First Lady Firsts

Happy Friday, Bratzies! Yasmin here, and I was doing some reading on the President’s Inauguration last month and the way cool dress Michelle Obama wore to the Inaugural Ball.  I found out that she’s the first Democratic First Lady to wear red to the Inaugural Ball in at LEAST a hundred years! I thought that totally fit her, though, because she’s done a lot of firsts since her husband has been President. Did you know Michelle Obama planted the first vegetable garden in the White House in over sixty years?

Michelle Obama isn’t the only First Lady with firsts. Did you know Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady with a postgraduate degree and her own office in the West Wing? Or that Laura Bush was the first non-president to deliver the weekly presidential radio address, and spoke on female equality across the globe? I think it’s pretty awesome that these ladies worked just as hard as our Presidents to make a difference in not only the United States, but the world.

Have you ever done something that your friends or family had never done before you? Let’s hear about your fabulous strides to set the bar higher, Real Bratz!

Happy Weekending!


39 thoughts on “First Lady Firsts

  1. Pretty interesting. I think it is neat that the First Ladies work as hard as their husbands. I read about that kind of thing in a magazine last week. Cool! (:

  2. Yasmin I think first ladys doing all that stuff is really awsome and amazing also for your next blog post can you talk about how to get a boyfreind or how to be popular or even your fave fashnion,shoes anything thats coo

  3. I find great friends and if they stick together.
    And that’s what makes her Bratz, I think it’s just great.

  4. Omg Ayesha! I know how to be popular! Just talk to Ur popular friend and go from there!
    Shania, 6th grade

  5. I loved that dress! way to rock it michelle.first black woman in the house! the white house!

  6. Hey, Bratzies! I love hearing all the stories about a time when you, or another Real Bratz you know, pushed the limits. You are totally awesome!!

    Keep the stories coming!

  7. Dear Bratz,
    sorry but i love you guy just not the first lady frirst sorry:( Hope all is well thanks:)
    From your friend Mary

  8. Dear Bratz,
    happy to hear the good news TTYL
    your friend Mary

    P.S I can not what to see the next story :|]

  9. Pretty princess u got your stuff ready for a new magazine

    ps I can”t wait till u hear about my Bratz blog

  10. Yasmin i was wondering you and your friends can go online to see my blog all about you and your friends don”t worry its good

  11. my favrite bratz doll is cool cat she is so amazing and she is so indapendabal

  12. Of course we will be your friend, Bratzcutie10! There are heaps of peeps at who will be your friend. Welcome to the club, fellow Bratzie!!

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