Bratz Fragrance Tutorial

Hey Lovelies! What’s your go-to summer scent? I am totally obsessed with fruity, citrusy mists — they’re perfect for summer! Yasmin loves floral scents because she says they remind her of spring blossoms and butterflies. Sasha is always sporting the sweet scent of vanilla and coconuts, and Jade is all about the clean, fresh scents that remind her of the ocean!

Ever wonder what the difference is between body spray and perfume? Here is a quick tutorial!

Body Spray (aka body mist or body splash) is great for school because its sweet scents are subtle but refreshing! You’ll smell as sweet as can be without bothering your classmates with strong, overbearing scents.

Eau de colognes and eau de toilettes have a greater concentration of scents than body spray but less than perfume. Their scent will linger longer than your average body spray but won’t be too intense.

Eau de parfum and perfume have the greatest concentration of scents per bottle. They last longer and shouldn’t be applied heavily. Spray just a little on your wrists and neck and you are good to go all day!

Tell me what your favorite scent of the season is and why!


53 thoughts on “Bratz Fragrance Tutorial

  1. I am in love with Lovestruck by Vera Wang! It’s a floral scent that you can rock in any season.

  2. I totally loved Cloe’s scent for the Designed By line ^_^ I’d love another Bratz line with personalized perfumes! Awesome post Angel :)

  3. I profer valinna. I’ve been using it a lot and i’m almost out! BTW its perfume. i like to wear it cause its spray and go! i use it everymorning before i go to school or just shopping! I always get comments and suggestions that bring out conversations! <3

  4. I’ve been doing the mango thing. Of course, I’m going to try the body spray next. I always try the Bratz trendz blog!

  5. I love vanilla and cotton candy scents. Mmmmm. But I think if i get a cotton candy scent again, I might make myself hungry. LOL

  6. My favorite scents are polmergranate and sweetpea. I really like the way the smell on me plus they remind me lazy summers ;o

  7. Your scent would be sweet bubblegum and strawberry with a hint of chocolate cupcakes. Sasha would smell like dark cherries and wild citrus. Jade would smell like Vanilla and Lilac, and Yasmin would smell like fresh flowers and sweet citrus

  8. i love rose scent because i love roses. and love you yasmine. awsome nicknames.

  9. My favorite was always lavender and summer paradise it gives mea warm and fresh feeling what about you girls what’s your favorite scents

  10. Woah! Flashback Alert!! xD I love how as alex said that this reminds us of the designed by line, I LOVED SASHAS SCENT!!! Great Post Cloe!

  11. I love how starwberry smells. :( I can’t even logged in.I pressed submit but nothing happen

  12. hey this blog is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m going to be turning sixteen soon and I still love the Bratz! Is that weird? I have all of their songs memorized, I’ve seen all their movies, I used to have their bedding, and when I was younger I used to collect the dolls. Jade is my favorite Bratz doll and always will be, lol.(:

  14. I like this body spray called Sunshine. . . but no one really likes it . it’s kind of fruity w/ vanilla plus i <3 BRATZ . oh and by the way can i get some fashion tips cuz my friend gets compliments and i get insults

  15. i love ”PINK ICE” it is awesome off the hook smells ssssoo good i got it at ”rue 21”

  16. why did you put eau de toilettes? that is toilet water in french!!!! i know because i speak french in school. I LOVE BRATZ! but seriously….i would not put on toilet water….. please don’t be mad! i am who i am and you gals teach me that everyday :)

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