Bratz’ Tips for a Balanced Life

Hiya friends! With the school year well under way and tons of holidays quickly approaching, we thought we should talk about the importance of taking care of your mind, body & spirit. Sometimes life gets busy and the first person that gets neglected is the one we should pay the most attention to – ourselves!

Always remember a balanced life is a healthy life, so take charge and take care of yourself. Here are 5 tips that we try to keep in the back of our minds all year round!

  1. Get plenty of Sleep –Bratzies need at least 8 hours of beauty sleep a night
  2. Drink lots of Water – be sure to stay hydrated
  3. Be Active – make an effort to do something physical for at least 20 minutes per day. Try swimming, yoga, running, pilates, stretching, hiking or even a walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Eat Right –eat a day’s worth of fruits & veggies and avoid all that candy. It’s like Mom always said – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”
  5. Treat Yourself – whether it’s sitting with family or friends, watching a good movie or reading a book, do something you enjoy when there is free time.

What are some ways that you keep a balanced and healthy life? Tell us in the comments below!

Be Healthy!

104 thoughts on “Bratz’ Tips for a Balanced Life

  1. I think you girls are the best!I follow the tips you wrote in you wrote in your blog. And 4th tip you told was actually true. I was reading a book yesterday and there was a saying: “Let the food be the medicine.”I dislike medicines, so I prefer food over them, because health is the wealth.
    Love you 4ever,BRATZ!


  3. Hello bratz. I’m Moira so. I gona say your fashion for life. And your glam it up tonight. Cloe. And Sasha and jade. Are passion for fun. Your choose. What glam. Cute beachy. Sporty. Choose. One. For. A. Party. In my. Room. Have a killer. Fun. With me. Never seen. Moira. Be fore.

  4. I wake up everyday at 5:30 brush my teeth and get a healthy snack and then go outside jogging fo 30 minutes. I also drink 3 bottles of waters a day. And then I eat a good amount of all the food groups each day! And thankfully I get 8 hoours of sleep.

  5. I think that this great advice! I’ve tried it, and I’m really a lot happier. I’m getting better grades in school, and I even got my computer cuz I’m in a happier mood

  6. wow u guys rock i will totally do this so i can be as pretty as chloe

  7. I always walk around my neighborhood with firends and family And every Saturday the girl in my family have a spa day and i invite my firends

  8. Well I did usaily do these things ht now I’m going to start doin it I’m glad you have his website it is full of a divide I just lie being like you guys especially jade:) anyways my ideas are always making goals on stuff to be good at life and be rested like string a early bedtime which I am going to do.

  9. I don’t usaly do these hints but I am and i lie the BRATZ website btw.:) anyways my idea is setting goals like how to get more sleep as in setting an early begins that’s one of my goals

  10. I love to get plenty of sleep: i hate getting up early! lol. But i also do volleyball. And when I excersise, I feel better–especially my back feels better from carrying all my books in my heavy backpack around!! omg! so yeah…and i also drink lots of water. thx! bye :)

  11. I love jade. I love kelly. I love cole I love justin beier. I lol you in the molly ggg lolola whth love panda and Jade joe your love in my hart hello kitty love jb jade.

  12. thanks i have been told to eat and drink healthy but i didn’t listen but coming from the BATZ i will definetly do it kiss kiss bye.

    hey girls love the Bratz show keep it up.


  14. i got some fashion tips: DONT ware all black unless your goth and DONT ware mitch match clothes. WARE these pretty colors: blue pink purple black brown teal silver gold and any other cool color well bye then!!! and to see bratz somewhere else is the smart thing to watch! @ always put as much thumbs up for bratz as possible or likes!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))

  15. i,m always on 1 side and that the number

    1# BRATZ
    20# lalaloopsy
    30# bratzillaz
    40# is missing?

  16. they talk to u and they can understand you’re answers and there 12 inchs tall
    they tell you’re fortune and you’re secret destiny and they share secrets with you

  17. Here’s about me
    My fave color is:purple
    my fave food is:taco’s and ravoils
    my fave shoes is:my golden apple bottom’s
    my fave fabric is:seqeunce
    my fave thing to do is:play games
    and that’s all about me.

  18. Hey Bratzies! i just watch two of your videos I’m such a girly girl and you girls are just like me I just got done being on the tredmill (if that how you spell it) so anyway I’m getting better grades I’m staying active in school and I am gonna take a day from all that candy and i get lots hours of sleep! i also read books, magazines, and i play the trombone. I don’t really have lots of free time because I’m always busy even on weekends witch I’m not so happy about but I’m going to start out fresh for a new school year! Sincerely Destiny!

  19. Amazing, Destiny! Thanks for sharing your fun life with us. Way to go on getting better grades!!!! xoxox Bratz

  20. Hey Bratz I’m a really big fan of ya’ll but theres one problem i need help with you see i be up every night because i can’t sleep something always bother me and i can’t figure out what it is can you help me?
    Sincerely Leelee.

  21. To ClOe: When us your birthday and what city do you live in I am so sorry I didn’t talk to you on October but I was busy with school and getting my costume together. I was a vampire bride what were you?

  22. Hi Leelee! Try putting down your cell phone or computer at least one hour before bed. Sometimes the brain needs time to slow down and get ready for bed :)
    xoxox Bratz

  23. Thanks Bratz! i just wanted to say i just got out of school!!! I am doing so much better! I’m sorta like Sasha ”I luv being a busy bee i just hate even wasting a minute” LoL well keep doing what you doin and keep making science in the fashion world. School humor!

  24. One more thing, not to be mean or nothing but your time is three hours before mine just to let you know

  25. Hey Bratz since i’ve did what you said it worked and i slept better and i always eat healthy snacks but i mostly eat fruit and veggies
    Sincerely Leelee.

  26. To:Princess From:Leelee Dear princess i would love to talk to you today but i’ll talk to you tomorrow instead so talk to me tomorrow okay
    Sincerely Leelee.

  27. Oh and they set the time back before yesterday thats why the time is like that :3 .

  28. Thks Leelee I totally forgot about Say Light Saving Rime isn’t it over or did start? 8:05

  29. Dear Bratz,
    I seem to always get in trouble at school for talking or something today I
    I got in trouble at school for talking an laughing after my teacher Mrs.Fredrich
    Told me to be quiet 3 times.Then I started to cry then when I came to my
    grandparents house I had to tell my granny what happened. Then I said
    My neighbor kept talking to me. But my granny took me downstairs and
    then she had to go to church but she said befofer my mom comes to
    Pick me up she want me to take my bath and then she is going to spank
    me when she comes back . Now I am sitting and hoping she will come after
    my mom picks me up . I am really scared. Please give me a suggestin of how
    I coul keep myself out of trouble when I don’t think before I do

  30. Hi Princess,

    It’s very important to listen to your teacher at school. If there is something you want to say, always be sure to raise your hand. It’s ok to be a fun person that likes to talk (we love chatting with our friends and fam too), but try really hard to focus and do your school work first. Maybe chat with your friends during recess and lunch. It takes practice, but we know you can do it!


  31. Hey princess sorry i didn’t get a chance to talk to you but i was busy but if you get the chance to talk to me tomorrow. but if you don’t have time to talk to me that’s cool with me.
    Sincerely Leelee.

  32. Dear Bratz since i’ve been sleeping well my sister is coming home late and when she’s out i can’t sleep because i’m always worrying and my other sister always text her when my mom tells her to and after she text my big sister she doesn’t text back how do i know my sister is ok
    Sincerely Leelee.

  33. That is very sweet that you worry about your sister when she is not home. That means you love her a lot!! Maybe you can ask your sis to help you not be worried so much and see what she says.

  34. Hey Bratz thanks for the advice since she’s been out i took you’re advice and it worked thanks a lot bratz i can always count on you guys you’re the best
    Sincerely Leelee.

  35. Hey Bratz thanks for the advice. My granny came home spanked me then I went to my house
    today I was more respectful to my teachers

  36. 7:38, Hey Leelee my brothers girlfriend had a baby he is 17 it is a boy he is so cute he is mixed with
    black and white. I am not trying to be racis though sorry 7:40

  37. That’s cool i really love baby’s too so when they going to get married
    Sincerely Leelee :B

  38. i love cloy so much she is so pretty the way they make her so i don’t have one wet but i will get one one my b day. ‘_’

  39. I get so worried when my older brother Joe leaves the house he is 15 and i cant stp worrying about i need some advice

  40. just use the advice that the bratz gave me ad you’ll be better ^_^
    Sincerely Leelee. <3 <3 <3 <3

  41. Dear Bratz,
    What can I do about my two sisters. They always fight and I don’t know why. Maybe the older one just isn’t getting that she has a younger sister. I don’t know what to do.
    Sincerely Jazmin
    P.S. The older one is 10 soon 11 and the younger one is 4 soon to be 5.

  42. I’m the biggest bratz fan ever I can not pick a fav bratz cause you are all cool.I love all your movies and all your tips are very helpful.

  43. Bratz I have got another problem I have two brothers ones 7 and the other is 4 they drive me nuts.I need advice, they fight each other and me they make me play lego ninjago a boy game. I really need advice!Please, I need help, they argueit gives me a head ache,they fight each other and sometimesthey get near me

  44. Hi lollipop265,

    Brothers can be annoying but you are totes lucky to have them. Try finding a secret spot where you can go to be alone. Is there a closet you can hang out in or a low tree limb you can read a book on? Spending some time apart from your brothers may make you appreciate their presence more.

    Do any of our Bratzies have any other advice?


  45. sisters can to big sisters or little but when you need someone the most you can cout on them to be there for you because when you grow up its gonnah be ruff but your sister will be there for you like my grandma said you should apreshiate having a little sister because your going to need her one day like she will to and she will be looking up to you for help like you looked up to me and remember the good times you guys had together


  46. thats my advice jazmin mayby they want to spend time with you because they will need you one day jazmin it isint easy being the oldist or the youngist
    you will need them one day and they will need you jazmin so be happy to have them and be happy you have them i have a little sister and we go through a lot tougether my point is when they go to collage you guys are gone and you guys will need eachother then and think about the great times you had like when your little sister was born the first time you saw her her first birthday think a bout the great times you and her had. and the time you wer sad and your big sister and little sister wer by your jazmin


    ps i hope this helps

  47. Hey Bratzies!I totes have no friends (2,accually) and I have to wait till I go to my secondary school to make some totally rad friends. I think I’m gonna visit this website everyday and become a good friend . Cya Bratzies, I hope you have a totes like,rad day!

  48. We’re your friend, Bratzgirl12! You come to this website as OFTEN as you like. Soon, you will see, other bratzies on this site will become your BBFs!


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