Happy Mother’s Day

Whatz the hapz, Bratz? Who’z stoked for Mother’s Day?!

I think this Mother’s Day is going to be the fabbest and fiercest ever!! Do you know why? Because we Bratz are all about giving some real attention to some #RealBratz, like our moms!

We all know #RealBratz lend a hand, stand up for their passions and encourage others to do the same.  I know a LOADS of moms who totally fit this rockin’ description, don’t you?

Everyone should honor the woman in his or her life on Mother’s Day! In addition to loving our own moms, we wanted to give a special Mother’s Day shout out to #RealBratz momma Jennifer Garner!

We all know the actress Jennifer Garner from her fierce roles in “Alias,” “13 going on 30” and “Juno,” but this momma is so much more than just a performer!

I LOVE watching old episodes of “Alias” on Netflix. She was totally the most butt-kicking spy on TV ever! Aaaaand, she totally broke barriers by being the first FEMALE to rock such a fab role!

The totally crazy thing is, she didn’t even know martial arts before she took the super side-kicking spy role!! Krazy kool, right?! I read that she was really insecure about whether she would be able to pull off playing the part, but instead of giving in to fear she studied hard, got a trainer and kicked butt at kicking butt! She totally pushed the boundaries of what she thought was possible for herself, and won a Golden Globe for all her hard work!

But what REALLY makes Jennifer the coolest momma ever is that she is an activist. She travels the country pushing the importance of early childhood literacy and education. As Save the Children’s Artist Ambassador, she is working to ensure that early education services are established in the most impoverished parts of the U.S.! In true #RealBratz style, this fierce momma-bear is changing the world by bringing her innovative, game-changing agenda all the way to the U.S. Senate!! (And she looks stylin’ doing it, too!!)

Way to rock, Jennifer! We love you, and we think you’re a total #RealBratz!

How is YOUR mom a #RealBratz? Tell us in the comments, and then make sure to go tell your mom, too!!



30 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I love mothers day I’m going to take my mom out to go shopping :)

  2. we are giving our mom flowers and cards and other things what are you guys going to give your mom?

  3. OMG I am invited to the Angel in my class birthday party. PS What shoud I were.

  4. The Angel that I am talking about is a boy.PS I have GOLD berets

  5. Flowers and a card sounds like the perfect gift, AKSISTERS!!

    We HEART giving moms – and anyone – upcycled gifts and any DIY fashion!


  6. We think that is a PERFECT Real Bratz quality, bratz12girl! Luv to your mum!!


  7. Scorchin’ Cate57! That’s sooooooooooooo fab that you were invited to your Angel’s bday party! The gold hair pieces sound perfect!!

    We recommend that you wear something you feel comfortable in! It’s hard to make an adorbs impression if you’re fussing with an uncomfortable outfit. Also, make sure you wear something you can move around in, just in case there is dancing or any other super fun party activities!! Lastly, pick an outfit YOU feel super pretty in. When we feel pretty inside, we ALWAYZ look pretty outside!!

    Have fun! And tell us how it goes!!


  8. Hey Bratz! On Mother’s Day I Gave My Mom A Great Big Hug And Flowers And My Dad Bought My Mom Roses And A Diamond Necklace With Earings To Go With It Mom Felt Vary Special!

  9. Wow Jasmin!! Sounds like your mom had a fabtastic Mother’s Day! Way to go!!


  10. Welcome to our blog, marina!!! So glad you came to hang with us!!

  11. my mom had a terrible mothers day because she had to go in for surgery :(

  12. The party was the day before mothers day the party was awesome. PS I went on a pony ride on Ms.Lollypop.

  13. Hi bratz im new here just getting the hang of doing this. every year i make my mum her mothers day card and put every thought that comes into my mind to get her the best present ever :-)

    P.S sasha & yasmin huge fan!!!!

  14. moms rock and moms are cool and nice sweet and kind and loving caring and gerous.by the way this is patience morales and my moms name is ana ayala.bye

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