HOB Fashions Monday, April 8





Monday, April 8th,  all House of Bratz members should wear something GREEN! Go all out in a head-to-toe green romper, wear funky green socks or glam it up with green eye shadow. Show your House of Bratz support by rockin’ green!

Also, as with any awesome secret club, we will have rotating secret passwords. This week, the password is: FIERCE-A-LICIOUS!! Before you share any super secrets with an assumed fellow HOBle, ask them if they know they secret password. If they pass the test, you will know your BBFs for life!

Can’t wait to see all of you rockin’ your HOBle greens!


119 thoughts on “HOB Fashions Monday, April 8

  1. Can I be in the club. I’m not actually new here. I just dont comment much. And if I’m in, then I can’t wait for tomorrow’s FIERCE-A-LICIOUS green day!! YAY!!

  2. Instead of Lola, it’s Layali.
    It’s not my username.. just a name I like. So, the comment before this, the one with ‘Lola’, please forget the name. It’s Layali.

  3. super cool. what are you girlz wearing? thiz iz bratztastic the password idea is amazing and you girlz get an excuse to go shopping! xoxo

  4. I am totally wearing green oh and I love the password for this week FIERCE-A-LICIOUS!!

    xoxo -Rachel

  5. What I was also thinking is to make a theme website so whenever somebody enters we have cool funky music!

    xoxo -Rachel

  6. This is exciting! School tommorow..:(..But I like it…what do you like about school?

  7. Are you exsited? Green is SO cool!
    L-O-V-E the password for this week!
    Glad we’re friends!
    How are you Bratz?
    Happy Sunday!

  8. And also Close what do you think is better? High tops or sandals? Write back soon!

  9. Hey bratz its lil ms.mysterious and i will be sure to wear green. I will be showin my passion for hob club. Are you goin to show it? Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious. ;)

  10. I am totes going to wear green tomorrow! May b just an accessory or something because
    I don’t have much green clothes. I like,think I should totes wear my green and black top hat from st.patricks day!

  11. can i please be a member l really want to know more about you AWESOME girls

  12. Yay! I can’t wait to dress GREEN!!!
    Are you going to wear green Bratz?

  13. Of course you can be a HOBle, Layali! House of Bratz would be lucky to have you! Did you wear green today??
    Glad you’re posting!

  14. Rad idea, Rachel! And we are sooooooooooo stoked you wore green today!!


  15. Thank you, AprilBear!! Sooooo glad you dig the site. And we TOTES love your username. Super fab-a-licious!


  16. Tell us all about how you accessorized your green look, lilbratzie!!


  17. Good question, Angel123! I HEART them both. It totes depends on the weather and what kind of outfit you’re wearing. For Spring, I love a loose babydoll dress with neutral color high tops!

  18. Of course you can join House of Bratz, koolkat152! We are totally thrilled to have you!


  19. We are TOTALLY rockin’ the green today. And looking KRAZY KOOL, if we do say so ourselves!


  20. Hi! How are you?
    What kind of GREEN things are u wearing?
    I’m wearing green hair stuff and a green shirt!

  21. BRATZ guess what I had today? I had a bratz ice pop! I got cloe. She was Delic-ous! I never ever knew they had ice pops! I got so excited! SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Will you guys make a sasha one?

  22. Lol. Hey bratz i am new and u are my idol. U make a great example for me. Love yall for eves. And can i join the club??

  23. Hi Bratz ! :) I love your new mermaid dolls ( I think they are new { can you tell me if they are } )

  24. Hey Bratz , do you like Justin Bebber ? Tell me if you do…… PLEASE!!!!!! Thank you! :)

  25. Awesome, Abby4You!
    I, Jade, wore a green scarf. Yas rocked green earrings. Angel wore a green bag. And Bunny Boo rocked for fierce green shoes! Total Bratzie support for House of Bratz Monday!!

    So glad you participated!

  26. Awesome!
    Did you know I sew?
    Maybe I could sew a dress for my bratz dolls!
    P.S. do you think I should have a fashion show with my bratz dolls?

  27. Super rad, Ann! Glad is was delish! We actually don’t make the ice pops. Instead, our super fab Bratzie fanz get inspired by us and decide to make products, like the ice pops, in our honor! It’s pretty awesome, actually. But it means we don’t know whether they will make Sasha stuff or not. I hope they do! Sasha is awesomest!!


  28. Yay, Angel123! We are totes stoked you love the club! We love it, too! Check back here on Sunday to find out what the House of Bratz is wearing Monday!!

  29. Thanks so much, princezzskai! We would LOVE for you to join House of Bratz! Check here on Sundays to see what members will be wearing on Monday and other fun club activities to do for the week. So stoked to have you! Love ya lotz!


  30. Hiya April! Stoked you dig our Star Stunnerz mermaid dollz. They are pretty new and pretty fab! We all are Beliebers, but I think Cloe likes him the mostest!


  31. today i was wearing my new green dress and my green lime shirt i made and ofcourse my favorite green round earings! my friends say i’m way too fashionable but i didn’t care its my style and my way!

  32. Me too Cloe! I wore high tops with kapree leggings! How does that sound? Cool? Please write back Cloe.

  33. Hiya Mariah!

    Your HOBle green oufit sounds totes amazeballz! I LUV that you are willing to make a fab fashion statement, no matter what your friends say. Always be true to you, girlfriend!

    And, do I like 1D? Of course I do! We all do! We totes can’t wait for the Radio Disney Music Awards. I want to see if they win for best song!!


  34. You should TOTALLY have a fashion show with your dollz, Abby4You!! That’s 2 kool that you sew! SUPER impressive.

    If you have a fashion show with your own homemade looks, send us a pic!


  35. Hi, Milly0109! We always suggest wearing what you like, what YOU feel pretty in. But just in case you want to know what current fashions are trending:
    Things to look for this spring: Flowers, stripes, mix and match patterns and more!
    Things to look for this Fall: Fur, collars, peak a boo fabrics, heels with socks, embroider and shinny leather

    Have fun at your party! We know you’ll look phenom!


  36. Ok!!! I’ll try :) maybe a YouTube video of it?
    I am going to make some clothes now :)

  37. Hey bratz! I dont expect you to be shocked but im a fan of dubstep.Its totes awesome! Also..I love justin timberlakes music! Its totes wonderful! do you?

  38. Uh-oh!! I can’t get my Bratz dolls clothes off :(
    I guess I’ll have to not sew any thing;(
    But…that doesn’t keep me from doin the fashion show !!!

  39. awesome bratz! i can’t wait to see 1d sing!!! and i know their gonna rock and win! because 1 direction is everyone’s 1# FAN!!!!

  40. hi bratz
    first of all bffforever isnt my username its bffforeverglittery i just couldnt type it all. Anyway i just wanted to say that i love u all and
    could i join the club plzz

  41. We would LOVE to have you as a HOBle, Bffforeverglittery!! Awesome sauce!!

    Keep checking this blog for updates on what all the totally awesome House of Bratz members are up to! Especially check here on Sundays!


  42. Of course you can join House of Bratz, YasminLauren!! We’re krazy psyched to have you join!! Luv it!

    Keep checking the blog for HOBle updates. Make sure you come back on Sundays. That’s when we share the week activities and let all the HOBles know what to wear on Monday to show your true HOBle colors!


  43. hey girlz you rock and can i be a member of the house of bratz club? you girlz rule i think that your fashionz are AWSOME xoxo

  44. Please answer these questions

    If you could chose your fav books,what would they be?

    If you got a brochure to go any where,where would you go?

    Name 5 things you want for christmas.

    Where would you go or do on a saturday night?

    We can have bratz trivia every friday! Please reply and do idea! :3

  45. Also for what photo you should do on FB, I think it should be a fantastic sleepover with your BBFL’s.

  46. dear chloe,

    im new to the site and just wanted u to no im a huge fan. u guys totally rock.
    i have some really cool fashion tips for u guys for ur concerts so pretty plz write back :)

    to all bratz users:
    use this hashtag:
    if ur a bratz maniac :)

  47. oh and i almost 4got chloe…….u should so rock some glittery gold eyeshadow and red lipstick……..it’ll look AMAYZING :))))

  48. Hello Bratz love you so much, I’m from Brazil, but even so always follow the blogs and posts on facebook, oh and I have a super big kiss to Jade, is my favorite, and I want to know if I can even be part of Brazil’s House of Bratz, a kiss full of super Bratitude, Sarah Beatriz

  49. wow i’m new here and everything is allready getting better!
    plus the HOB fashion.

  50. Hey! It’s AprilBear!Um… Bratz, can you add more cool games to this website…PLEASE!!!!

  51. Sorry, Ann! We’re just too busy to answer a bunch of Bratz trivia questions. And we’d much rather know all about YOU!! What are your answers to all those amazing questions??


  52. Thanks for the AH-to-the-MAZING tips, puppyluver03!!! I love the make-up suggestion and am OBsessed with your rad hashtag.
    #HOB4EVER!!! We will totally rock that on Twitter.


  53. Wow Sarah!! It’s totes the koolest to have fanz as far away as Brazil!! We LUV you, too!!!

    Of COurse you can be in the House of Bratz!! We would LOVE to have you!! You just have to swear to alwayz be an amazing friend to those in need and to alwayz be true to YOU!


  54. We’ll see what we can do about adding more kool games, AprilBear. Rad suggestion!!


  55. O! bratz! I replied to what you asked me on FB! You can respond! Yay! Question. My B-day is coming in 4 months. I watched a few baking cake videos and wanted to ask my parents if instead of buying a cake,to make one. Im afraid they might say no. How do I tell them in an understanding way? If they do say yes, I was thinking to make a bratz related cake. Or a cake that has the HOB signature colors. Do you have any cool tips about what should be on the cake? Also is it ok if I make it a bratz themed cake? (I Almost forgot to ask)

  56. What an AWESOME idea, Ann! Of course you can make a Bratz cake for your Birthday! Make sure you take a pic and send it to us!! I think if you tell your parents that you are grateful that they are willing to buy you a birthday cake, but simply explain that you would like the opportunity to try baking, your parents will understand.

    I think if you write “H.O.B. MEMEBER” and try to design a wicked pair of shoes in icing, the cake will be mega fierce!!

    What do you other Bratzies think?


  57. hey bratz i need your help and wow! i’m like super nervous let me tell you why there’s a boy i know named carlos he’s in my school and he asked me out to his party tonight and i don’t know what to say or what to wear i only have one party dress in my closet its red and glittery but do you think he won’t care what i’m wearing? i mean i’m just super nervous cause i really like this guy and i just don’t wanna embarress him or mess up anything any tips?

  58. hey bratz! just wanted to ask you something about the green day when it first started a few days passed and thats when i wore my green outfit i wore my green eye shadow and my green high heels and my green skirt and my green earings with my new green cap and my tank-top does that sound like a hot outfit? and i didn’t wear them when the green day first started so i wanted to know even if i wore my greens too late was it still ok to wear them even if it wasn’t on the same day? i just hope i wasn’t too late

  59. hey bratz its me again just wanted to tell you that my birthday is coming up and i’m going to turn 17 just wanted you to know that xoxo.

  60. i L-O-V-E THE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. Hi Traina,

    We’d LOVE to do a new movie. But we are sooooooooooo busy with all of our other projects!! If we ever have time to shoot a new flick, we’ll let you know!!!


  62. Of course you can join the club, Kate!!! You just have to solemnly swear to be the best friend and best person you can be!! We are totes psyched to have you!! Check the site every Sunday to learn what’s new in the club!!


  63. OMG, Kate!!! It sounds like you went totally all out!! Send us a pic of your awesomeness next time!!

    We are only asking our Bratzies to wear the new trend on Mondays. (Just like today is funky sock Monday!) BUT, our true Bratzie fans may rock the look as many days of the week as they like. We wore a LOT of green eye shadow last week. And this week we plan of rocking funky socks as often as we can. Never be ashamed of how you dress or what you look like. You have every right to XPRESS yourself, and we bet you looked FABTASTIC!!


  64. Just be yourself, Traina! Wear what you think makes you look pretty and fabtastic. Act like yourself. Chat like yourself. Laugh like yourself. Just be YOU!! Because if you act/dress like someone you’re not, you will never know if this boy likes you for YOU! And trust us, if this boy is into you, he will not care what you wear. It’s your personality that shines. Not your glittery red dress. Have fun!!


  65. can we see u guys in person if so where I really love u guys btw u should have a clothes line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3

  66. so do u guys live together ? I need edvice my bff went over my other bffs house and I was thinking about asking my mom to get know their moms do u think this is to much to ask

  67. Thanks, love. We LOVE the idea of our own clothing line!! Maybe we will have one someday. Right now we are soooooooooooooooo busy with all of our other crazy projects. You will hear more about them SUPER SOON!!

    We are in high school, which is why it is so hard to juggle all our projects and homework. Ugh. We Bratz don’t live with each other. But we are totally the bestestest of friends, so we make sure we can see each other WHENEVER we can!! It’s totally kool that you ask your mom to get to know your friends moms!! That way she will feel safer letting you hang out at your friends’ houses more!

    Good luck!


  68. hey bratz its traina me again when i was telling you about carlos that invited me to his party guess WHAT?! i wore something i really liked and when i showed up wearing it at carlos’s party everybody turned around and looked at me and carlos came up to me and asked me to dance with him then when the party was over he walked me home and almost kissed me!! it was the best night ever!! you were right! i don’t need clothes and a new attitude to make me shine ive got everything i needed!! thanks bratz!! xoxoxo really mean it!

  69. RAB FAB, Traina!!! Glad you had such a fabtastic party!And even MORE glad to know you realize that YOU, my friend, shine from the inside out!!


  70. yasmine u rocked your fashoin decision ,sasha boo girl text me back lol ,totally bratzed out. Kayla

  71. yasmine,sasha,jade,cloe are bbbbbbbbbbbbffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  72. at the beach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. AWSOME………………………………………………………………………by the way this is patience morales…………………..

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