Bratz Trendy Sunglasses Tips

Hey Bratz fans! Sasha here to tell you about a simple and inexpensive summer accessory!

When it comes to enjoying the hot summer rays every girl needs a pair of cool shades! Not only are sunglasses a great way to protect your eyes from the sun they also compliment any outfit–especially a swimsuit! On those days when you just want to rock shorts and a plain T or tank your sunglasses can add that extra pop you need to turn heads. Celebs accessorize with cool shades all the time and you can too!  Sunglasses are always in fashion so no matter what brand, style or color you choose to rock, you’ll look stylish!

Fashionably Yours,

33 thoughts on “Bratz Trendy Sunglasses Tips

  1. HE love you sasha please make more bratz dolls and movies

  2. So true! I need to get me some sunglasses to make y ugly days look better lol

  3. i love it. but where can you find it because i am new in the city.

  4. Awesome first to comment cool I always loved sunglasses I hope the bratz could give me advice with love yup I am soo in love he wears glasses and his name is lance

  5. SASHA & CLOE!!!!!!!!! They are my favorite to be in that outfit. So go sasha and cloe they rock !!!!!!! :)

  6. oh my gosh that looks so cute on sasha i wonder if they could make that for teenagers these days at the mall. hahaha

  7. Sasha i just thank that you are just like me and we bouth like to dance and we bouth love the summer and i just think that you,Cloe,Jade and Yasmine are great best friends and some day i hope we could be friends and with your friends so i love you

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