Fall-ing for New Beauty Trends

Hi there, Bratzies! It’s Cloe and I’m hereto dish about Fall Beauty trends that I’m totally into this season. With so many trends out right now it was hard to choose, but I narrowed it down to my top 2.  What do you think is the best Fall Beauty Trend right now?

Trend 1: The Cat-Eye

I talked about the cat-eye in post a few months back & I am so excited to see that it was a hit on the runways this year. This beauty look always comes in-and-out of fashion and this year it is SO IN! I love the trend because it looks awesome on my eyes and it’s perfect for the nights I want to get glammed up.  To get this look take eye pencil or powder eyeliner…depending on eye, hair & skin color you can use different shades of black, brown, gray or even blue. First, lightly outline the eye on the top and bottom lid. Next, extend a line of color on the outer corner of you eye, but be careful not to extend the line too long. Voila, you completed the cat-eye! Now bat those lashes because you look great!

Trend 2: Nude Lips

Nude lips have been totally trendy for some time now and I’m hoping it never goes away. As a total sports junkie sometimes I don’t have time to get all dolled up after a soccer game, so I like being able to throw on some chapstick or clear gloss and call it a day! Plus, nude lips goes from day to night and looks good on every gal. Grab your favorite flavored chapstick or gloss, swipe it across the lips and showoff that beautiful smile!

As always Bratzies, remember to ask your parents for permission before trying any of these makeup trends.

Happy Fall, beautiez!

66 thoughts on “Fall-ing for New Beauty Trends

  1. Finally!!Fall is coming!It is always hot during the summer in Texas, and since it’s fall I can come in with some funky cool clothes.With these fashion tips anyone can rock this season and make the leaves fall of the trees.

  2. Hi Cloe we love you we love your tips i love the fall you rock thnxs for the tips Angel stay funky Love,
    Jammie,Franny,and Tabby

    Sory i’m just REALLY EXIDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey im jade and yes that is really my name i think that the bratz company are crazy if they think that they can keep bratz going on. im 13 and loved bratz when i was younger but you guys are just trying to keep them alive but i think its pretty stupid to keep something alive thats already dead. sincerly jade,

  5. I so love your taste cloe I love how it’s not only long lasting and a hair dramatic but also natural with style. Keep it up Angel.

  6. Cloe is my favorite and she has good tips for her “dear cloe colomn” and I like the real magazine. O ya!I’m just like cloe on her scrip of u’now all about her self so I hope the new doll of cloe will be styelen.

  7. I so love the cat eye look all of my friends are using it.I used it a few times to it is tottally adorable (-;

  8. Hey . Cloe . I love the tips you gave me especially the nude lips . I love you bratz and you are so adorable. Xoxo

  9. Nice tips girl you are amazing when it comes to fashion girl I will defintely send those to my peeps and twitter thx for the advice

  10. Wow chloe nice tips you so know lots about fashion and great tips I’m so gonna text my peeps and I will send it to twitter

  11. dear bratz i think that your the best you have new cute bratz you have a lot of creaton

  12. cccccccccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  13. hey cloe thanks for the fashon tips i love u lol omg girl u work it keep up the good work wis the best of luck.

  14. I barely have any cute summer clothes but my winter and fall clothes are stylin and its getting cold finilly and I can wear this really cute elfit I picked out and nice tips I used it and everyone loves it :) can you give tips on how to make your locker look stylin hopefully you show some pictures of how it should look too


  16. thank you bratz for the blog i wouldn’t do it with out you your friend vinie cloe,yasmine,sasha and jade love boutique

  17. ya gotta love the dramma ramma Queens out there like cloe and I guess I’m one of them the games are scorchen >3

  18. I am a HUGE bratz fan every single thing of the bratz that comes out to stores i got to get it

  19. Cloe love the boots and furry jacket kiss kiss bye.

    hey guys love the Bratz so much and i am they’re number one fan since i was born i always loved them and i still will always love them.

  20. these fashion tips are great.This is the best trend. by the way i love your lip

  21. i love the Bratz i am the number 1 fan. i have every single things of it.

  22. Hey Eleyn like what u said bout her lip love the color hey Eleyn I’m new want to be friends

  23. i love to read this blog cause i can know what to wear and how to do my hair,makeup,and nails.thank you yasmin,cloe,jade,and sasha.

  24. Dear,
    Cloe i luv ur grove a lishis tips about style
    and i have a tip 4 u my peeps

    Tip: dont fall in a spell (not looking at ur teacher)
    ur gonna get bad grades in class


  25. your fashion tips are so good and my mom let me try the nude lips and cat
    wing it looked awsome!!!!!!i tried some beige eyeshadow and a hint of brownish pink gloss

    oxoxoxo jasmin

  26. Hay Cloe! I am your biggest fan!!! i love you. i am a huge tom-boy but i love your fashion sense.

  27. Thanks for the tips Chloe! You are my Fashion Inspiration! I always follow your fashion line! Hope you can give more Fabulous Fashion Tips, Pretty Please? ♥
    Hope you can reply too! Lovelots!

  28. thanks that so nice of you to say that and your so good that you can start your own wedsite yourself because you have relley good fasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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