Cinco de Mayo

OMB (Oh My Bratzies)!!!

We could not be more stoked May is final here! Fab weather. Fun outdoor activities! Sweet fashions! And what better way to bring in the new month than by celebrating Cinco de Mayo with all of our Mexican brothers and sisters?!? Whether you come from Mexican heritage or just want to show your support, celebrating the 5th of May means a foray into some seriously fab fashions! Brightly colored traditional dresses! Awesome sun hats! Tell us what you’ll be wearing!!



20 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. Yes fab weather! Also, sassy and fab dresses! #CincodeMayo! Anyways, we
    are super-busy that we might do Fashion Star Winner no more. Crazy, huh? Anyways, we got of run! Jailee is just learning about more of her past and the people that died.

  2. Hey everyone!!!How are you guys?I’m about to go to my friends in about 20 maybe 25 minutes and we are SWIMMING IN HER POOL!!! It has been FOREVER since I went swimming and I was about to EXPLODE from haveing to wait SO long!

    AprilBear OUT!!!

  3. #NeonLights!
    Anyways, we can’t wait for the Fifth day of Mayo also known as Cinco de Mayo! There’s probably a Fashion Star Winner
    P.S- Contract comes soon!

  4. Princess1234 you are not allowed to give personal information away!

  5. Why has not anyone blogged in like 2 days or on the other thing that is Mother`s Day?!Please tell me!

    AmberBear OUT!!!!

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