Friends Stand Up!

Cloe here, and we need to totally talk about a super important part about being a Real Bratz.

Real Bratz know how much being a friend to everyone means. It’s totally cool to stick by your girlfriends when people are being messed up to them…but what about the people you don’t know at school, or in your neighborhood? We Bratz girls feel that if you see a new kid at school having trouble, a neighborhood kid getting bullied, or someone you’ve known for years sitting alone and sad – reach out to them! Help the new kid find their homeroom. Stick up for the kid being bullied – tell an adult the second you see the bullying, and stand strong by the person being bullied. Ask the person sitting alone if they want to join you at your table. Friendship doesn’t stop with your BFFs. Real Bratz girls know to be that friend to anyone who is in need, and that no one should be alone when they need help, a hug, or someone to stand up for them.

Have you ever stood up for someone being bullied, or been a friend to someone during a totally rough time? Share your stories with us!

Your Friend Forever,

111 thoughts on “Friends Stand Up!

  1. Hey Bratz I just love your show :) so I was going 2 say how do I be a Brzt?

  2. Hi thaer how are you? you girls are rade have to of you games! Eney who I thek your blags GRATE.

  3. Lol first! Um we’ll during sandy I helped my friend recovor from not having power… Also my school was forced to move.. So one day my friend was crying……. So I said what wrong funniefriend(not her real name) and she said I live in a shelter:-( and I talked to her until she was back in her house (its all good now!) :-)

  4. i did stand up for a friend just recently. some mean girls were spreading rumors about my BFF, and i walked up to them and said, “If that’s so true, then go and say it to her face!”
    I felt really good and they stopped. (:

  5. i love you . Bratz , i was bullied a lot on school

  6. Cool post…Can you make one on valentines day too, like something based on cool like valentines day based fashions?? Thanks, if you do!!

  7. I don’t think bullying is nice coz if u like maths u like maths like jade and she
    Still has a passion for fashion

  8. I’m totally bummed to hear so many Bratzies have been bullied. :-(
    Being mean is NEVER in fashion! Don’t worry, girlz, the Bratz are ALWAYZ your friend. We are totally here for you, and I just know things will get better soon! Especially since so many of your Real Bratz friendz are taking a stand!

    I’m super-duper impressed by how many of you are pushing back against bullying. Keep up the good work, Bratzies!
    You girlz are awesome!!!


  9. Bullying is so not right! Those people who bully others are rubbish! They have nothing special in them. What they are only good for is being mean, rude to others.

  10. look if the girls are getting bullied doesent that make you very MAD. look we sould stop ulling. text me back kay kay .by the way kay kay means ok ok like you know like I say ok and you say ok. ALRIGHT! IF YOU AGRE PLESE TEXT ME BACK!!!!!!!!!. and if you want to be my frend you can also put that on the bottom of your paige. thank you for auderstanding. good by yal (: hahahahahahahaahahahaha

  11. Dear.Cloe,
    My name is Tiffany i am you #1 fan i have a blog all a bout u and your friends i have a cute guy for you sitting beside me his name is Carlos i’ll ask him to test you after my messenge i wish you to have a great week tomorrow i will test you

  12. Thanks, Tiffany! I hope you have a great week, too. And I’m happy to meet the cute boy, Carlos.


  13. I tell the teacher . That did not work .They still bullied me .

  14. ok my name is Chelsea and i’m 16 years old i just men’t this really cool girl her name is tiffany she’s 15 we’re both in the same high school i have a boyfriend his name is kevin and today he’s coming over to visit at my house everytime he’s on the phone he kinda whispers and i don’t know who he’s talking to i always ask him baby who are you talking to? and he says oh no one just my mom we have a secret and i say ok all the time then when its time for school my bff tiffany is alwyas on the phone too! but i don’t believe she’s cheating with my boyfriend she would never do that she’s my best friend forever please help bratz i need your help or tip on how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you with your best friend.

  15. hey yasmin may i ask you a question? and i mean the yasmin form bratz why do they call you pretty princess?

  16. OMG OMG OMG OMG!! sorry i’m just so excited to talk to you guys but first i would like to talk to yasmin from the bratz hey yasmin the new year was here how was it for you? my friends threw me a big new years party for me at their house it was a blast i wish you were there and i know that this might sound ew to you but my brother doesn’t like you guys because he thinks your all about fashion girly stuff but the only bratz girl he did like was you and he wants to talk to you

  17. sup Yasmin i’m Cameron i’m not the one from you guys i’m Teresea’s brother Cameron lol i just wanna say i luv your outfits and hair in the bratz shows i think your vary hot

  18. Hiya natalia.r,

    I’m way sorry to hear you’re being bullied by a boy at school. Bullying is a fashion faux pas. We Bratz believe kindness is key. Sometimes, the adults that should be able to help us have their hands tied. That just means it is time to talk to another adult, like the principal.

    The awesome news, natalia, is that it gets better. Next semester or next year you may not even see this bully boy in school. The bullying will die down, and it will get better. In the meantime, surround yourself with the people who love you, like us!!

    Do you Bratzies have any suggestions for natalia.r?

  19. Hey Teresa!

    We are totally psyched to talk to you, too!! Glad to hear your New Year’s was a total Bla-ast!

    Tell your brother, Cameron, that we Bratz may be all about fashion and girly stuff, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t totally awesome, passionate, game-changing, ceiling-breaking, world-inspiring girlz! Am I right?!?!

    Hi, Cameron. ;-)

  20. Howzit goin’, Fellow Bratzies??

    I wanted to let you all know that you are awesome. I know that you are sweet and talented and smart. I’m sure you are making the right decisions on how to deal with your bullies. Just know, it will get better soon. It may not seem that way right now, but believe me, your bully will lose interest in bullying you. Someday soon, it will get much, much better.

    Do you fellow Bratzies have any awesome support or suggestions to give our friends who are getting picked on??

    Your best friends forever,
    The Bratz xoxo

  21. hey yasmin glad you answerd me and my sister tereasa’s message i didn’t think you’d answer i just wanna say your my fave! is your birthday on march? if it is happy early birthday lol hope you have a good birthday

  22. i would luv to talk to sasha from the bratz hey sasha or should i say bunny boo why do you and your friends call each other by nick names? my nick name is hip hop princess

  23. hey my name is kelly and i want to talk to sasha from bratz hey sasha are you guys ever gonna make another bratz magazine? cause i’d really like to know what your next issue is about i wish you guys could make a real bratz magazine i’d totally read all your amazing magazines! like you made magazines in the bratz shows and i would also like to say i luv you and the girls movies my favorite one was bratz rock angelz it was totally cool! it taught me to follow my dreams and to not let anyone get in my way your my fave bratz girl in fact im your #1 fan! hope you reply soon if you want us to just talk alone in private email me at luv you sasha! peace.

  24. i totally feel like crying there’s a girl bully at my high school she has 4 friends and they are always mean to me and making fun of me and embarressing me yesterday i was at school and her and her friends came laughing at me for putting on my makeup and told me i didn’t have any style her friends wen’t away and she started flurting with my boyfriend and just took him away from me so lets just say i’m not feeling the love right now if you know what i mean.

  25. hey just wanted to let everyone know that its my birthday in 3 days im so excited!!! im finaly gonna be 16 i wonder what my friends are planning or doing they’ve been acting strange all day and yesterday.

  26. hey bratz i need your help or tip to know how to get a guy to ask you out you see this really cute and vary kind boy at my school doesn’t pay attention to me that much but we’re just kinda friends and valintine’s day has passed and i didn’t even ask him out cause i don’t know how and i’m 16 years old and he’s 15 years old but i still really like him i don’t spend much time with him because he’s always busy with his homework and chores at his house but he wasn’t busy when it was the holiday and i really like this guy you know and i wanna hang out with him but just too shy to ask him out and i know that you bratz girls are not shy to do anything exspecialy if you like a boy but the guy that i like is jaden his name is jaden and we’re in the same class room with other students and he sits by me i kinda shake a little i try to stop shaking but everytime he’s around me i just shake a little.

  27. Hiya Chelsea,

    All my Bratzie friends and I have made up nick names for each other! We also have fun little icons that go with our names; mine is a frog with a crown on his head. It’s super fun to have nick names; it makes it feel like we are all part of a secret club. My Bratzie friends gave me my nick name and picture because I am peaceful, easy going, and can jump from one activity to the next, just like a frog!

    Do you have a nick name?


  28. Hiya Kelly,

    I don’t know if we are going to put out a new magazine, but we have something else super cool in the works! Just you wait, it’s gonna be AWE-to-the-SOME!! I can’t tell you about it just yet; it’s a secret. I’ll let you know more as soon as I can!!


  29. yea bratz i do have a nickname its angel sky thats what my friends call me and my parents i’m about to turn 17 soon

  30. hey bratz i’m replying to your message about me wondering if your gonna make another magazine soon. will you please just tell me at least one thing about your awesome new thing you were talking about please just a little hint i would really like to know cause everything you girls do makes it A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  31. hey everyone my name is angel and i am cloe’s #1 fan from the bratz because her nickname is angel even though its not her real name i like her because she’s fun and funny and her nickname is angel and my name is angel and i came to say that there’s a boy bully at my school he’s always teasing and messing with my friend today i saw her crying and i said whats wrong katie? and she said oh angel i got bullied by carlos again and i said oh katie i’m so sorry so after school i took her shopping then we wen’t to go get something to eat then when i walked her home she said your a good friend angel see you tomorrow i said ok and tomorrow after school i’m gonna tell that big bully carlos to leave katie alone i wasn’t even scared! yay me!

  32. That’s Ahhhh-mazing, Angel! Way to be a totally awesome friend!! Katie is very lucky to have you as a BBF.

  33. hey bratz its me angel not sure if you remember me but i just men’t this really cute guy at school and i think he likes katie you remember my bff? i think he likes her more than me cause he’s always talking to her their always hanging out together and i liked him first but i didn’t tell katie because i didn’t want to hurt her feelings but i guess i just gotta let it go if jaden likes katie better than i’ll let them be together is that a good thing? cause i don’t think i’m doing so well

  34. hey Angel from california im new here at bratz do you think you could be my friend

  35. Hi Angel,

    Unfortunately, we can’t always make the boys we crush on like us back. If this cute boy is into your BFF, the Real Bratz thing to do, would be to not stand in their way. It can totally hurt when the people we like don’t crush on us back, but it is something EVERYONE goes through. The great news is that I PROMISE YOU, someday soon, a new guy you crush on will think of you as the most amazing person on the planet. He will think you are the stars and the sky, and you will think he is the moon and the sun. You don’t want to date your current crush if he doesn’t think the world of you! Isn’t it worth waiting for the guy who thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread? We Bratz think so! And in the meantime, we will be here for you! So cheer up, Angel!! The Real Bratz are here to support you, and you have an epically awesome relationship waiting for you down the road. This tricky time will get better. Promise.


  36. ok thanks bratz for cheering me up my bff katie just called me and said that jaden is now her boyfriend so there’s really nothing to do about it now but i’m fine

  37. hey bratz i don’t think you remember me but i just watched one of your episodes i think it was called bratz paris i think… and i saw the tweevils and kirstie hurt her nose on the wall and fell somewhere than they did something else stupid! aren’t the tweevils such idiots? its halirous!!! i bet they don’t bother you guys now speaking of tweevils where did they ever go?

  38. hey bratzcutie10 sure we can be friends no prob i’m kinda new here to so…

  39. i agree i really wish i was a bratz i always stick up for my friends once my friends and i got so close to failing a maths test and mom would not be happy if i got an F so i helped my friends with the test and we all got Bs

  40. It sounds like you are already a REAL BRATZ, Bratzgirl22! Way to be totally awesome!!!!!!!

  41. We don’t see the Tweevils much anymore. Traina. I’m not sure where they are these days. But I can’t say that I miss them. Glad you liked the episode!!

  42. oh no you soo can’t say that you miss them i don’t mess em etheir their stupid and funny!! lol! i guess all mean girls are like that i guess maybe i don’t have any mean girls or bullies at my school i use to but they had to move to another school everyone was cheering that they left because everyone was tired of them but they never botherd me so i guess they were bad but who cares their gone out of our school now we all had a high school party to celebrate lol!

  43. oh i almost forgot i don’t know where they are these days etheir! haha and i don’t wanna know i bet their doing something stupid right now like they always are and i wonder what made them start to leave you guys alone since we don’t hear about them anymore hmmm… who cares anyway you guys are better by your selfs instead with the tweevils

  44. hi guys i’m nia i’m 15 years old and there’s a really cute guy at school and he asked me on a date with him and i said yes but i should have thought about it first because i’m really nervous and its not that i don’t wanna date him its about if i say the wrong thing or if i mess things up i know this is silly but ive really liked this guy since i was 11 years old and i wanna make sure he likes me so bratz whats the best way to make sure he likes you because before he told me lets be friends and then today he asked me out does that mean he wants to be both? please reply when you can xoxo.

  45. Hiya Nia,

    That’s soooooooooo crazy-exciting that your long-time crush asked you out!! I know you’re nervous, but try not to be. Real Bratz know that it’s totes important to be yourself. If you don’t act like yourself, then you will never know if this boy likes you for who YOU truly are! Being your true, amazing, smart, strong, beautiful self is the BEST way to get a boy to like you. And, don’t worry, if he doesn’t like you for who you are by the end of the date, then he isn’t the boy for you! Soon a better boy will come along who will love the real you!

    Good luck on your date! I know you’ll rock it!!


  46. hey bratz i’m back! you were right! after my date with Ken he asked me to be his girlfriend so that means that he did like me!! i was so excited to know because my last boyfriend broke up with me so i wasn’t so sure about Ken and i said YES! i will be his girlfriend he came over my house earlier and we wen’t in my room and wen’t on my computer to listen to music and the best part was he tried to kiss me so i guess Ken is the right one for me! wait till my friends come over tomorrow for a slumber party and find out this!!

  47. hay angel from californa im sososososososososososososososososososososososo sorry i did not talk to you i had pick up the yard will you for give me

  48. Awesome, Nia!! Congrats.

    Remember, boyz r great, but a True Bratz loves herself first and foremost!


  49. yay i love bretz so munch there r so funny and there clothes r really cute SCREAMZ!!!!!

  50. Hey! everyone guess what my 10 year old sister hates bratz im so mad at her she said bratz suck and they dont have style

  51. bratz talk to me about this boy i like but i dont know if he likes me what do i do

  52. Hey Bratzies! Does anyone have advice for our awesome friend baybay12345? She is trying to find out if the boy she likes is into her!

  53. Baybay12345, first you have to ask if
    he can be your friend. Then if he doesn’t like you,
    Then there’s nothing you can do bout it.
    It’s his desision. Real Bratz would just find someone
    else. That you know really likes you!
    Don’t worry. Look around in your school.
    You can see, it is more fun to have someone that likes
    you then it is to have someone that doesn’t like you.

  54. how do i become a bratz but not be a girly girly cuz this boy likes girls that r not girly and i have a mager crush on him but i think he likes me alittle cuz when im in class hes says what r u doing after class and i say nothing and he says okay and we hang out so i think he likes me but he kind of has a girl friend

  55. Hiya baybay12345,

    Being a real Bratz has NOTHIN’ to do with being girly! I know that can be kinda confusing because we are into make-up and clothes, but really we just like that stuff because it is a fun way to Xpress ourselves! Make up and clothing can be used to show who you are inside on the outside! The only thing that really matters is that you BE YOURSELF!! It sounds like this guy might like. So rad! But you should NEVER change who you are for a boy. Or for anyone! If you are a girly girl, then keep on being a girly girl. If you like to keep things natural and dig sports, keep on digging sports! A real Bratz is never afraid to rock out in her true colors!

    Good luck!!!

  56. cloe I just want to say you were right to dump Nigel in bratz rock angels. I love your style SOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO much and well I do not think that the bratz web and magazine stinks . And however says that bratz are stupid are dumbo heads just like burdean and the tweevils. love from lollipop265

  57. Cloe i need your advice one of my best freinds Jana’e she goes agenst me and my other best freinds. She calls us names and says stuff about us behind our back and she is stealig my crush what should I do?

  58. Cloe, I have a crush on this cute boy at school. I do not know if he likes me. What should I do?

  59. Do any of our other Bratzies have any suggestions for our friend, lollipop265? She is not sure if a cute boy at school likes her.

  60. Cloe,I am always to shy to talk to him. We both laugh at the same stuff.

  61. i know how you feel lolipop265 i like a boy to and i dont know if he likes me i just wait to find out mayby one day he will ask you out.

    ps never ever let anyone make you sad ok


  62. hi lollipop265 i hear yah, not that i would ever have a crush on ANY boy in the universe, but i do know what it is like to desperately want to know something but if you ask or tell someone you are worried that you might be dissapointed, humilliated or wrong. so i say just enjoy the things that you both laugh at or both enjoy doing, then you will know when the time is right to tell him how you feel or ask him if he likes you. if he says yes that’s great, but if he says no then you would still have a really great friendship to still enjoy and then he might warm up to you and love you back. but don’t be sad or down hearted about it if he just likes you as a friend, at least you were probably the bravest girl in your school asking him. but this is THE MOST important thing is to be sure that you will always love him, because if he likes you, but then after a while you don’t like him you could break his heart if you say that you don’t love him. so be carefull and good luck! xoxo

  63. We’re so sorry to hear that, yasminlauren. We think you’re AHHHHHmazing!! You will never be bullied here!!


  64. Hey so I’ve liked this boy for a long time and he did seem to like me back before but now he’s like dating all these other girls, so much that I can’t keep up with them! He’s starting to act like a “player” as they say.. so now im not sure what to do…I think im getting over him now but i just feel kinda ‘stuck’ ya know?? Cuz im still not sure if he likes me or not…any advice on getting over him? Thx

  65. Ew, we are not a fan of players, Noelle. Even if he DOES like you, what are the odds that he would be a good boyfriend when he is in player-mode? Totally not likely. We say, it is time to move on. Concentrate on your celebrity crush for a while to help you get over player boy. Then find a new dude at school to crush on – one that respects girls more. And one day, in the future, if he calms down his player ways, and if you still like him, maybe you can look into going on a date then. Good luck!!

    PS Who is your celeb crush??

  66. Dear Cloe,
    once i was lonely in the playground and three boys asked me if i wanted to play! Of course i said yes!
    Also last year i was bullied by two boys but now one isn’t in my class anymore and the other moved schools!
    Love BratzieGirl

  67. Also if your a bratzie being bullied, hang in there! If you ignore them they with get bored and stop bulleing you. Remember no matter what people say, you are a true bratzie… exept if your the pink twins and the mother, im talking about you kirstee, kacee and birdeen!

  68. That’s a good thing to remember, BratzieGirl. You’re never in a bad situation forever. Mean bullies move on to different classes. They move away. They switch schools. It is NEVER ok to bully and you shouldn’t tolerate being bullied, but in the moment it is good to remember that “this,too, will pass.”

    Thanks for sharing with our Bratzies.


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