Great Book, Great Look, Great Gatsby

Namaste, Bratzies!

Don’t you just love reading? I adore the written the word. There is nothing like cozying up to a good book and rewarding yourself with the reverie of reading. One of the most OM-mazing stories I read this year was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It chronicles the journey of a young man moving to NYC, his affluent cousin and the lovelorn neighbor he befriends. The book is full of twists and trysts and is one of the greatest American novels ever written. I adore it!

I was super excited when I heard Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio were bringing the book to the silver screen. I saw it opening day! I love seeing novels adapted to screen because of the creative freedoms explored by the directors and actors. It’s like reading a whole new book!! The film indulges all of the fabulous opulence of the Roaring ‘20s, but the music was modern and edgy. Such a fantastical flip to the feature! Buzzing with true Brattitude, the sets were blinged out in glitz and glam, but nothing compares to the OM-azing fashions! I was so jazzed to see the jazz era fashions come to life!!

This is one of the reasons I HEART watching film adaptations. The Great Gatsby novel has been around for decades, but its revival on the big screen has re-emphasized the fabulous fashions of the twenties! Drop-waist dresses, retro-print head scarfs and strappy sparkly sandals are totally zensible summer-ware!

The look flows into evening flare, as well! I know I am going to indulge my literary side and my lavish side by buying long strings of fake pearls and a sparkling headpiece! Even guys can get into the fashion action by boasting a bowtie or a pastel vest.

Now I’m even more obsessed with The Great Gatsby! The novel had already pulled on my heart with its romance, honesty and hopefulness, but now that its flick influenced fashion world-wide, the story has won my heart for life! I highly recommend reading the book. Then treat yourself to movie tickets, a bucket of popcorn and a string of pearls. You won’t be sorry.



59 thoughts on “Great Book, Great Look, Great Gatsby

  1. my favoret books are poison apple books i read all of them let me try to at first bite miss fourine now you see me name them all couriosity killed the cat midnight howl this toattley bites the dead end her evil twin thats all i know i hope they make more and i also like mystery books i read one before its called the tangled web

  2. hay everybody my name is hope im 9 well what do u guys want to talk about? well um see u later or right now hahaha blog me back! :):):):):)

  3. I was in the air about watching the Great Gatsby because so many people said it was different from the book, that I was afraid. But after hearing Bratz talk about it, I want to see it!

    I love historical fashion. Rockabilly, 70s disco, and 50s sock hop! Love it! Reminds me of Bratz Flashback Fever line!

  4. That’s rad, Lauren! The movie is definitely different than the book, but I like to think of any adaptation as a brand new story being co-written by the author and the director. That way, the differences aren’t upsetting and the fun is in seeing the changes and picking out which you prefer! Have fun!! Let me know what you think of the flick! And the fashions!

    xoxo – Yasmin

  5. hallo yasmin i read a book called the shug it’s very sweet book it’s about a girl she was in the 7th grader. she never kiss a boy so she whant her frist to tast like cherry pop.then when I was reading at the last day of school I was almost done reading the book. my 3 bff’s alwasys tell me way i read books like romace book’s it’s just me. and did you know yasmin that on the news that they saw mermaid under the sea in greenland i can’t belive that then my 3 bff’s belive then.

  6. hey girls i think that everyone of us have a special talent mine is singing that should be a thing we do think of a topic and talk about that topic for one week like a theme

  7. hey i’m jv30 i’m new on this site i have to say that i luv reading people think i’m a nerd because of that but i don’t care about that because sometimes i do like to dress up in a nerdy outfit it’s one of my hobbies.

  8. I might get a tooooootally fabulous collection o bratz with over 50 pieces of bratz collectibles for only $5.50. I am so excited that I’m about to burst out screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))

  9. That’s sooooooooo cool about the mermaid, yasminx1love!! We hadn’t heard about that!! And your book sounds awesome. We love that you’re such an avid reader! Aren’t books totes amazing?! LOVE!


  10. That’s a great idea alacy5. Why don’t you run it?! Over the weekend, on the newest blog, invite other Bratzies to join you in a discussion about singing. Every week you can come up with a new topic and see if other Bratzies engage! Good luck!

  11. It doesn’t matter what people say, jv30! You love reading and that’s AH-MAZ-ING!! Keep being awesome, reading what interests you and wearing what you love. We think you rock!


  12. oh my god thank you you you rock as will and thank you for being soch a friend all that we talked and i relley know i talk alot i hate that about myself lol

  13. please dont go go to a diferent school i love you you to much and i dont think i can just text that other girl no i neeed to have you in my life please and you dont text me as much wait you did not text me even onch how come you know your my best or dont you already have a girl friend you know what i mean by girl friend right it means friend but in a different way and i hope you text me back not my friend.

  14. thanks for blogging back it is good to know that i have a friend to talk to when i need advice.
    <3 jv30

  15. Hi! I watched “The Great Gatsby” and I have to say, the story is fantastic, I loved everything about it, some stuff might get confusing but it’s really good. I never knew it was THAT much popular that its going on the silver screen! That’s really cool. I love reading and I wish I had the chance to read the book though. Please keep up on giving Bratzies books to read, thank you for reading! Xoxo. BB15. <3

  16. yasmin so are you a mermaid? that watched the great gastby and can you tell me the spell you did to be a mermaid mayby we can be mermaid friends

  17. Hi bratz im new getting the hag of all this my fav books are Twilight and the sisters grim books thanks bratz your awsome

    P.S sasha and yamin massive fan

  18. Oh my good I like love to read thats the only thing I do the hole day lol!!!!!!!

  19. i love reading i have over 100 books and i read them more then 1 time some people say i’m crazy about reading and can you beleive that my aunt does not like reading

  20. We LOVE that you’re such an avid reader, Marli!!! Books are seriously the BEST!
    We heard it’s going to be your birthday soon!! Are you asking for any fab new books for your bday?? Which ones?


  21. Wow! Over 100 books!! We love that you love reading, melody!! It’s too bad your aunt doesn’t enjoy it. She is missing out on some epic stories!! Have you read anything awesome recently?


  22. i read one of my favorit’s poison apple book’s it is called now you see me im on chapter 3 know just in one day i got that far and the chapter’s are 20 pages long

  23. yasmin cloe sasha jade i have a questin do you girls have a sister or a brother

  24. Well I have a sister and brother 1 brother and two sisters so that makes me the middle and the middle is not fun at all

  25. i do not blame you i am the middle i have a little sister and i live with my cousin mom grandma and sister and two dog’s so i am the middle

  26. wow that is alot do you get anoyed because i know i do my littl sister gets whatever sh wants and i do sometime to but not as much as hr so it anoying to m all th way

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