Bundled Up Style

Yasmin here for another post on our Bratz Trends Blog today! Lots of our friends have been asking us for tips to dress during the cold Fall and Winter months, so I decided to take the lead to talk about stylish bundled up fashion.

Just because the weather is a drag, doesn’t mean our fashion has to be drab. Right, Bratzies?

There are so many ways to jazz up an outfit even when the weather is trying really hard to give us a “bad outfit day.” I recommend sticking with styles that you know you love and feel comfortable wearing. The important thing is to stay warm!

If you are still looking for more tips, I’ve put together a quick list of Do’s & Don’t’s for ya below!

The Do’s

  • Definitely Layer Clothes – it makes it easy to go from outdoor to indoor weather without freezing or overheating.
  • Be Scarf & Gloves Ready – these are great accessories that look good & help keep you warm. They’re also easy to stuff in a backpack or handbag…even a large coat jacket!
  • Consider a Hat – a lot of heat escapes from the top of the head, so a hat is a good way of trapping that heat to keep in “storage” on a cold day.
  • Mix & Match – a good rule to stick with in every season. Mix summer prints with winter colors or summer colors with winter prints.

The Don’t’s

  • Wear Summer Shorts or Dresses – it’s too cold for summer fabrics unless you cover those legs with tights or leggings.
  • Go outside with wet hair – even though wet hair may not get you sick, wet hair in cold weather sure does make someone feel colder than usual!
  • Forget to moisturize – cold weather often dries out skin & lips. Don’t forget to apply chapstick & lotion.


78 thoughts on “Bundled Up Style

  1. Please don’t make the bratz taller!!!! I love the short ones!!! They remind me of myself!!!

  2. I really like what Yasmin haves on. And why I like becaues I really love the coat its really me and its fashionbel and thats why I like bratz batter then barbie well.. i do like barbie its PINK but i do like PINK bratz it like random and thats what i like so keep work girls and you well be batter then bratz girl and i know it see ya!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxox

    :_) :-)

  3. hi i want to know if those coats that you button up are in right now and what else

  4. Please everyone go to this link and you might get it for Christmas it’s about Bratz i’m 10 years old and i hope you like this but i don’t own a youtube so who cares just CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sincerely leelee love leelee i’m from Michgian.

  5. i am short too so keep them like that and you should have really cute and sparkly outfits

  6. i like youer nickname pretty prienssess and cloe i like youers to angel youer 8 year old freand chrismari love you bratz

  7. Hi yasmin, The other day I saw this girl in the cold weather with shorts on she must of been FREEZING I hoped she would ok. Btw Im from Great Britain.

  8. Please Bratz it’s a fashion emergency on 18th December of going on a disco party with my class an others from my school and I don’t know what to wear I mean with my friend we’ll dance,chill,eat,but I have know idea how to dress up don’t want to freeze but don’t want to get all sweaty and hot!See in what a sticky situation I am please comment!!!!!!

    LOve you
    I’m actually from Bulgariq,Razgrad but i couldn’t find in the “State” section sooo just if it’s helful to tell


  10. Hey Yazmine!!! I love your post on the Winter Clothing!! I am sure gonna take your advice about the clothes to wear in the winter! Also, I read the do’s and don’t's and I sure will NOT do the don’t's!

    Kylee :)

  11. People is haters so bratz can u help me please and I was about to fight this girl I’m so mad right now because all these girls out here is dirty so xoxoxo!!!!!!!!

  12. I hate my life i wish i was somebody else no one gets me i just keep being
    deperassed i wish i was you yasmin

  13. Winter is my favorite season, but outfit wise it really does not like me. I think everything in this post is cool, but it did not include much tips about staying warm at night, so here are mine
    Layer blankets. I sleep with two comforters during the winter, plus sheets, a fleece blanket, and lots of pillows
    Keep the windows closed.
    Turn up the heat
    Layer your pajamas. I would try wearing a cami top and tee shirt under soft flannel PJs
    Those are my tips for staying warm at night. :-) bye

  14. I can not wait to use these tips Yasmin! :-) you are my favorite Bratz girl :-)
    It got really cold today, the whole town was covered in a two inch coat of ice! I layered my cloths like you said, and it made things way easier. Thanks!
    - Lindsey :-)

  15. Your imformation was great!!! Tomorrow is my last day of school,I wear uniform,but tomorrow is casual Friday and you just gave me a good idea of how can I dress tomorrow.By the way i’m looking in the Bratz page to try to find a product for my room of the Bratz.Whatever i’m going to find a blog for that.BTW thanks for the tip :)!!!!!

  16. omg i am a bratz maniac i have bratz everything dolls when the first came out, bedset,shades,laptop background,pencil bag,backpack,camera ,movies,

  17. hey everyone but I don’t know about y’all but I can’t wait in till christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol get it on @ pop!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ilove cloe becase sheis realy coooooooooooooooool all the bratz are realycoooooooooooooool ilove them ihope they are having fun

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  20. hey yasman ivé got evrey doll

  21. wow u look awsome but to be honest i’ve grown out of dolls already but bratz are awsome and really cool.

  22. I’m a huge fan of yours yasmin, your fashoinable, kind, fun and caring about animals and I love animals and style especially spring style.

  23. Yasmin I love you! I read your fashion tips and they totally helped me thank you.Please make me your number 1 fan.I like everything about you.We have almost everything in common.Stay cool!

  24. Hi Bratz
    Please,Please,Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s the valentine’s dance soon and i really want to ask this guy too go to the dance with me. I asked him, but he’s going with someone else! :( SO then the girl he’s going with told me i was a LOSER because the boy didn’t ask me!
    I’m so sad and i really want to go to the dance with someone!

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  26. hey yasmine a totally love your dress that you had on bratz i just totally love you all you are the coolest person in the whole wide world bratz is the most coolest movie that i have ever seen

  27. exuse me but,does anyone think that the bratz botique game work cause,it doesn’t for me.

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  29. Hey you guys…. scince the Bratz didn’t reply to my post and neither did anyoone else, i ended up missing that dance…. sooo…. this is kind of my diary post > sort of > But i guess that umm i better goo?
    I hope everyone is feeling O>K because i’m not..
    Sad and Lonley,
    Yasmine from New York (Ok i’m from Guildford but it didn’t say in the State section

  30. yasmine im so sorry you missed the dance i just found the bratz blog a few weeks ago. hope fully next year you will have another dance but no matter wut you still have a highschool prom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    your bff


  31. Hey YasminLauren

    Nice that your my BFF!!! (Like, I need one)

    I missed the school dance, ya, Stinks.

    Anyway, I’m in need of friends.

    XX Yasmine

  32. Yasmin I already don’t do all da’ dont’s u have on ur page!!But thx 4 da’ info anyways!!!

  33. Hi, i need some advice. theres this guy i like but he never speaks to me. we used to be close friends. but then one day that all stopped. i just want things to be the same like they were. i really really like him. but i dont want to get in an awkward thing with him. i start school on monday. idk if hes changed. PLEASE HELP! thanks, katelin

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