Fall Into Summer

A cute floral Summer dress like this can be totally Fall-worthy with just the right accessories…swap out those heels for some ankle boots, and rock a dark turtleneck underneath!

Hey there, Bratzies! Yasmin here, and I don’t know about you, but I am SO not ready to stop wearing some of the cool clothes that I bought for the Summer! Just because it’s Autumn doesn’t mean our fun in the sun outfits have to “Fall” out of our closet.

It’s all about pairing some breezy-weather items with our tanning outfits. Got a cool silk tanktop? Wear that with some cool skinny jeans, high heels, and some big jewelry.

Still want to rock that floral-print sun dress? Add some ankle boots and a black turtleneck around you to tone down the Summer attitude into Fall cool.

Still want to show your legs in some cute jean shorts? Pair it with a motorcycle jacket and a long-sleeved dark-colored top.

It’s all about taking the best of both seasons and making it timeless! What Fall fashions do YOU plan to pair with your Summer classics?





54 thoughts on “Fall Into Summer

  1. hey bratz i always loved your guys dresses and when i was little i always had all your guys dolls and i still have them :] peace bratz love your dresses peace Brittany shepherd :]

  2. omg your page is like cute like whats your name you can be be my girlfrind lol

  3. Hi Yasmeen! We love talking about fashion with our Bratz girls – let us know in a message what sort of topics you’d like to hear about on our blog. xoxo Bratz

  4. wow that is actually a great idea u go girl! ur my favorite bratz girl and will always be :)

  5. I love your sinse of style.Your hair flow just the right!!Also That Dress says alot about you!!Your friend and your #1 fan Keykey Smith

  6. Trends are cool but sport some not so dark and not so light colored shorts(blue would be the best choise) wiith a dark coloed shirt and amazing light and show out jewelery and you will stand out (in a good way) like the sun on a freezing winter day.

  7. Hey! Loveing the floral print but for the tank top and bagging pants, not a big fan. Big jewerly is okay but got too admite not the best. If its still sunny in the fall and you want to top up your tan. Id advise you to wear:
    High waisted stripped shorts, with a bag non sleaved top (but tuck it in and bad it over). And some normal sized jewerly and hightops (converses). To top the hip fall look of add a snapback hat. Thats how u rock the hip look, try it! ;) x

  8. i love the dress so good style.i always dreamed of being you .hey you now how you bratzies named your band ”rock angles” ok lisin up i called my band ” rock’n angles”.see i am the best fan of you.haha.ok i need some fashon advice liek what kind of makeup id use or,like what kind of way i could put my hair in.

  9. hey its me again yazmine if you see this please write back so,can i tell you my advice in fashon. ok,i think a dress would go well for a girl a pair of heels is a good pair of shoes for you. maybe keep your hair down or put your hair in a pony tail your choice but i think keep your hair down.like it?its my kind of way in summer.i think it would go well with you.bye i am going to talk to cloe. she is just a good friend and good in fashon but i like you better i am not trying to be mean.bye yas

  10. Love your tips, Rhianna! We’ll be sure to post some of our tips about makeup and hair soon. xo Bratz

  11. Hi yaz i like to pair my tanks with boyfriend cardi’s get back to me if u can xoxo Meez

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASMIN IS SO ASOME

  13. WERE TWINS AND WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i love her dress its its so cute i love it and her shoes match too I’m lovin it keep it going Yasmine.

  15. Hay Yazmin. Im 14 years old but i am still a big fan of yours. I used to be obsessed with Bratz and I had every doll, every poster, and I even had the bed set. I believe that you should still be able to wear summer clothes in the fall, spring, and winter. If it doesn’t get to cold. Which it never does up here. I love you Yazmin!

  16. all the bratz u got some kinda thing going can i ask u a ? ok here it is,all bratz do u make magizine,cause i really want to read one? can u anwser my ? tomorrow..<3

  17. Hey you! So glad to see you dropping by my blog. I know what you mean! Just besauce you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some childhood delights, like dolls or even cartoons. I, in fact, just watched that cute animation movie “WALL-E”…..five times in the last week. Man, that was a CUTE movie. Love it :) Hope you have a great 4th of July!

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