Epic News from Guest Blogger Bratz Boulevard

Hi Bratzies! We have an EPIC announcement regarding our fab future! We were getting ready to tell you all about it, but our friends over at Bratz Boulevard explained our plans so well, we are going to let them do the job for us!

Below is an excerpt from our guest blogger, Bratz Boulevard:

Bratz Boulevard Excerpt:

After months and months of waiting (We’ve been sitting on this secret since October 2013!) we are so happy to finally make our much-hyped announcement regarding the Bratz and their plans for 2014… and 2015!

bratz announcement

We’re sure a lot of you have been very curious, and maybe even worried about the brand lately, and for good reason! No new promo pics, no new art, and above all, no new dolls being spotted on shelves?! We’ve seen quite a bit of speculation from fans, but now we’re thrilled to put all suspicions to rest and officially announce that this is all part of MGA’s next big plan for the Bratz girlz! MGA has decided to dedicate the entire year of 2014 to re-building the Bratz brand, and getting back to what made it such a massive success in the first place! So to do this, the Bratz are going on a hiatus of sorts for the year, all leading up to a MAJOR comeback! …

Bratz Boulevard has WAY more info to share. To get the full scoop and read more about our 2014/2015 plans head over to the website of our guest bloggers:




40 thoughts on “Epic News from Guest Blogger Bratz Boulevard

  1. hey every one its me kitty cat and i have some good news.
    theres this new website called:ever after high.com
    i love it so much.well gotta go bye.ps.love the new website bratz girls.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been noticing the bratz have gotten less popular lately, so that is soooo awesome that their “rebuilding it” whatever that means…I’m soo excited and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in 2015. :)

  3. dear kittycat,
    I know that website! It’s so cool! I love the episodes of Ever After High! Well I have to go bye!

  4. also can’t wait until 2015 just 11 more months and 6 months until my birthday! just to know my sis’s actual birthday is Valentine’s day! We like to switch sometime! My actual birthday is July 25!

  5. I have heard this app named Video Star. It’s rad! You should check it out! I love It!

  6. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! After Jamaica, we are heading straight to NYC , the city of LIGHTS! (where pinkalicious is now at, she moved) and with an upcoming movie Diamondz! So anyways we are done 4 the day and Sassy’s best best friends 4ever surprised her when she came, you know Lela, Bria and Annabella!!!
    so glad to tell ya!
    Can’t until 2015!
    Cheerprincess and the Fashionista stars!

  7. Wow! I was wondering what was up. I hope they change the body molds back, that was a bad move I think. No clothing compatibility for the old/new clothes and dolls! The beautiful, articulated ones found on the 10th Anniversary Party and Catz dolls will always be my favorite body molds. Bring back the Bratz former glory MGA! 2004-2008 were beyond golden. We all love you and hope to see you soon Bratz!

  8. I know isn,t ever after high like the greatest pinklious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey bratz girl,s have you heared beyonce,s new song called:xo.
    And mily cyrus new song called:adore you.

  9. LaurieCutie, I’m sorry for using SYL! If SYL is your thin g than I won’t use it no more. Also can’t wait until new EAH!! I watched the episode, True Hearts Day and I think Cupid and Dexter would make a cute couple.
    Everyone, guess what? When I moved NYC, my crush was going to my new school! The Sojourner Truth School, P.S 149 and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I think he asked his parents to move in NYC so can date me! That’s rad! I am soo nervous to ask him out!! Asking a boy out is hard!! So today I tried and said” What if a girl that already has a crush on you and wants to date you so bad” and he said”If I had a crush that has a crush on me, well I would let the girl ask me or I would ask her”. I was so nervous I changed the subject about that big ELA assement 3-8 had to take today and tomorrow! Also foreverfan, you are correct! The 2007-2011 dolls were pretty amazing and I missed that. I wish they eyes they did in the Treasures Collection. Also the price I mean at Toysrus in 125th street are $19.00. My sister said when she was little it costs like $13.00.

  10. Hiya it’s Sassy. Our movie scene is finished for the day we had major dramaz!
    1. Lela likes a boy who turns that thinks i’m pretty, doesn’t like Lela and already has a girlfriend!
    2. Oh No You Didn’t reality news and magazine look embrassing because they made Ciara cry because they lied and said Future is in love with 20 girls! Also Lela fashion stinks, Liv and Cameron: Love Couple, Bria’s dance and omg picture and Annabelle drawings!

  11. good moring every one.Today i have a spelling test.lets hope i do good.
    well gotta go.bye

  12. i check it out is cool and i cant wait when u make more dolls and movies im a really big fan i wish all of fans can see you in person

  13. [edited] This is the first time I’ve read this. I looked at the blog and skiped it but I looked a second time and OMG you guys my fav toy company MGA E listen to me about bratz!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG no way! I’am 14 and obessed with bratz bratzillaz ect and I can’t stop buying them! (and I’ve so many most of my room is used for bratz , lalaloopsy ,novi stars ect and more dolls eg. Liv by spin master , miserkats by play hut (not sure how to spell the doll line) and more. (NO MATTEL DOLLS FOR ME cause I’am an MGA E girl not a barbie girl and I hate mattel sorry for those who do).
    Any way here are some exsaples (well that I think would be cool!)
    Bratz rock angelz dolls/bus ect

    So ya good luck with the 2015 bratz cause bratz are the only girls with a passion for fashion!

  14. I’ve checked the bratz boulevard it’s not that good like your guy’s website !
    no-offence – to the bratz boulevard . By , the way I checked out the new dolls they showed . Please do not change how the doll’s legs are like or even how they look . Please have them how they were before . Back in 2013 ! You should bring back # real Bratz ! and the same styles they had back in 2013 ! but this time twice better !
    P.S With this advice you guys surely will be back on the runway , soon enough ! xxooxx sands – nickname . Sandra – real name !

  15. hi i really like ur advice u give to other people i need you now .There is this boy i like really like but he has a crush on someone alse and my parents say i am too young what you do please help and sorry for any mistakes i made

  16. wow its stela here so i want someone to talk to me an my new boyfriend is AWESOME so yea well gotta go bye bye

  17. I agree that the MGA returned to the former body dolls and gave more attention to the hinges and a variety of optional accessories. I’m sure the popularity of this most reborn. Also, I only hope that continues the line of editions Bratz Boyz!

  18. OMG I can’t believe you guys read this! This is why I love you guys, you’re so attentive to your fans. I also did a blog on this, and I’m spreading the word.

  19. I cant wait to get the Bratz pack back! I hope they go back to their original sassy edgy bold style and I really hope they become short again! lol :)

  20. Hey hey hey! This is my first time reviewing/leaving a comment on here so please be nice to me! Ever since I was a little girl, I have adored the Bratz girls. I was obsessed! I collected every DVD I could find, every doll that I could convince my mum to buy for me and I loved everything about them! I also loved everything that the Bratz stood for. 4 fierce, unstoppable and totally fashion forward girls that, even though they were only dolls, meant a lot to me and my friends. I’m 13/almost 14 now and it feels like that the Bratz aren’t as popular as they used to be. I went on holiday to a Spanish island called Minorca (or Menorca) and almost every shop I went in there was lots of young girls buying beach towels with pictures of Monster High characters on them instead of Bratz. It felt strange not seeing any Bratz merchandise and I didn’t like it. Now that i’ve heard this news that MGA are going to ‘bring back the Bratz’ so to speak, i’m a little bit too excited. I just couldn’t resist writing this to tell everyone how happy I am. Wow. I never really liked Barbie as a child. Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin have always been my favourite! This is quite long-winded but I hope the future is full of great things for the Bratz & MGA. I can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for this news for sooo long! If you have actually bothered to read this then, thank you :)


  22. i cannot wait until the next issue of bratz! you have inspired me since i was younger!I want to be a fashion desighner or model! Everyone in school knows that I want to be that!So…I JUST CANT WAIT TILL U GIVE ME MORE IDEAS!

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