
    ever after high and I figured out I loved it there was milk sticking out of the oven to play at the baby sitters club and I love all the parties on face book anyways lol that my new magazine is coming out you will freakout and you will definitely get a copy of it YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED WATCH YOUR BACK young lady boss girl nuts lady you not d boss aurora lovely ttt

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