Fall Fashion Goes Flat


Sculpted heels are awesome, but sometimes fashion needs both feet FLAT on the ground!

Hello my Bratzies! Your Funky Fashion girl Meygan here, getting ready to head back to school in a totally trendy way! This Fall has me thinking outside the box…the shoebox, that is! While I am all about the sky-high heels, a fashionista on the go needs to give her feet and back a rest now and then, which is why I am so totally stoked about the upcoming Fall trend – flirty flat shoes!

They go well with any skirts or skinny jeans, and can be as dressy or casual as you need them to be. Plus, you can throw them on super-fast if you’re running late for class, and make the mad dash to homeroom in no time without worrying about tripping in front of any cute boys! Make your first attempt at flats a bold one…try shimmery, sparkly fabric, or open-toed with a bright toenail polish.

Remember Bratzies, fashion goes a lot farther when you’re comfortable, so make that step back into class a smooth one! What kind of flats would you wear on your first day back?


41 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Goes Flat

  1. flats on the first day of school really?were not going to meet the queen or anything!

  2. hey yo im biggest fan me and sis was try to give u a interview but first i love ur shows ps by olivia and sophia <3 bratz:

  3. I so agree.. but then again bratz with a passion for fashion can pull off anything….. and make it look better than ever!!!! signed Sasha’s biggest fan!!!!!

  4. personally im not a big fan of flats so to all the girlz out there who feel the same way just wear the shoes that express your personality and your style, but also make sure they’re school appropriate!!!!! signed Sasha’s biggest fan!!!!!!

  5. I never thought of that before now thanks a lot.A big fan Kourtney.it’s soooo appropriate.thanks again. LOVE!!!!!!!!

  6. love that cloth on those bratz dolls and i hope you guy can desine it on girls and sell it and i think you would sell lots of that cloth especaly yasmin clothe and jade cloth

  7. Hi meygan! I really think flats are great and fashionable! Thanks for the tip!

  8. sasha is the person for hip-hop funk I like it .I don`t think I`m the only one who likes it huh.

  9. i wish i can buy bratz but i my mom ssaid i have to buy wehn we get alot of money

  10. Hey love every thing so cute.

    Hey this your girl Shyneeta but call me neeta love the show bratz kiss kiss bye

  11. I know I am commenting late but I bought a pair of pink ruffled ballet flats after I saw this post and they RULE !!! :-)
    Thank you Megan!!

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