DIY Holiday Gift Crowns

Namaste, Bratzies

Are you in need of some OM-mazing gift ideas for your BBFs? I’m making my besties flower crowns! It’s super easy, cheap and beyond fab. Giving D.I.Y. holidays gifts is the ZENsible thing to do!

Ask a parent for help.

Here’s what you need:

- Headband

- Silk flowers (We like getting silk mistletoe for the season, but you can use any type of flower you like!)

- Glue (A hot glue gun works best if you can get your parents to help!)

Now all you need to do is…:

Glue the flowers on to the headband! Voila! The look, feel and vibe is totally unique to you! I’m sure the end result will be OM-mazing!

To get more into the season, you can use dried flowers to decorate barrettes!

Simply glue dried baby’s breath and pussy willows to the tops of barrettes! For added awesome, keep the branches attached. It will enhance the ethereal look.

So fab for the holidays!

Let me know how is goes!



35 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Gift Crowns

  1. Hi yasmin i love your new website! Hi everyone i hope you guys have a good weeken bye.
    movie starz i was born on july 18 2003.

  2. wow yas! is om-mazing! i will try it! i loooove the flower crowns! i will take a photo and share it in your facebook page! incredible idea!
    xoxo Agustina

  3. Rad and Cool. Me and Yasmin has the same hair color (Santana if u didn’t notice it was me)
    It’s awesome making crowns for your besties.
    I would make for MY besties!
    I’m making them Christmas tiaras for them. Now that’s my present for them.
    Today, We met the OMG girlz! Did u know that OMG stands for “Officially Miss Guided Girlz for them.
    It’s really Oh My Gosh!

  4. Namaste, Bratzies
    Ariel here and I want talk about #PaulJean
    He <3 #Passionista, duh! So anyways I met #ArianaGrande. She AH-MAZING. We were LOLing at noon.
    BTW, guess what awards is coming up in January 2014?

    It's the 2014 Passionista Awards! It's like the HALO Awards but it's Liv's mag.
    Want to know what is more better?

  5. It went great!!! Thank for telling I give it to my friend she give me a new I phone 5c it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Thank you BRATZ girl thank am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!! And hey everyone!!

  6. Good afternoon everyone to day i am going to lancaster i don,t know if i will spend the night their but if i do i will come back home on sunday! ttylxox

  7. Namaste Bratz and Bratzies,
    Ariel here and saw What Does 2013 Say?
    On Youtube. It was a blast. I liked how they put Get Lucky, Can’t Hold Us, Blurred Lines and What Does The Fox Say
    BTW, I watched all the Rolanda and Richard videos. I can’t believe Alex has a few feelings for Rolanda.
    She wants meh
    mkay bye!

  8. Cool! I will totally try this…I was looking for something 2 get 4 my bffs and now i know!! Thx, Bratzie! ;)

  9. Hi every one i came back from lancaster today at 12:33p.m it was fun i got to watch fast and furious 6 yesterday with my friends in lancaster.
    well talk you braties tommorrow bye!

  10. What a great craft idea! Hopefully I can get to the store in time to buy the supplies I need to make headbands for my friends for Christmas. :)

  11. noelle and bratzie 11 do you guys want to be my friends?
    I hope you bratzies had a good day at school today and tommorrow also.
    To day i have indoor swimmimg class today yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    have goodnight sleep to you braties tommorrow goodnight.

  12. Even every bratzie. Watch What Does 2013 Say? I’m the girl who has dark brown hair in the Blurred lines one
    kittycat, lol u and Nelson Mandela has the same birthday! Lol!

  13. i know bethanymota i can,t belive i have the same birthday as nelson mandela just born a different year.Well today i had a 2 hour delay at school so in stead of catching the bus at 7:45p.m i had two walk to the bus at 9:45p.m.Guys what? i read off abc 27 news .com that hershy park is coming out with new rides for 2014.hershey park will have five new addition inculd a frozen yougert stand and a south philly favortie chikeis and petes crab houes. can you belive it
    Well hope you braties have a good day bye.good night.

  14. Hi bratz! Ppl love my series Drowning In Pop! Thx to u guys for creating an awesome series, i would not have
    Drowning In Pop!

  15. Hello Ciara here and just want to say 2morrow is LIVglitz and we came back from Hawaii yesterday
    so excited!

  16. My plan backfired! I pretened to be berrybread so the bratz can talk to us.And kittycat do you live pennyslvania? It’s because lancaster and
    hershey park is there! Can’t believe it!
    Im sorry what happened to u in the delay!

  17. hey Ciara u r not suppose to give out personal info thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz write me back

  18. hiya yoll its me merry christmas well im gonna have the worst christmas ever because well me an ksleb are over he broke up with me life sucks im heart broken an i dont really have any one to support me but i wish i did well bye bye yoll now have a great MERRY CHRISTMAS………………

  19. Today is LIVglitz! OMG IM SOO HAPPY! Only 5 million sold! The geeks and dorks liked it plus the mean girls! SO EXCITED! Want to cry and b blissful!


  20. OMG, stella! I feel bad. Well, good news: Your too gooood for an idiot boy like him,

  21. these guys are so creative i don’t know what you are doing but all i can say i love your guys work. xoxo please give me more comments.


  22. GOD!!!!!!!! I loooooove the our home birth of our rainbow baby clip on youtube. have you watched it?

  23. [EDITED] I love u jasmen im really a big lover of ur dolls when i see them at the store I be like mom can u buy me the jasmen doll she says yes and I really want to see u in real life piz call me and I love all the dolls u have made for others and i would like for u to call me but if ur not real then its ok amd what if ur a boy that made bratz but i hope u are real and all of ur fans love u too


  24. It looks pretty. I love the way it looks on me! I chose 2 different colours. And took a Bratz sticker and stuck it on. You should’ve seen it! It was glamtastic!


    Signed, Bratziesrule

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