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Sasha here, and I was loving EVERY MINUTE of the Grammys this last weekend. I was so happy to see Adele take home the win on Best Pop Solo Performance! To think…she started out her music dreams wanting to be a TALENT SCOUT, looking for the next great singer instead of being one! Her star started rising when a friend of hers posted a video of her singing on MySpace. It just goes to show, true talent will always find a way to shine!

It was also so cool to see Kimbra win more than once for her duet with Gotye. “Somebody That I Used to Know” is definitely one of my fave songs. I found out Kimbra had been writing songs since age 10! Did you know she and Gotye recorded that winning hit in her bedroom with almost no equipment? How amazing is that? I record the songs I write in my bedroom at home, too…maybe someday it’ll be me with the hit song!

Who were your favorite ladies and gentlemen at the Grammys? If you were nominated for a Grammy, what amazing talent would they be recognizing in you?

Keep Winning!

20 thoughts on “Grammy Review

  1. I would nominate for Angela Basset at the Grammy because she is a
    great actress. Also I’m do a essay on her for class for African American

  2. i’m gonna give u guys a fact about Adele, if u know the song ” Chasing Pavements” she wrote that after she went to a bar and punched her boyfriend SQUARE in the face because she realized that he has been cheating on her!!!! she has got a lot of muscle back there!!! oh! and u have got to read the Dork Diaries book series!! i actually survived middle school cuz of that!!!

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  5. This is Frances I love the bratz I used to have one but my mom sold it so I don’t have a bratz doll anymore

  6. when i posted i love your blog i was being nice i mean on this blog there are just things about your life

  7. I Was Happy That They Won , But I Was More Happy That Frank Ocean Kept Winning Awards <3

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