Dancing Daffodils

Namaste, Bratzies!

I’m blooming with excitement! Not only is March my birthday month, but its official flower is my personal fave: the wild daffodil!

I dig the wild daffodil for rivers of reasons. It’s bright, cheery and even though it’s usually yellow and white, the flower can be found in my signature color, pink! Also, scientists found a natural compound in the daffodil bulb that may help treat brain cancer! Bringing cheer and helping change the world totally makes the wild daffodil an honorary Real Bratz flower!

What I heart most about wild daffodils is that they energize my creativity by popping up out of nowhere. Just like my story ideas! I could totes chillax in a meadow of wild daffodils and write in my journal all day!

I’m not the only Real Bratz inspired by wild daffodils. English author, poet and diarist, Dorothy Mae Ann Wordsworth, wrote about stumbling upon tumbling daffodils while walking though the woods with her brother, famous poet William Wordsworth. Inspired by his sister’s journal entry, William Wordsworth wrote a super-famous poem about daffodils dancing in the breeze.

You can read the totally awesome poem here: https://wordsworth.org.uk/daffodils.html

Can you Bratzies tell me what your favorite flower is? Or tell me about the greatness your fave flower inspires in you!

Write on!

80 thoughts on “Dancing Daffodils

  1. My favorite flower is tulips. They are so beautiful and with there color of there petals are bright colors.

  2. I realy love the flower called the middlemist red .it is realy beautiful and it inspires me to write in my diary all day.and i looked up the wild daffidil and its a realy beautiful flower. And that info u bloged bout this flower is realy educational. I loved it . ;-) 8)

  3. Wow, Lil Ms. Mysterious, I never heard of the Middlemist’s Red flower before. It’s totes crazy to read about how it’s the most rare flower on the planet! I just read about it at: http://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/rarest-flower-in-the-world-blooms-in-the-uk-pics.html

    I love learning about fab flowers and other things in nature that energize creativity. I totes agree that it’s an inspiringly beautiful flower. Thank you for introducing it to me!!

    xoxo Yasmin

  4. Hi bratz I love u sooooo much even my sister. OMG we love we even have the dolls.Me and my mom have great fashion sense. Even Hayden willams. He is good at drawing fashion he even drew u guys. Well…anyways I love u!!!!!!

  5. The rose is my favorite flower because its beautiful and it can protect itself

  6. Wow! My favorite flower is the orchid. I absolutely love the color purple, and orchids just look….so peaceful to me! My favorite tree, however is the poplar. I read about it in the Anne of Green Gables series. I love that series. She is SO connected with nature, and it inspires me to care for everything no matter what.

  7. Hi Anne of Green Gables Phinatic,

    I totally HEART Anne of Green Gables. Every Bratz should check out that mini series and/or read the books. They are AWE-to-the-SOME!! She is such an inspiring woman, always doing what is right and good, even when it isn’t popular. I love her curiosity and her courageousness. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of our fellow Bratzies!

    And, I agree, orchids are beautiful. The poplar tree is also very cool. Have you checked out basswood trees? I like them because their leaves look like large hearts!


  8. That’s awesome, Madeline. Isn’t it totally ah-mazing how flowers, like the rose, have found a way to protect themselves? Nature is so beyond cool!


  9. i would like to talk to Yasmin from the bratz hey Yasmin i’m super excited about your birthday on march!!! ive been really busy with homework and ive been finishing it quick cause ive been totally dying!! to know how old you are i’m 17 how old will you be on your birthday? i’m super excited to know!!

  10. i would like to speak to Jade Hi Jade I’m Madison I’m From New York And I Would Like To Say Did You Know Yasmin’s Birthday Is Coming Up On March? I’m Excited For Her!

  11. Hi Yasmin. It me Bratzillaz123! Today in school we learned about sea turtles and different types of them. Did u know that turtles lived as long as dinosaurs? And my sister Build a Bear Lover7 said she love u guys. Even Sasha and Jade and Cloe.

  12. Hi Yasmin!!!!!i loveyou!!!Did you know my friend is called Yasmin too? I love you!!!Even Jade,Cloe,andSasha!!Which day in March is your birthday? Well,ive got to dash.Bye!:>

  13. I had no idea turtles lived as long as dinosaurs! Thanks for sharing, Bratzillaz123! Isn’t learning just the coolest??!!??!?


  14. Hi Yasmin I love Bratz I watch it almost everyday anyways my favorite flower is a Rose you guys are totally the girls with the PASSION for FASHION!!!!! Love you guys :)

    xoxo -Rachel

  15. My fav flower would be the special white rose… but its not just the kind you find at target its a rare flower that most butterflies lay their eggs on! they sometimes even have paint splatter on them natturally…

  16. Omg seriously!? thank you soooooooooooo much yas 4 teaching me info that I had no idea about.Oh btw i love bright colerd flowers including wild daisys…ya know,colers that match my outfits.

  17. Hey Yasmin!!! I need some advice. This girl in my class has a crush on this boy. And I need advice on dating, cause she really likes him. So can u give me some tips?! Thanx

  18. Oh my gosh! Yasmin u r my absolute fave bratz girl EVER! U R sooooo pretty and cool! I love ur outfits! I have 2 Yasmin dolls! 1 of them r the sweet 16th birthday and the other i forgot which one it was but i luv u! Ur TOTES AWES!

  19. hey yasmin my sister and I have two cats named named lily and marmalade I named lily and my sister named marmalade.I was wondering If you knew about fun things we could do with our kittens?

    xo xo

  20. Hi Madeline! Your kittens sound soooooooooooooooo cute!! I like to play with a laser pen and watch the kittens go after the light. Have fun playing with Lily and Marmalade!!

  21. I love carnations, daisys and roses. They are all so pretty to me. My fave color in all of them is blue and for daisys, green.

  22. Dear Yasmin,
    My favorite flower is the rose. I love pink and red ones. They match my bright and colorful personality.

    <3 PrettyDiva03

  23. hey Bratz i’m Mariah! and i’m like so EXCITED!! to talk to you guys!! i’m 12 years old and me and my Bff are going to a girl junior camp for girls only! they said you get to go hiking with 100′s of girls you get to sleep in a cabin or out side with your tint and camp fire you can sit around the camp fire with your friends telling spooky stories and singing a song and when the bell rings it means its time for lunch and when the next bell rings it means its time for a snack then when the last bell rings it means its time for dinner! all the people cook for you and there’s so much more to tell you i just can’t say all of it! its so Crazy-Exciting!! that you have to fly on a plane to get there its in another city and my mom is taking us! but it starts in summer and summer is 4 or 3 mounths but i still can’t wait!! its almost the same as bratz girlz really rock totally luved that movie! xoxo.

  24. OMG, Mariah! That camp sounds sooooooooooo groovy! I can’t wait to hear about all the rad plants and flowers you discover while you are camping. Make sure to bring a journal and write down EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    Tell me all about it when you get back! I’m so excited for you!!


  25. So do I, Cristy269. I really like yellow roses because they stand for friendship!

  26. thanks Bratz!! OMG!! I’m So Excited Too!! How Was It On Your First Day At Camp With Ur Bffs?

  27. I’m animalover11 aka madeline because I had to change my username and that camp sounds like so much fun I’m hoping to join my zoo’s camp and also they have a special earth day event it all sound like so much fun

  28. i bet it is animalover11 my camp sounds like fun that can’t wait to fly on that plane and ride in a buss to get to the girl camp!!

  29. I luv roses cuz they may look pretty, but they can prick u, too with their spikes.
    Plus they smell great and look so fashionable in red!!

  30. Oh and also at the zoo they have a special event for Easter when the elephants will be searching for giant Easter eggs in their encloser.

  31. [CONTENT BELOW HAS BEEN MODIFIED] yesterday was a blast because it was easter duh! and we had barbecue took cute pics! we um had a awsome egg hunt oh and by the way i found a huge egg with $5 bucks$$$$$ blang blang lol now that i fell better i can finally go on this amazing blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]???

  32. Yay!! We’re so glad you’re feeling better, iluvyaz! Sounds like you had an awesome Easter!!

    Thanks for coming back to visit us!

  33. hi, Yas, my fave flower is the waterlilly, whenever i see one floating eligantly across the water it just clears my mind, it makes me feel so , at peace with the world. it is sure to brighten up any sad situation. oh and Yas, it would be an amazing yoga spot for u, just put your mat on the ground next to a little pond with waterlillyz! or it could be a TOTES amazing chill out place for u and the rest of the bratz pack! xoxo

  34. hey Yas, i really need your help fashion emergancy. i have this sleepover party, it’s my friends birthday, but i need a new nightoutfit, but i have no IDEA, what to wear do u have any ideaz or tipz, pleaze, my style is vintage, but TOATALLY comfy my signature colourz are pink and honey yellow, so those are thingz to help, it may seem a breeze, but it is a fashion chrisis!
    s.o.s love u girlz xoxo!

  35. aloha, singerbratzi. The first thing you need to do is relax! The sleepover party sounds super awesOMe, but you won’t have any fun if you are stressing about what to wear!
    I like to kick it old school. If I can find a pair of footie pajamas my size or a long nightgown down to the ground, I’m in Bratz heaven. You have to consider what kind of activities you will be doing at the slumber party. If you will be super active, a pair of cute boxer shorts, a tank top and a pink robe may do the trick!

    Have fun! xoxo

  36. heeey, that idea is awsome you rock my world Yasmin! xoxo
    i will have fun, i will tell my bffs that u gave me the advice to put together the perfect combo, u are the best. xoxo

  37. i owe u one Yas, u TOTES rule with creative styilez and your singing is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

  38. um its like when im in the spot light i can sing my heart out and when im not im real shy is this normal?

  39. and i have a party tomarrow and im also getting my hair done and i need make up ideas and i dont know what to do and im realy nervis i eed help before tomarrow:(

  40. and my fav flower is the wild daffodil and fav clolor is honey yellow

  41. no thank YOU for the advice! Oh and just incase you didn’t see this is what i wrote about my fave flower i will rewrite it here for u :
    hey yas, my fave flower is the waterlilly, because whenever i see one floating eligantly across the water it just clears my mind i feel so at peace with the world, it is sure to brighten up any sad situation. oh and yas it would be an amazing yoga spot for you, just put your mat on the ground next to a little pond with waterlillyz! or it could be a TOTES amazing chill out place for you, Angel, Kool Kat and Bunny Boo. xoxo

  42. oh no i didn’t mean it like no thank you as if i was dissing you i was just trying to say that i should be thanking you instead of the other way around! i am sooo sorry if i seemed mean please accept my appology. xoxo

  43. i really am sorry yasmin i don’t know how you could ever forgive me after you gave me the best advice EVER i am sooooo sorry if it seemed as if i was saying that you are bad or anything, infact i love your personality, style advice, singing and your kindness. so i am sorry that i said no thank you i meant it like ; there is no need to thank me i should be thaking you yas . that was what i meant. xoxo

  44. Totes normal, YasminLauren. Some people even suffer from a stutter, but when they are acting or on stage the stutter goes away! We LOVE that you sing your heart out! Way to be awesome!


  45. Hey yas pretty soon my mom’s gonna take me shopping for clothes and I think it’s going to be so much for but do you have any ideas on what kinda clothes I could shop for

  46. thankz yasmin, oh and do you mind me calling you pretty princess, after all we are friendz right ? xoxo

  47. i love singing soooo much, when i am on stage i sing my heart out and my BFFs in school know that i want to be a singer and they love my singing, but then when i am not on the stage i am quiet and spend a lot of time writing in my bratz diary/journal (it was Angel, Kool Kat Bunny Boo and your idea) i am shy but am not afraid to follow my heart and do what is right. xoxo

  48. Happy shopping, animalover11! Always go for layers so you can make a ton of diff. looks from them. Right now color blocking and crazy prints are totally in! Most of all, wear what you like, what you think looks cool and what you feel pretty in. Clothes are just a rad way to xpress who you are inside!


  49. happy shopping b. Hope you get some thing for me.you look fab in all clothes better than any one in the whole wide world universe!

    ps:you are outstandingly beautiful!

  50. hello Yasmine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.can we hang out some time?

  51. Yas can i have ice about some advice about how to be bratz please?

    ps: i love the whole of your bratz

    pps: say hello to bratz from me please!

  52. Hi Invaid,

    It’s totes easy to become a real Bratz. You just have to be YOU!! Being yourself is one of the hardest things to do. It takes guts and courage. A real Bratz is always true to her/his friends and true to herself/himself. She expresses herself/himself through unleashing her passions!


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