Halloween Safety Glam

Hi Y’all!

Cloe here! I am    totes stoked about Halloween. I know last week my bestie, Jade, told you all about how to look scary-glam for Trick-or-Treating, but she left one very important deet! Accessories!!

Luckily for you, my beloved Bratzies, accessories are totally my thing!!

The cool thing about Halloween, is that you accessorize your look with almost anything!! Just like Jade said last week, it’s srsly trending to add a little bling to your wicked. Since most of us will be Trick-or-Treating at night, I like to accessorize with wicked cool lights!

Here are my must-haves:

Angel’s Scorchin’ Accessories for a Cool Halloween

Glow Sticks: There are a ton of ways to incorporate glow sticks into your look. Last year, I saw a girl tape a glow stick to the end of her witch wand and it made the wand look like it was glowing mid-spell-cast! Sooo fab!! I like the wear the glow sticks as a necklace because it leaves an eerie glow on your face. Or I throw a ton of sticks in the pillow case I use to collect candy. It makes my whole bag glow!

Reflector Tape: Chillax, I’m not talking about wearing a crossing guard uniform. (Unless that’s what you are for Halloween!!) But there are fierce ways to accesorize with reflector tape. You can use it to write your initials in big letters on the back of a witch or superhero cape. Make some of your mummy bandages glow so follks see your gruesome self coming and have time to run!! Haha! Or, my personal fave, cover the base of your princess tiara, (or Hippie Headband!!) so everyone can’t help but see royalty is headed their way!

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish and Lip Stick: I’m ob-to-the-sessed with glow in the dark make up! The best part is, the nail polish and lip stick are usually clear, so you can put it over whatever face make up you are already wearing with your costume!! I go totally cray for the lipstick. It makes me feel like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. The first thing people will see of me is my smile! How fab is that??

Do you have any other ideas on how to accessorize with light? Let me know! And tell me how you are incorporating it into your fabtastic costumes!!

Love you all!!



89 thoughts on “Halloween Safety Glam

  1. I’m going as the Harlequin honey for Halloween you can look it up on party city how can I Glam up my costume???

  2. Hi cloe it,s me chyna your bff i so love your new halloween website. So cloe are you planing anything next friday because i want to talk to you about somthing. Well thats every so bye talk to you later.


  3. Cool tips Cloe! For Halloween I’m going to make a customize outfit! A black & white gingham dress, a red hood, brown boots, and a basket! I can’t wait for the week of Halloween because it’s also Spirit Week!

    Keep The Passion 4 Fashion,
    As Always, Your Bratz Fan Forever,

  4. Hi everybody and guess what cloe today is my grampa birthday ya sooo lets sing happy birtday to my papa.happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birth day to yooooooooooooooooooou happy birthday to you.ya.well i hope my papa enjoys his birthday.oh and i had a good day today and cloe i got to see my uncel today and we had lunch at his house.bye aprilbear ,jadecat12,and cloe.

  5. Good aftrenoon cloe and so far i have had a good day.Guess what cloe!I found out that i am mostly like jade your other bff.

  6. Dear jade i know that i am mostly like so that means you are my other bff.so jade are you bussiey next friday there,s somthing that i need to talk to you and cloe about.well i hope you have a good day.

    xoxo.to you and cloe to.

  7. Hi every body the rest of my day was good.Hey um how come no one is blogging.Is it because i told aprilbear i was a vampire i was just kidding madye. goodnight.


  8. nickname:kittycat
    my favortie food:i like lots of food
    my passion:alawys being there for my friends
    my color eyes:brown

  9. hi everyone! even dasha1 and badazzle, i haven’t been here for while any i can say hi! my Fashionista stars and my new fashion line called The Fabulous Clique or The Fablish Girlz. Either one. im lettting everyone choose.i am using my mom’s phone. Its because my sis broke my laptop. Also, if you don’t like the names, then you can help me think of a girl group name and i will add you.

  10. also bratz! including dasha1,badazzle and chyna. i am getting a laptop around December.

    so sayornara everyone! even the Eva girls,fifth harmony, and The Fablish Five!

    miss you guys already!
    i hope you enjoyed the tour The Fablish Five!
    my sis, Fashionista stars and my new fashion line girls says bye!

    visit a few on my mom’s phone and back to laptop around December

    oh right if i miss Sayori’s birthday( which is December and my sis told me)
    happy very very very birthday!

    also if whoevers birthday is before Christmas, then happy very very very early birthday!!!!”


    BTW, bratz for halloween, im draculaura from monster high! 10 more days til Halloween!

    this is very long!!!!!


  11. i got the name!!!! it’s called The Gucci Girlz! is it terrible? how about ummm…….Pretty Girl Rock!

    of course!


    Swagger Jagger
    A.K.A princess

    Real names:
    im pinkalious so im being swagger jagger and my real name is Chantal

    one of my friends is A.K.A princess and her real name is Zonnique. She was named after Miss Star from OMG girlz.

    one of my friends is sweetheart and her real name is Jenny. She’s a sweet heart when you meet her!

    any comments? please write nicely! i will check 2morrow!


    Real Names:

    Chantal( aka swagger jagger)
    Summer( A.K.A prince

  12. one more thing!

    They on tour! and forgot Leigh Anne!
    her nickname is Ms. Swag!

    First they are was in Miami! Now they on the airplane going to L.A! they going to NYC next!!!!

  13. i meant A.K.A princesss! and fifth harmony i love me and my girls then miss movin on.

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    And Harrry from 1D was dating Taylor Swift!

    and dont mind Pretty Girl Rock
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    No it’s not Best Song Ever!!!!

  14. Scorchin’ tips:
    We all now it’s time for HALLOWEEN! Well I got the coolest, scorchin’ tips!:
    1. if your going for fierce and pretty, you could add some glitter to your out fit, but at the same time, you could make your facial look fierce!
    2. Want the Li’l Miss Perfect? Go for the short skirts and heels!
    I hope you guys luv my tips and respond! Oh, and my friend doll, Tatiana Lish would like ta talk to ya:
    Luv, Tatiana and Badazzle

  15. Hi everybody and dazzel girl please call me kittycat and i hope you are haveing a good day goodnight.Hi tainai lish it,s me chyan but please call ne kitty cat.Hi everybody it, me chyan but for now on call me kittycat got it!Hi pinkliou,s it,s chyan but for now on call me kittycat and that go,s for aprilbear and jadecat12 and everybody else PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE CALL ME KITTY CAT OK!thank you.goodnight

  16. like i said for now on call me kittycat because that,s my nickname and my new bloging name.goodnight.

  17. so there’s NO COMMMENTS!!!!!!!!!! SO NO ONE IS GOING TO MISS ME?

    So ambitious
    So ambitious
    SO ambitious
    SO AMBITIOUS!!!!!!

  18. badazzle, i liked the tips!
    BTW, i like this song from youtube called Happy by Pharrell Williams
    and also, Get Lucky

  19. OMG POST!

    Zonnique had some gr8 news:

    We’ll start making mags around December and tips!
    Also, we will have ton of gossip!
    Swagger Jagger, A.K.A princess, sweetheart and Star( it’s not Ms.Swag not more)


  20. i would be friends with you, chyna. i haven’t spoken to no one in the bratz blog yet.
    in the summertime, i had fun going to the beach, the pool, and talking to badazzle and dasha1. i mean no one has talked to me yet. Like i wrote since yesterday and no one answered back. It feels like im the only one who lives in the Australia outback. Im in the fifth grade and going to graduate next year( 2014). You seem really nice.

    NO ONE!!





  22. wow its the new bratz for holloween yeah I already have 4 of the new ones!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. bye goodnite girls I have to go take a bath tonite and because I just sign up so I think we could all be good friends see you later aligater and don’t be hater. put $ to be friends and if:( you put that you don’t want to be friends !$!$@!!1!!

  24. im listening to Get Lucky by Pharrell, Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers

    the name are: Santana, Rochelle, Chantal, Diasha and Zonnique

    They are on tour. they went to Miami, performed at Pharrell’s wedding and met his son, Rocket Man.

    the name is: Girl Harmony!

  25. Hey Ghouls!

    I’m Draculaura! Don’t be cross because I’m from Mattel!

    :( Anyway, ghoul friends, has everyone watched 13 wishes? I believe my acting was best! Oops, now I sound like Cleo. Whoops!

    Speaking of Cleo’s, anyone watched H20 Just add water?

    Amaze isn’t it

    Well, as we say at monster high,

    Bon Voyage Ghoul Friend, Happy Howlidays!


    P.S I am a black cat this Howliday Howliween

  26. So.

    It’s your girl, Yasmine. If your LeeLee, yasminlauren or Shainia you’ll know this Yasmine from new york (which is were my family moved)

    I’ve grown up a bit, but still into bratz, only I wish that they would bring the old bratz back.

    Please, bratz? Consider? Please! :0

    Your girl


  27. Hi pinkalicious it,s me chyna but for now on call me kittycat OK!Guy,s what aprilbear, jadecat12 ,and dazzel ,and pinkalicious ? At my school last year i joined in the math 24 club but i didn/t get in because two many peopel joined put i signed up again for it this year and this year i got sooooooo ya me.Well today i had a good day at school and i had art for speacil at school today.Well thats all so talk to you guy,s tomorrow .i hope you guys have a good day at school tomorrow bye.goodnight everybody.

  28. OMG POST!

    We just meet this nice girl named kittycat!

    She’s very nice and you should be friends with her!

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    one question: where are the bratz? they haven’t went online!

  29. OMG POST!

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  30. hahaha!

    pinkalicious’s crushes
    1. Ross Lynch
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    3. Pharrell Williams
    that’s it!!!!

  31. we saw The Conjouring around September and pinkalicious wasn’t scared?

    even The Walking Dead?

    Santana scared pinkalicious, rochelle, zonnique, diasha but not chantal.

    she was playing dead on October and chantal didn’t know, but she wasn’t scared!


  32. we are watching the X Factor later on! We are staying in L.A until November 22.

    since we arrived there YESTERDAY!!

    WE’RE UP ALL NIGHT TO GET LUCKY!!!x9( when Pharrell sings in the end)

    Daft Punk said it x8

    goodnite a few states that is nightime already!


  33. oh zurigirl300 we would like to be friends with you, and pinkalicious!

    the sign:$

  34. OMG POST!

    no X factor today! Santana’s friend is in Nyc
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    Zonnique said” Fifth Harmony+ Girl Harmony equals Fifth Girl Harmony”

    They said they like us, pinkalicious and pinkalicious’s Fashionista stars!

    We said we should make a song together.
    We wish but they’re busy!

    Our Zonnique met Omg girlz’s Zonnique and her dad.

    We met 7 stars in Hollywood!

  35. Hey Cloe! Great advice you are the best. I am being a very girly nerd for Halloween. How would I glam that up without going over the top? Your the best :)

  36. Hey bratz its me Ann! Haven’t commented in a long time but im here to let you know that i am doing a blog spot and i am doing bratz doll reviews and i would really like if you saw it!! So far i have 2 reviews and more to come!

  37. nickname: prettygenius
    favorite color: hot pink
    favorite subject: writing and drama
    my favorite food: any fast food restraunts!
    my passion: being creative and making my bffs happy!
    age: 10
    my eye color: brown

  38. zurigirl300 sorry again or maybe but letting you know, we would like to be friends!


  39. OMG POST!


    SO COOL!


  40. Hi every body .Guess what?On october 25 2013 i will be goinging to lancaster so that mean,s my two babby doll,s eric brenna and my other babby doll babby alice doll and then my friend also let,s me use one of her babby doll,s and it,s a girl and it has brown skin and brown eye,s and black hair.Well i hope you guys had a good day at school on october 25 2013 and i also hope you guy,s have a good weekend bye.goodnight.

  41. I wish you could see my costume! I am being a old time girl like in ” little house on the Prairie! ” its more of a dance party. Wish me luck! !

  42. hi sorry what pinkalicious said! she was acting(when she was writing back)
    she really wants to be in Disney Channel!

    so anyways, pinkalicious said no prob to badazzle and and said im fine how about you to dasha1

    today we saw T.i ( the other Zonnique’s dad)
    and the other omg girlz)

    Pharrell promised that we are meeting Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk

  43. hi it’s me Sparklekitty also have you heard Selena gomez has a crash on drake!!! can you Believe it??! thx plz reply bye! oh also what are you being for Halloween? plz reply!

  44. hi pinkalicious wanna be friends? I read your comment is great also i’m sparkle kitty and I am 10 years old too! also I will do my ”about me thing” ok: username: Sparklekitty

    fave food: Pizza

    fave subject: Art and creative writing

    fave colour: Purple,blue and gold


  45. hi its me again I am being my little sisters twin for HALLOWEEN!!! well bye am going to play Bratz games bye plz tell me what you are being thx!!

  46. hi yasmine how are you i hope we can be friends and i am from ny to but my real name is not yasmin and i am going to a halloween party


    hi its me yasminlauren what kind of makeup should i ware i am being a midnight vamp but i need help today its in a 2 hours please help fast

  47. Hey Cloe!! No offense & all, ur still my friend but ur kinda takin’ up all Jade’s blog space because when rookies cum 2 search 4 her ur on her search page!!!I just wanted to give u tht notice,peace out girly!!!BTW I still luv ya!!!

  48. Yea #pinkalicious I have a comment:Tht magazine sounds awesome make sure u put some of the stuff ur gonna have n ur magazine is put on ur page cuz I wanna read it!!Oh & congrats on ur new magazine!!!

  49. hey bratz!! i just wanted to say i am SOOOO excited for HALLOWEEN!!!! because this halloween im dressing as a totally fab punk rockstar gal who sings on stage with a really loud guitar!! and some of my friends and family say they think i am too old for halloween but i didn’t care im 15 and i still luv halloween! and because i couldn’t find a costume in stores that are as unique like me i made my own halloween costume. i made red pants and added a chain to it with alittle tape and glue but u can hardly see it then for the shirt i put black and alittle red and the shirt says i heart rock!!! and my friends really like it and so do my family they think it’s totally better than what they have in stores and totally more unique!! and its so cool that i think ill have the best costume on halloween! and my mom told me i could use her makeup so im going to have makeup on and red streaks in my hair! and who knows? my costume might impress my crush! what do u think bratz? u think my costume sounds totally RAD?!

  50. hey jade ,
    I wanted to know what you were for halloween .
    I will GUESS

    Is it a princess?

  51. Hey every one how was you Christmas, guess what I ‘ve got a set of makeup from the company of Mac. I just love it. Jasmine got the same set as me. Yay

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