DIY Stylez

Hey y’all!

I’m soooo bummin’! I totes forgot it was supposed to rain and I destroyed my new shoes in an epic puddle. Ugh! I don’t even own rain boots!

Luckily, Jade saved the day with a scorchin’ idea. She suggested making DIY boots by using funky colored duct tape on my old sneakers!

Have you ever made anything awesome with duct tape?



44 thoughts on “DIY Stylez

  1. Actually, I ruined myself in mud! Ugh! I was just trying to not spoil my new boots but i tripped on my bff’s foot. Then i fell down on the mud. Now i’m still upset because it happened yesterday!

  2. This new bratz website is awsome!!!!!!!!! I am so happy because today is friday so that means the weekend starts and trust me i am ready for the weekend because i need a littel break from school.Happy weekend everyone bye!!! Ps:it is me shakira its just i decide to change my user name.Do you like it.Please tell me if you do.

  3. Hey Bratz. I’m not really, the Passionista Heroez know how to make a dress out of it!

  4. Hello everyone!! It has been a LONG while ever since I’ve been on here and I mean a LONG time,like, ever since JANUARY!!! :( SORRY!!!
    How are you kittycat? Is everything going good?
    Wus up mildred2011? I’ve been looking through the resent blogs and have not seen you.
    Heyheyhey pinkalicious! How are YOU?
    Have not seen you eather ilovebratz69!
    Hey bunnyboo only seen you once or twice.
    I see you all the time AmberBear! Wus Up Sis!!!

    AprilBear OUT!!!

  5. Dear kittycat,
    I was just looking through the resent blogs to catch up on things and you said that there was a new bratz website? Please write back.
    MovieStarz! Can you fill me in on what has happened recently so I got all the gig?( is that even the word you use? no it’s JIS (i think))(tell me if it is!!);)

    AprilBear OUT!!!

  6. Dear MovieStarz,
    Can we be “friends” (as in friends on this bratz web)?

    AprilBear OUT!!

  7. Hey every body its me cedar and i just want to say you bratz are the awsome peopel.Sorry but i gotta go bye.Ps: This is shakira i just decide to change my username.Please tell me if you like it.

  8. Hey! Its me april bear and i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    happy that it is the weekend.Sorry i have to go.April bear out!

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    This is AprilBear (with capital a & b). I would like for you to change something. Can you please not do my aprilbear out thing so that everyone knows who is who? OR you could keep the aprilbear out thing and do THIS:
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    AprilBear OUT!!!

  10. I tried to make one, but i wasn’t very good at it. I needed someone to teach me. :( Ive always wanted to make a ductape wallet or purse!

  11. Hey everybody its me cedar and i just want to say hi and i hope you all had a good weekend.this weeks star is:aprilbears sister amber.

  12. Hey guys! I’ve made a doll dress out of duct tape before with this fashion kit thing called Tapefitti. It’s really cool. Anyway, I hope to be a famous fashion designer someday, so I think it was a good investment to make cuz I love designing the outfits and taking pics of my dolls wearing them. They’re so cute! :) P.S. hope u have a great day, Bratzies! :)

  13. Sure AprilBear, can be “friends” in the bratz website. LOL! We will tell what recently happened. But not now………….we are super-busy. Thanks for your concern!
    Sorry and we are so sorry-No Fashion Star Winner. We are complete idoits and we said we will do it this week but we didn’t know we were going to be super-busy!

  14. hi everyone! I haven’t on bratz blog since Idk! I’m great, AprilBear! I’m so jovial! These boys ain’t loyal!!

  15. Hello I LOVE bratz and THANK YOU cedar!Please be my friend!THANKS A MILLION!

  16. Dear AprilBear,Hi I really want you to tell me how to make duck-tape things PLEASE!

    AmberBear OUT!!!!


  17. Hi bratz!I think you girls look rocking everyday .On Tuesday I bought this really
    cool .

  18. Hi bratz!I think you girls look rocking everyday .On Tuesday I bought this really
    cool top .

  19. that’s so awesome I wish I could do that hi bratzyone123 nice to meet u and my name is anibear10

  20. In June, we are having a Spirit Week Winner and it’s
    Monday June 2- it’s Summertime outfit
    Tuesday June 3-Pajamas outfit
    Wednesday June 4- Disney Character outfit
    Thursday June 5- Celebrity style
    Friday June 6- Punkalicious
    Remember these!
    Rio is so sunny today.
    Contract come out later in May

  21. today is the prefect day to wear my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvs outfits

  22. by the way two girls they did a talent show and they want to win bad but she was to competived and here a tip not everything in live is a compation

  23. Your posts are SO short these days! Cleo,Jade,Sasha and Yasmin, Tell me WHY!???

    -Love & fashion,
    Peanut <3

  24. Anibearsu and Monkeybearsu DO NOT (PLEASE) DO the bear thing It is a family thing and YOU are NOT in our(me and AprilBears) Family so STOP(PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP IT and change your username PLEASE)

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    P.S. PLEASE DO NOT coppy the (name)Bear out thing to Thanks BYE!!!!!

  25. Sorry anibearsu is supposed to be anibear10 SORRY!!!

    AmberBear OUT!!!!

  26. there we go. i have made a dress, skirt, rug, pants, shirt, glasses, rug, phone case, beads to make a necklace, etc. LOLZ :)

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