Crazy Summer Trends

Namaste, Bratzies,

This summer is all about the OM-mazing cross-over sports and activities. I’m super stoked to try out yoga while riding waves on my surfboard and also to try playing chess on a floating board while lazing down a river with friends. What Zentastic cross-over activities will you be rocking this summer?


27 thoughts on “Crazy Summer Trends

  1. Crazy summer trends-if its hot and cold wear long socks and shorts with a cute tank top! a dress with tennis shoes sups cute! cute tank top with jeans and flip flops!

  2. Its weird because ur blogs are kind of short, maybe u should put more detail.

  3. The school holidays coming and guess I’m gonna watch How to Train your Dragon with my BF

  4. U girls should do a paragraph about the world cup cause its actually getting really good.

  5. HEY bratz. this saturday coming up me and my mom will be going to the glow run and i have a swim meet this saturday.

  6. Well, I know I’m going swimming with my friends and my aunts (my mom’s sisters, not my dad’s) came over, so that was fun. We went shopping at this huge Fashion Square and I got some stylin’ pants and scorchin’ blouse! I can’t wait to rock those clothes in OM-mazing outfits and maybe a little more shopping. I’m looking forward to bringing forth my passion for fashion!

  7. Hi guys,
    My Mom won’t let me get skirts. (well I haven’t asked)
    I want a skirt for my dance class.
    Plus I don’t know where to get nice skirts.

    Any advice???
    Please reply soon
    I’ll be checking to see if u girls have replied.

  8. i love summer because if you are going somewhere in a rush you don’t have to put on a huge coat and snow boots, you can quickly hrow on a summer dress real quick!

  9. Omg school is out for the summer i cannot wait to go back to school i’ll be in the 6th grade and i’ll get to see all my friends from my 2 elementary schools in millsboro delaware.

  10. I am looking for someone who likes to chat because ill be glad to chat with you

  11. Hey its me cedar! I just want to say hi and that i hope you bratz have a good summer bye.PS:kiya28 and aqual1234 do you bratz want to be my friends.

  12. randiew, there’s cute skirts at Rainbow ;) and I say you should convince your mom about how cute skirts are and that how the weather is during the summertime.If my advice don’t work, then I’m sorry. I’m not gossipgirl or Dear Abby ;)
    Hugs and Kisses

  13. I’m geeklychic aka rihanna! Friends with AprilBear, shakira, lauriecutie etc. Meanwhile AmberBear can we bffs (bratz friends forever?)
    Hugs and Kisses

  14. you guy can do advice for girl and crushes and style etc.

  15. Any tips on some awesome fabulous and hot summer trends be cause I cant figure any out?!?!?!?!?

  16. What is the best jewelry to go with your favorite summer trend to impress someone?

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