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Yo, yo, yo Bratzos!

Sasha here, and today I am totally jazzed to talk about my biggest passion: fashion! Our Bratzies have been buzzin’ and buggin’ about what to wear for graduation! With all this Pomp and Circumstance do you wear pumps or strappy sandals? Fear not, my army of Bratzies! I have all the fashion advice you need to walk across that graduation stage in style.

Black Gown Goes to Neon Town

If you feel like you are celebrating your big moment in a big black potato sack, it’s time to turn your bummin’ attitude into Brattitude! First of all, black-and-white is totally on trend! Think of your graduation gown as an L.B.D. (Little Black Dress) and accessorize accordingly! We say, bring on the neon! Pink dangly earrings, green chunky bracelets or fab-a-licious neon yellow heels will turn your diploma photo op into a fashion statement!

Bling Down the House

Another sure fire way to turn that graduation frown upside down is to bling out your gown! Add some fierce shoulder studs or a skinny sparkly sash for a glammed up graduation. (First make sure it is cool with your school!)

Tip of the Hat

Even if you can’t tamper with your gown, most schools let you color on your cap. Use whiteout to produce a trendy b&w pattern that pops. Glue on some flowers to turn your formal cap into a flower crown. Dip the cap in glitter for a sashay across the stage that sparkles and shines. Or let your style make a statement by using neon nail polish to write a shout-out to your ‘rents. A simple “Thanks Mom & Dad” atop your cap will let your parents see from the stands how much you appreciate them!

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

If your school doesn’t let you funk-i-fy your fashion for G-day, don’t fret. Stayin’ stylin’ sweet is all about what you wear underneath! We Bratz think the best way to decide what to wear under the gown depends on where you’re heading after the turning of the tassel. If you are going to dinner with family, keep it classy. A cream or lace dress provides a great light look.  If you are rockin’ out at a party with friends, a cute and colorful summer dress is a fab look!

Make sure that whichever accessories and statement shoes you wear look rad with both your graduation gown AND with the get-up under!!

V.I.F. Very Important Fashion

Wear a smile! You’re graduating! This is a HUGE deal! Next year you will be starting a new grade, or school, or chapter in your life! You’ve accomplished something HUGE and you’ve got the diploma to prove it!! Be proud of yourselves, Bratzies. We know we are totally, ridiculously, abso-fab-errifically proud of you!!

Rock on! Congrats! And Happy Graduation Day!!




103 thoughts on “Graduation Fashion

  1. I love your fashion and your full of great fashion tips and great advice on any thing and every thing soooo ya and I am a fashion advisor for my bffs and me I sew lets say for example that there is a used cute blue jean jacket but its ripped up I put jules or buttons or glitter that says and I can make it any print or have a # on the back like # 13 that is what number I am in soft ball I can make it glittery soooo do you like that idea cuz I do!!

  2. Hey bratz! I totes love these tips! they are very cool! I also think you guys should make graduation dolls. Those with amazing. Also,nxt week im going on va-cay. I wont be on so dont worry if i dont commet.

  3. wow the neon style is fabnominal because my bff has a neon party and i could sure use the advice! totes amazing, well i guess you answered my question thanks you girlz are the best bffs a girl could have. xoxo

  4. sasha girl i love your show girl and i also think your cool
    your show is hot
    your the best on the show.
    and tell your home girl nicole said haller at your girl…

  5. luv ur fashion it is soooo great I wish I were you that is how good you are with fashion and I really want to go camping which we are in a couple of days o and do you have that feeling where you are nervous and excited at the same time I do and I don’t know why it just bothers me when I do it

  6. hey i have a great idea for a fashion respond back to find out what it is

  7. Hi Morgan,

    Camping will be soooooooo cool!! It’s TOTALLY on our #SummerBucketList!

    We absolutely get that butterfly feeling of being both nervous and excited at the same time. It can be a little bothersome, but usually we get that feeling when we are about to push ourselves to try something new and fabulous!!

    We want ALL of our Bratzies to trust their gut. If you are getting a rock in the pit of your stomach, you may want to reconsider what you’re about to do. You should never push yourself to try anything scary or dangerous. Trust your Bratztastic instincts.

    But, if you are just feeling the little butterfly flutters, that is totes normal. Trying something new is always challenging. Those butterfly wings signify that you are about to grow up, to change, to metamorphose into something grand and beautiful!!

    Can’t wait to hear all about camping!!


  8. i have fashion stuff for you wear what shasa said!!! so grab your beasties and look up this blog!! and make up fabulas fashion or songs but be awesome btw good job Bratz-xoxo

  9. so ru guys graduating soon ? Jesus loves u guys always and may God bless u go and tell the world

  10. Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you thank you for replying to my comment! Oh, and those are some great fashion tips! I love neon pink! And, I also love how you can accsessorize your gown in so many ways! I love the neon yellow heels! And please give us some makeup tips, ok? I totally need some! Thank you so much for reading this and please reply back! Bye!

  11. We didn’t graduate this year, love. We are just giving our fab fashion tips to all the Bratzies who did! Don’t worry, we will still totally be around next year!!


  12. So glad you dig the tips, blondieboo15!! We will work on blogging about some make-up tips soon!!


  13. hey i think so to so i got some fashion tips for you too.#1 always show of your style do not ever keep it hidden.#2make suer your style stands out from the rest have your own passion for fashion.and last but not least#3 always complement your friends outfit and tell them how good it looks.and those are my tips

  14. sorry i dont know what i said im vvvveeerrrryyyyyyyy sorry girl talk to me please

  15. answear mmmmmeeeeeeee i loove you yasmin and your friends do to and the word is in your hands the heart is to me and my other girl bye and i think i need to find another bfff the and i know i spelled bff with 3 and you can spell it with3 also you not bff is walkingh to you do i know you oh know bye and sorry again yyyyyyaaaaasssssmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn iiiiiiiiiiimmmmmm sssssssssoooooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy love marli again

  16. Hi Morgan,

    We are sorry to hear you are having a rough time with bullies. We think you are soooooooo special! Never try to be someone you are not. Just keep on being your totally rad, unique and FABsolutely amazing self. We know you’re awesome, and very soon all the other kids will realize it, too. Maybe even that cute boy you’re crushing on will notice.

    We don’t want to hear you speaking down about yourself ever again. Everyone experiences bullying from time to time. You should totes read our old blog all about bullying!! It has some great advice! And remember, just because there are a few mean bullies out there, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t worthy of having awesome friends!! We’re your friends and we think you are the raddest!

    We just know that if you keep coming to our blog, you will make some fab online besties with our other amazing Bratzies! We are all here for you!

    Good luck with the move!


  17. Hi Marli!

    We like to use the phrase “BBF” — it stands for Best Bratzie Forever!!
    Do you have any BBFs?


  18. alacy5, those were AMAZING FASHION TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much!!

    Hey Bratzies, you should ALL read alacy5′s fashion tips!! LOVE THEM!!


  19. thanks i give each of my bbf’s fashion tips to help them through there day,and i have somemore great fashion tips to share with you i think of them myself i guess i could say i have my own passion for fashion!!!!!

  20. well i have an idea how about i come up with fashion tips evry week and i will post them on the blog i would be the person you ask for fashion tips!!

  21. I like this game because I have lots of ideas for my club but it is not a real club also when I am older I wish to see you YEH GO BRATZ

  22. I love you!!! I wish i could have used your tips this came too late! lol, heels are hard to walk in.

  23. hey i love bratz they have a passion for fashion and thnx for the advice :) love you xoxox

  24. hey bratz! I’m new here on the Bratz website but don’t worry i’ve got a passion for fashion! I have always loved the bratz and always will. I was wondering … could u share some of your totes cute makeup tips as well?
    xoxoxo pretty princess, bunnyboo, koolkat, and angel :D

  25. Sorry, love,
    We are so busy that we can’t get to everyone’s questions!
    We gave each other our nick names! Have you and your friends given each other nick names?


  26. Welcome katkool! Thanks for the blog tip! We will do a blog all about make-up in a couple weeks!


  27. i have a bunch of passion for fassion,but my mom do not let me put the clothes that i wont.

  28. i am not finish talking it is not three days it is two days that im staying in ottawa

  29. bratz im moving next year and i just wanted to be sure that you guys know that

  30. Hey can y’all help me on my fashion which is better pink jacket a zebra print shirt an black legging and flats or cute jeans and boots and pink top

  31. alymae57, as we told you before, we are not on the blog all the time. We con only check it every so often because we are sooooooo super busy with all the other rad stuff we are doing. Sorry we missed you!!


  32. Good luck, alymae57! A move is a really big deal!! Keep us updated on how it goes!


  33. HI saha
    had you and your other friend and on my b-day i going to get the other back girl

  34. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!you are great at graduation fashion tips,Sasha!Can u make more tips plz?


  35. I’m Alice.
    I’m no english.(però almeno qualcosa in inglese la so dire)
    I love Bratz !!!! <3 :-D

  36. Fifth grade was one of our most fun grades ever! You’re gonna love it, SORAKAIRI. Good luck!

  37. hi my name is shira just like the doll. People call me drama mama, too. i want the shira doll but cant find her in any store. i wish one would come in the mail for me but thats not going to happen. bratz are cool so keep making them!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  38. That’s super cool, ljcoolj77! You can always order Action Heroez Shira off of or if she doesn’t come to a mall near you!!
    Stay awesome, dramamama

  39. why aren’t their as many sasha dolls as the other girlz cause sasha is really pretty

  40. my birthday was one month ago and all my family forgot!Hey girls look who got a boyfriend!me!WHAT SHOULD I DO? Kiss him?please help me bratz!also the other friends.

  41. mg i am abig fan of you bratz
    girl lol am so sorry i can get amoshinol litteraly i am crying for you guys right now. HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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