Halloween Goes Glam

What’z the hapz, Bratz?!

Jade here!! And I am totally geeking out because Haloween is almost here. It is, like, the most radtacular holiday ever!! Can you Bratzies guess what my favorite part is: dressing up!

This year is all about bringing the “glam” to the “quirky kool.” It’s super easy to do! Just think of whatever it spooky creature you want to be for Halloween and then glam-i-fy it!

Picture this:

Glam Monster-

A terrifying monster rockin’ a rad neon green feather boa and a fierce set of heels! Just because you were born in a swamp doesn’t mean you can’t have style!

Glam Witch-

A spooky witch with tinsel extensions, a mirrored belt and dazzling faux-diamonds. You won’t know if people are more spellbound by your wicked potions or by your signature fashion statement.

Glam Zombie-

A disgusting zombie who offsets her craving for brains with a crimson dress and ruby slippers. Why be the “walking” undead when you can be the “strutting” undead?

See? Glam-i-fying your costume is totally fun and totally easy!! There are a ton of rad combos you can create that I haven’t even thought of!!

The other kickin’ Halloween trend this year is doing the total opposite. Start glam and add a tad of gross!

Start off your look as a seriously gorge princess, fairy or Prom Queen… then add vampire teeth!

The best part about these mix ’n’ match costumes is that they are totally D.I.Y.! You can create a ton of looks from what you already have in your closets!

Tell me what you are going to be for Halloween!! I know whatever you pick with be totally krazy kool!!



71 thoughts on “Halloween Goes Glam

  1. How do I glam-I-fy a Devil Outfit please reply I need help because I have a school disco coming up and we need to dress up but I want to show of MY STYLE of clothing I seriously need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great idea making holween goes glam.they are having a holween party at my school again and only kids that go to my school can go .mildred2011 just go as the devil or a devil princess or go as a devil queen.today the wizerd of oz is coming on at 9:00p.m. .goodnight.

  3. this is A and im stuck between zombie bride and creepy killer doll which one do u think I should be? this is k and I am stuck between anime character and an angle which one do u think I should be? BTW WE LOVE HALOWEEN!!!!!!

  4. GOOD MORING EVERY BODY.Last night was sooooooooooo much fun because i got to stay up late and watch the wirzd of oz with my mom and i got to watch a scary movie with my mom and we watched twight part 1 and we put on twilght part 2 but both of us fell asleep in the middel of the movie and now today we are going to watch freddy cogger at 1:00p.m.Bye every body.ttylxox.

  5. Dear Mildred2011,
    I have a greatalish idea! Get horns… and coat them with red glitter! Wear a red dress…. and add some heels! You can glamify, but also glitterify! Add a touch of glitter to whatever u wear!
    Luv, dazzle!

  6. MILDRED2011!!!! All you have to do is what you think is BEST!!! First take a pic of your devil out fit, put it on the computer, then go to paint and think or decorate after you saved pic!!! Bratz, can you please ask for mildred to look at these to blogs ( it will have this : I )

    AprilBear OUT!!!

  7. If you realy want other peoples advise then do your hair realy pretty ( or get your mom to do it ) , !!!ADD GLITER!!! EVERY WEAR, then looke in the mirore and see if you need to add more of somthing!!!

    AprilBear OUT!!!

    P.S. I

  8. Well i am going to be a woopie cushion but that isn’t glam so ummm i think i might be a swamp monster. Thanks bratz!

  9. Hi aprilbear and jadecat12 i am soooooooooooooo happy we are best friends.Well make sure you guys get some sleep so goodnight.

  10. i’m a chistran so I can’t celebert halloween i’m so sad because I love monster high costumes and others


  12. I want to be a vampire cheerleader!! All I need is my old cheer uniform and vampire teeth! I will color my hair black and red, put on some red lipstick, and my mom can paint blood around my lips and neck! And my cheer uniform is black and red, which is even better!! I was also thinking of putting on pale foundation on my face with dark eye shadow and black mascara! Perfect! It will look so cute, it’ll bite! LOL!
    Have a Scary-Cool Halloween, Bratzies!! ;)

  13. Hi every body its me chyna and good afternoon aprilbear and jadecat12 i hop you guys have been having a good day so far and so far my day has been so good.ttylxox

  14. Hey Jade! I need your help. There is a Halloween dance coming up at school and it is my first dance EVER! I need a scary yet cute costume but I can’t choose just one of your ideas. Also you are my favorite Bratz so I am glad you made this blog post.

  15. ok well first all why do u want to be a devil thts just stupid like you right second of all why would u dress up that’s for kids and if you have a dance who are you going with I don’t think no one wants to go with devils ok well bye

  16. hi its me again i am being a midnight vamp for halloween and my mom will only let me were lipstick when i really want to wear eye shadow it is so unfair for the eye shadow i was thinking a dark blue with some black with it what do you think?

  17. Any one out there? Bratz….Chyna….ANYONE!!!! HELLO!? ANYBODY!? i’m so alone! <:(

  18. Dear cece095 i am like 10 percent of a christan and i still celabrate holween.well cece095 will you be my friend and purpel love and cup cake gal and peanut will you guys be my friends to?well gotta go .goodnight everybody.

  19. Even though i kinda like Halloween but i’m not doing anything for halloween
    Sincerely, DazzleGirl
    Oh ps: i’ll be your friend Chyna :D.

  20. Dear DazzleGirl i am one of aprilbears friends and now sense you are one of her friends will you be my friend and dazzlegirl?About me:I am 10 years old and i am in 4th grade and i go to richies dance school every thursday and this is my second year in richies dance school and my favorite color is purpel and and i have brown eyes and white skin and drity blond hair and i am very nice and i am a good singer but somtimes i can be shy and dazzelgirl i have a friend named jadecat12 and will you be her friend to .I’m just asking you don/t have to be my friend and jadecat12 friend if you don/t want to.

  21. Hi aprilbear and jadecat12 what are you guys going to for holween?I am going to be a vampire balrena.HAPPY MOSTOBER EVERY BODY.TRICK OR TREAT? Well thats all so talk to you guys tomorrow.goodnight.

  22. I don’t own any Bratz but I do own Moxie Girlz and there the best toy ever! I come on the website a LOT and I like to sometimes read the Bratz blog it’s really, really, really cool!


  23. Whats Hapz Girlz
    Bria here telling about my rocking Halloween dress! It has lace at the end and cool ears at the top what am I going as?


  24. To Chyna, Aprilbear and Bedazzle,
    Thanks for giving me advice its really helped I just got to wait and see how my outfit turns out.
    Mildred2011 xx

  25. Dear aprilbear i am glad we are friends but there is a secert i/v been keeping.i am a real vampire because i hate sunny days and and my favortie drink is blood so ya thats what i wanted to tell and please don/t freak out pleeeeease. Well today i had a good day at school and i had music for special and i played tag with my friends at recess.bye.

  26. Dear mildred2011 your welcome for giving you adive about your costume and mildred i have a crush on this boy named sean and my friend two of my friends tyrone and brania say i should ask him out but my mom says i/m not aloud to date so WHAT SHOULD I DO?.Well thats all so talk to you tomorrow.goodnight.

  27. Dear jadecat12 and aprilbear i have a crush on this boy named sean and my friends say if i ask him out he will say yes.Sooooooooooo what should i do should i ask him out or just stay friends?

  28. Hi everybody i hope all of you guys had a good day at school and today i had libary for specil at school today .Well thats all so bye.good

  29. Cool Jade! Thanks for the details , help and other things for our Halloween outfits becoming Super Glam! I imagine being a Bratz :) Super cool Dream y’know? Nice touching on the Super Action Heroz! Thanks again! bye! -KittyJadeKitty :) XOXO

  30. Dear Chyna
    I cant really help on your boy troubles ive been single all my life and I had a crush on a boy and I still do and I asked him out and he new I liked him and then I got 1 of my mates to tell him I don’t fancy him and its not so awquard and I still like him. BTW I say don’t ask sean out because if he says no and if your friends its REALLY awquard and I mean awquard I really need help as well.

    Luv Mildred2011

  31. chyna you know your secret well thats my secret to cool right i hate sunny days and my favorite drink is always red stuff and my teeth are like so sharp one time i bit my tounge and i was bleeding ikr creepy well i hope we can be friends

  32. Hey cool cat. Hhow about some sort of outfit with bat wings and ears or dragon wings ,dragon horns and dragon tail or Spider legs (on the back) with some sort of out fit (a spider inspired one).
    Or even a cross over (2 costume ideas and make it one an explame a bat cross zombie or even a witch cross a vampire) or do a split in haft one and do one side a person (or any thing you want) and the other a zombie (or any sort of one you can think of)

  33. dear chyna,

    Last year, i had a crush on a boy named Josh.
    Now, he’s in the 4th grade and im in 5th grade now.
    maybe just be yourself and go for it!

    if he say no, then he’s the right guy!

    oh you can play the love meter in bratz.com!

  34. #Jade u have sum awesome ideas!!!I’m gonna be a zombie bride/vampire!!Gonna go all out this year!!BTW Halloween is my fav holiday 2!!Txt me back da’ deats about ur fab Halloween!!Catch ya lata’!!!

  35. Hey Jas!!We should back 2 da’ skating rink like we did yesterday!!Tht was soo fun!!!Chao!!

  36. #pinkalicious most of tht advice shoutout 2 chyna was true and really good, but if the guy says no thing is kinda juvenile and not right, but u wouldn’t understand, ur a 5th grader!!Don’t take this the wrong way I’m just tryna help u from selling out da’ wrong info!!Anyways CHAO!!!

  37. #Safire u should really wear tht costume u were tlkin bout!!!BTW shoutout friend request 2 u!!!!!!

  38. Good options BFF ! How do you glamify an mad hatter costume .love you fan number1

  39. bratz are too tall and they make their hair out of some plastic now… because everytime I accidentally leave them on the floor for 2 days their hair gets poofy. smh that’s why I don’t buy them anymore

  40. Dear,Jade i love your Halloween look is so Cool kat and so pretty and I love the gingerbread man patterns on your skirt and I like the pink streaks in your white hair its so cool!! bye plz reply!


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