Bonding with #RealBratz BerryBread

OMG y’all!

I just had the most totally ah-maz-ing talk with by new BBF and total #RealBratz, Adrianne, a.k.a. Berry Bread!!

I was totes excited when she sent in her video all about why she is a #RealBratz!! Watch her epic video below:

Isn’t she the fabbest?? Berry Bread designed the website, has a rad jewelry business, is an online personality and is starting college in Fall!! She’s accomplished so much at such a young age because she began pursuing and unleashing her passions when she was just a kid!

Always with an eye for the arts, Berry Bread was only 6 years old when she would roam around her house, looking for trash she could transform into art projects.  Talk about trendsetter! This girl was all about upcycling before it was even a term!!

One of her fave crafts was to take household junk and reconfigure it into furniture for her dolls! An old egg carton and some toothpicks would be transformed into a dinner table for dolls! Too fab-a-lish!

Berry Bread jumped from dollhouse interior decorator to jewelry craftsman extraordinaire when she stumbled upon a DIY keychain kit. One beaded keychain later and this girl was hooked! She used her true blue #RealBratz intelligence and initiative to figure out how to make another keychain all on her own! After that, there was no stopping Ms. Bread. That girl was on a mission to design and create fab’n’fun accessories.

What I HEART most about Ms. Bread is that she didn’t keep all her fierce knowledge to herself. She decided to not only sell her goods, but to also teach her fans, the Berry Bread Crumbs, how to make their own!   Giving back in such a super sizzlin’ style is totes the #RealBratz way.

To share her gift of crafting, Berry Bread took to YouTube. She had already made an adorbs YouTube series staring yours truly! This new adventure was all about kickin’ it craft style. And her super supportive ‘rents even encouraged her to show her face in the videos so her Berry Bread Crumbs could relate to her more personally.

You can watch Berry Breads crafting videos here:

Berry Bread’s most fabsolute #RealBratz attribute is her inspirational confidence. She always encourages her Berry Bread Crumbs to believe in themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

When I asked Berry how she developed such an awesome attitude she told me that a few mean kids had teased her for playing with the doll versions of us! It had totally busted her confidence and she thought about packing up all of her dolls and sending them away. But she just couldn’t do it! She decided that being a total Bratzie meant so much more to her than the mean things a few silly people said. From that moment forward, she opted to be brave, bold, pursue her passions, do what she loved and encourage others to do the same!

Berry Bread exudes a true comfort in her own skin that every #RealBratz should aspire to have. Her effervescent spirit is totally contagious and totally why I want this rad girl to be one of my new BBFs.

And she would be a great friend to have, too, because this girl understands the importance of friendship and lending an ear. “You never know how you can help someone. You always have to try.” She also told me that in order to be a good BBF, “don’t replace your friends when you get bored. Your best bud is your best bud for life.”


When I asked Berry if she had any advice for all the Bratzies out there, this is what she said:

“You don’t have to go through a super hard time to prove that you are strong.  As long as you be yourself, keep doing your thing and pushing forward despite what anyone says, you’re a Real Bratz.”

She also wanted to let all of her amazing Berry Bread Crumbs know that she loves them and that hearing she has made a positive influence has made all her hard work worthwhile.

Way to go Berry Bread!

To find out how YOU can be featured as one of our #RealBratz, click here:




81 thoughts on “Bonding with #RealBratz BerryBread

  1. That is true to be ur self not what others think about u. Beacuse it happens to me a lot. U are a bratz fan so am I

  2. hi i’m jaylen me and my sister love bratz dolls i want to make a bratz series but i don’t have enough but we are collecting

  3. Hey Bratz!! I cant wait to go to school and show off my new looks that I have created. Can you help me with some ideas? Like — What colors should I wear on the first week? — or — Should I wear flower earrings or beads? So I hope you can give me some ideas!

    AprilBear OUT!!!!


  4. P.P.P.S.S.S. if you agree with more games { that’s everyone that blogs } post my name on your bloging or just say you agree.

  5. Her videos on youtube are awesome! I love the way she expresses herself :D

  6. the story is incredibly inspiring gracias 4 the story I totes luv it ever since I faced my fear I have felt so brave.

    <3 jv30

  7. That will be soooooooo fab, Jaylen!! Good luck! We can’t wait to watch it!!


  8. We are honoring RealBratz, like our friend BerryBread! If you think you’re a RealBratz, too – and we bet you are!!! – click on the link at the bottom of our blog all about Berry.

    We can’t wait to watch your rad video!!


  9. We have a new game coming out with our Bratz Action Heroez dolls, AprilBear!!


  10. We love how she expresses herself, too, Cupcake42321!! So stoked you’re a fan of our friend BerryBread!!


  11. OMG, AprilBear! It’s sooooo hard to decide what to wear the first week. Everything you said sounds ah-maz-ing. Seriously, we think you can’t go wrong with anything you decide!

    Maybe some of the other Bratzies here can help you pick out your fab first week outfits.

    Hey, Bratzies! Do you have any advice for AprilBear?


  12. mildred2011, you are soooooooooo right!! We love your attitude! Stay awesome!!


  13. Way 2 go Berry Bread!! Totally (heart) your idea, keep goin’ gal!! youre TOTES a #real bratz!

    And to all the #real bratz out there,remember,



  14. Hey bratz. I just wanna address this and stuff. Now, I know for the real bratz, you have to have a video in order to enter but,Since, my parents say I cant, I’ll just tell you a little bit about why im a real bratz. Im a real bratz because I like to express myself, hang with my friends, write, ect. When I grow up, I want to be successful of being an author and become a vet. I want to take care of animals. I want to write! I want to do things because they make me. Nothing will change me because Im me. You only have life so live it to the fullest and don’t let no block sit in your way. Knock it down and continue.

  15. Heya, AprilBear!!
    So, why not burst with colour? Be a #real bratz and dont be afraid to stand out!!

    -or in this case, bursting with style!!

    (remember, colour can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, and it might attract some people too!!)
    Good luck!


  16. OH YEAH! The earring idea- beads are a little plain, try going with the flowers, it will look RAD!!!



  17. O!M!G! Ann!! Thank you for writing that. Beautifully stated! You are TOTES a RealBratz! Super bummin’ that you can’t send in a video, but we’re even more stoked that you just wrote this ah-maz-ing message.

    Love it! Love ya, girl!


  18. Thank you BBFs for featuring me! It has been such an honour, and it’s so amazing seeing what you Bratzies have to say! Thanks for the support all you lovely people!

  19. @AKSisters Thank you so so much! <3

    @Marli Awwww so nice! :)

    @mildred2011 Couldn't have said it any better!

    @jv30 thank you! I really appreciate it :)

    @ria960 You know it!

    @aqua1234 Thank you! My pleasure!

  20. this story is very inspiring it has inspired me to face all my other fears and there is a lot of things I’m afraid of so I have decided to face all of them.

    <3 jv30

  21. omg!!Cloe,Sasha,Yamin and Jade loves chemistry because you girlz have fashion sense!!!And how do you become a realbratz?

  22. i love love being a Bratz fan!Every girl has passion for fashion and some wants to be a fashionista.


  23. we came up with a new idea bratz vampires hope u remembered our last ideas

  24. I love brats to and I agree with you be who you are and I just love brats

  25. These stories of the blog are ah-maz-ing!

    The brattiude is so sassy and i love it like the song and i have passion 4 fashion now bye!!!

  26. HEY!! it’s me and I want to tell you all a story when I was a girl. and i always wanted a doll. and i could’ent have one becaues it was hard to find a me doll that looked like and have a cool style.and when the bratz girls came out my mom and dad buy me a bratz doll on my b_day.I was the happyies girl on my b-day well.. my b_day was near to cristmas time. my b_day 21 to I was saying…my frist doll was yasmin. and that’s why i love yasmin becaues i still remeber that she was my frist doll. and it was like a me doll so i just wanted to share that to all the that had a hard time finding a doll tha will let your parents will like. then when I got older i was alond to collet all of the fab dolls that i will never for get LOVE YOU ALL!!! and love you to berrtbread keep up the good work!!!!XOXOXO

  27. I love the Berrybread’s channel she is totally awesome like the Bratz. I love Bratz since I was 5, I watch their movies and bought some dolls, my favorite character was Dana and Cloe,especially Cloe! I like Bratz because It’s a way to express myself and show my passion 4 fashion, and having your own bratitude! Bratz 4 Ever,Keep The Passion 4 Fashion!!

    xoxo Your Fan, Sayori
    P.S I have every movie and watch your movies!!

  28. Also Cloe I have PLENTY of dolls of you!! I’m your fan!! Also to add I’m very good at art and it’s a way to express myself. Keep The Passion 4 Fashion!

    xoxo Your Fan, Sayori

  29. BratZ, have you ever thought of making the dolls hair silver and/or gold??
    (just a random idea)



  30. That’s soooooo rad, Sayori! If you love our movies, you should join in our Slumber Party fun this weekend!! Read our newest blog all about it!!


  31. I think i have time for your Slumber Party!! Maybe I’ll have my friends over to watch!! Keep The Passion 4 Fashion as always. XOXO Sayori

  32. I love bratz . You shouldn’t listen to other peoples to what they say about you. They are WRONG ! I bet you all love to be a real bratz yourself. My advice is to be yourself, be kind and give a hand to peoples who think they no hand of helps ! and stick to your dreams. NEVER GIVE UP ON THEM !!! :)

  33. [EDITED] From # Real Bratz I was inspired to make my own (creations) for bratz !!!
    I call it My passion. Its about sticking to your own passion and believing in your self bit like Real Bratz. Bit like real Bratz. My passion. My stylz. Whats your ?

  34. [edited] O.M.G bratz i’m a bratz fan you………lol. well my besties and I are pla’g funny pranks on each other because of all these blogs harry from one direction is my boyfriend in lodon it is a big country here but I went to school and in my locker for me called ‘the bratz expirience and bratz dolls’ yasmin meygan and i really have something in common because we are all from the same country well bratz the best I could say is to move and keep up the great work

  35. I love BerryBread. I’ve been an EXTREME follower of and I completely agree with her. I’m 23 and I still love the Bratz! If it’s something you love, let nothing stop you. It’s important to embrace yourself and love yourself. Sometimes, people fear what they don’t understand. Some of my friends didn’t understand the cool-finesse of the Bratz, but once I introduced them to it, they’ve been hooked too! I’ve never been as confident as Berry is, but I’ve always tried to be myself. A true leader never compromises who they are, and shares themselves with others.

  36. Wow, Lauren!! Thanx for sharing this with us!! We think you’re too awesome and totally rock the Real Bratz vibe!!


  37. Thanks for being such a fab fan, Ashley700107!! We think you rock, too!! Glad you and your bestiez are having so much fun!!


  38. hey Ms.bread sweetangel14 here and the bratz are right u ROCK once i saw youre realbratz# vid i was like HELLO ROLL MODEL im totally one of youre berrybread crumbs i will follow youre ways and support u till the end u ROCK and u to bratz xoxo

  39. hi Ms. berrybread i saw your video you seem really nice and you are totes a awesome roll model and i hope we can be friends:)

  40. @jv30 That means SO much to me! You’re AWESOME!
    @yasminx1love awesome story! Looks like you love bratz just as much as me! Thanks a bunch!
    @Sayori Thanks girl!
    @Artsy02 Way to go!! :D
    @yasminlover4 Awwwww for real? Thank you so much :) Warms my heart <3
    @peggyshelton Heya! I know you now! :D

  41. @Lauren You…. you are absolutely incredible. You are definitely a very confident person, don’t doubt yourself. Your message honestly touched my heart. The world needs more #realbratz like you!

  42. @sweetangel14 OMG!! Could you be any sweeter?!? You rock so much! Thank you!!
    @melody I’m so glad you think so! Thank you!! Of course we can be friends! <3

  43. Berrybread you are really amazing u inspire me so much I saw ur video and I would like to actually meet you. You seem like a super sweet person. And Bratz Boulevard is an awesome site I really like it. You did a super great job with it I hope we could be friends. You a roll-model to me and I think your really sweet to hav such passion for bratz.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    From Lil Miss Badazzle Glitterati!
    <3!! <3!!

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