Confidence is Key

Hey Bratz Fanz! We’ve previously written about cool colored denim, flashy footwear, spring makeup trends and sparkly statement jewels, but pretty clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry don’t make you pretty they just enhance your natural beauty. So today I’m going to tell you about the number one beauty must-have that works all year long: CONFIDENCE!

I dare you to go without makeup or fierce fashions for one weekend. Here are the rules: Throw on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt — no makeup, no jewelry and no accessories — just tie your hair up in a ponytail and go out because the girl in the mirror is beautiful just the way she is!

Don’t get me wrong girls, I love fashion and makeup more than the average person, but every once in a while we need to remind ourselves that we don’t need to cover ourselves with all the latest trends to be beautiful – we already are!

So once you have the confidence to feel pretty in your own skin, then start adding the accessories back into your life. Remember, fashion isn’t about making you feel pretty… it’s about making you feel even prettier than you already are – inside and out!



26 thoughts on “Confidence is Key

  1. Hey love you bratz girlz!!!! Please make more bratz dolls and movies. I’m 14 and i still like to play with dolls. I hate barbie , because she is too pink. Bratz rules not other dolls. My favorites are Sasha and Jade.

  2. Wow Angel, that’s so sweet! ^_^
    Being a guy, I don’t usually wear makeup anyways, but I’ll be sure to spread the message :)

  3. I’m new in this website.2 the peeps who have been here so long,what is it like here???I’m 9 years old and I still play with dolls,espicaly Barbie,monster high and favorite characters from bratz are all 4 bratz.

  4. I’m new to here and I’m a fan of Yasmin when you make more brats show make sure u make
    Yasmin the main bratz please………….

  5. hey i love dolls to i am seven and when i was like for i really loved dolls

  6. Every girl is made beautiful the way they are, I agree with you Cloe, i dont even wear makeup because I’m beautiful the way I am.

  7. my friends and i love bratz friends call me pretty princess because i am into yoga and i love to hangout with my other friend name is amna but we call her coolcat because she is soooo into fashion and has surportive comment when we need surpport. my other friend name is camylia but we call her angel because she is soo dramatic and hates arrguments so she is our peacemaker. we all love bratz and we hangout together.

  8. This is how I dress everyday. XD I usually wear the white tees and jeans. Hair in ponytail nothing else! he he But just recently I got the money to try some fierce fashions, my first being the neon look! WOOT

  9. I will be sure to do this. I like to think I have confidence, but I wear a lot of jewelry. I’ll try to go without any jewelry. :)

  10. wow anna i like your confidence. what kind of bratz doll you like i like yasmine. love you yasmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  11. I never where makeup only in the house then i whip it right off with (baby whips)

  12. chloe is my fav bratz i also like megan.i really want a bratz doll because my other chloe one i crazy. she has no clothes,her hair is crazy i really want the catz chloe doll!

  13. Awesome Job, Girls! You go, Girls! You have made this a nice and better place, Now, we will make new and fun Blogs with funny topics and better games. -Flora Mulvoy Ten (Video and Post Editor)

  14. cloe is soo true confident is the key she knows it real good! <3

  15. Cool if only I have confidence to tell my crush lance that I have a crush on him

  16. i really enjoy being on i like sasha because i am just like her “fabulas”

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