HOBles Are Going On Vacay!!

Hi y’all!

It’s been super fun kick starting our awesome club, House of Bratz. Now that it’s summer, our R.A.B. Fab club is going on vacay.

Don’t worry! We will bring back the totally rad club once school starts up again. And, we promise, it will be bigger than ever!!

We have done sooooooo much in the few short months since the club began:




We signed the Official Bratz Pact:

We made a secret password: fierce-a-licious

We made special friendship bracelets: http://pinterest.com/pin/287386019943548116/

And wore matching clothes every Monday so we would be able to recognize fellow HOBles: green, funky socks, asymmetrical, goal garb, mustache, flowers, glitter and mismatched nails.

We also sent cool messages back and forth in our Super Secret Shared Notebook!!
















I think this has been a fabnomenal start to the House of Bratz!! Don’t you??

Now that summer is here, the other Bratz and I want to make it EPIC!! We have started a summer bucket list of all the super cool things we could do each day, like white water rafting, throwing a paint party, rock climbing or giving proceeds from a lemonade stand to charity. Our goal is to make each day Ah-maz-ing!!

Do YOU have any ideas on what we should add to our summer bucket list?

Keep checking the blog to read all about our awesome summer!!

And, if you HEART this rad idea, you Bratzies should TOTALLY make your own summer bucket list!! Tell us what fun, fab things you add and send us pics of you rockin’ the summer list!!

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!!

Love you all!!



26 thoughts on “HOBles Are Going On Vacay!!

  1. Hi Rachel,

    We Bratz aren’t going on vacation, but we are going to keep House of Bratz running just during the school months. This summer we want to turn our attention to our new mission: #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER!! We are committed to making our summer totally EPIC! And we hope all of our Bratzies join us in making this summer the most awesome summer of all time!! To get started we’ve been compiling a Summer Bucket List of all the things we are going to do this summer. Do you have any rad ideas for us??


  2. guess what i went to see the movie epic
    and im writting a new song i dont know what to name it

  3. Hey bratz im back,lil ms.mysterious. well im here in panama city,florida. It has been realy fun spending time with my family. Well i have been saving upsome money now i have five hundred dollers. I decided to send it to charity. I feel so proud of myself for doing that. Well i have to go. Going surfing bye!!!!!!!!!! (: (; ^0^

    Hugs and kisses from:Lil Miss.Mysterious

  4. Honestly, Its sad for you guys to be gone this summer. I mean I come here everyday to check and your blogs because I feel happy and confident. I look up to you! But hey, Maybe we will have somemore dolls coming out! It’ll be awesome. Will you still post on facebook?

  5. hey bratz! im new here i just signed up and congratz on your vacay!!! im so happy for you! and what im going to do this summer is go on to a SUMMER CAMP! it starts in summer and im going with my aunt i bet its going to be the best summer EVER!! what are you guys going to do this summer?

  6. Cool!! I’ll totally get started!! Well, one idea i have is goin 2 my friends’ house and giving eachother pedicures and Makeovers. And of course goin 2 the pool with my besties. I also wanna edit my website,since I have time now…I wanna get some inspiration from books or movies or something like that. Well I hope u guys have a totally Fab summer!!

  7. I loved y’all ever since i was a kid and i still watch it today! so i love your website! My fave bratz is all of you really, just cause I can’t decide! :D

  8. Thanks so much for letting me join your wonderful website! So appreciated this! Never gonna forget it!

  9. are my fellow bratz going anywhere twice because I am going to the coast again and I am going in style to show off my clothes and to show who I am

  10. Hi Rachel,

    We will TOTALLY still blog, but we will be focusing on Unleashing Our Summer instead of the House of Bratz. We want the club to coincide with school, and since we are all getting let out for summer soon, it’s time to rock something new!!!

    Keep checking the blog for fab summer fare!!


  11. That sounds rad Karimah! Have fun at camp!! We are going to make this summer EPIC by trying all sorts of new things!! We want you to Unleash Your Summer with us!! Give is your ideas on some fab things we can try this summmer!!


  12. Wow, Noelle! Those are some seriously fab summer ideas!!! We will have to add some to our summer bucket list!!!!!

    Good luck with editing your website!
    Stay awesome!


  13. what vacy are you gals going on……oh,oh how about Holaday Would!!!

  14. Read all of our later blogs on Unleashing Your Summer, TotesAdorbs!! They are full of fun ideas!!


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