Blog Break

Hiya, Bratzies!!

We are going to be putting the weekly Bratz Blog on hold as we gear up for something awesome! Shh! It’s top secret for now but you’re gonna love it! We promise!

For the time being, we will continue to visit the blog to post conversation prompts so YOU, our beloved Bratzies, can keep chatting with each other!

This week’s topic: SHOES!!!

Now that the weather is changing, what are you wearing?

Love ya lots!


27 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Calling all Fashion Star Winner contestants [week 2]
    We are not counting any posts that was on March 27!!
    Winner will be announced on Friday!!

  2. hope u come up with something scorchin (AS U SAY IN BRATZ MOVIEZ AND SHOWZ)

  3. Again, this was hard for me, Ciara, to choose. I think everyone is a winner which everyone is but the main #1 contestant I have to choose is………………………………TLCI!!! Congratulations! You are Fashion Star Winner (winner kind of weird) [week 2]. I’m glad but the other contestants just know that everyone was a winner including you!! rihannastar, jbstar etc. yes you!!!! Amazing, huh?
    Next week’s judge is Shakira!! Too excited!!

  4. Hiya Bratz!
    How R U girlz?
    Today I’m wearing a black shirt.
    with blue shorts.
    And black shoes!

    I’m a great lover of shoes!
    leopard shoes, sports, fluorescent, designs, flowers, hearts, wooden shoes, high heels, etc..
    OH! I almost forgot!
    Boots! Love the high and low boots, black,white,red,pink boots!
    Leopardas Boots! (very fierce!) and more.
    Also i L.O.V.E the heels! They’re so elegant and fashion! (Love it!!!)
    Greetings and….. i can’t wait to see your BIG surprise!
    I love you Bratz,a LOT! :D

    It’s us! Sassy and the Fashionista crew! We all know the Spanish singer Shakira came out with a album called SHAKIRA and she came out with a brand new that’s totally rad called “Empire” The video is rad cool but we still like Can’t Remember to Forget You more better! It’s too good. WE gtg! It’s a friday, THUMBS UP if you’re happy! :)

  6. Aww ok but anyways I think it’s a GRRREAT idea you guys are doing this.
    I mean, Every Friday i log on, check out the blog then play some games. After the surprise, could you PLEASE make another interactive comic and post more fashion advice? I am falling behind in style!

  7. The shoes I’m wearing for spring (since it’s still kinda cold here) are sneakers. They’re bright blue and are sort of ombre dyed. They’re high-tops and they’re really cute! I <3 them! So tennis shoes are in!
    P.S. I can't wait to find out what you're planning, bratz!

  8. Their surprises are always silly! They’re doing this all the time, and I’m getting sick of it

  9. hey guys!! We enjoy Fashion Star Winner but it’s on hold this week! We are not going to accept any posts this week. Thanks 4 your concern! Winners so far
    [week 1's Fashion Star Winner]- QueenBeeOfNY
    [week 2's Fashion Star Winner]- TLCI!

  10. Happy April every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh yes i forgot to say what i was wearing LOL. I am wearing teardrop earrings, my hair in pigtails, my super cute vintage shoes, a denim vest, blue and green striped t-shirt and grey tights. I think my outfit was SUPER cute! and BTW, Check out my blog! It is to read with ALL your bratzies! !!! I have over 50 views which I am proud of. So if you check this out, I will love u until i’m 80!! XP

  12. hey guys ! and bratz !! not sure if any of u remember me but i’m the girl that commented on one of your posts ! i am such a big FAN haha add me on SCW: RockerSCWGirl and add me on MSP: AlexRocs1234 my Youtube: Alex Sparkle

  13. Hello everyone.You should watch these videos called:crazy monster hight episode 10 or wich ever one you want.

    First you.go on googel
    second:you type in crazy monsterhigh ,and then some videos should pop up.

  14. bring me down can’t nothing (LOL! It’s from Happy!!) Fashion Star Winner is cancelled this week, having a break for this week. So anyways, We’re happy about April 5th and April 16th.
    April 5th because our famous gal, friend, best friend and Jailee’s celebrity crush *PHARRELL WILLIAMS’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!*.
    April 16th because it’s the day we are going to Rio and staying there (you know!! blushing!!) and SANTANA’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    Because i’m happy!!
    Clap along if you feel like a room without a room
    Because i’m happy!!
    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!!

  15. [edited]
    Uh huh,
    All the girls stop your feet like this
    A few times I’ve been around that track
    So it’s not just gonna happen like that
    Because I ain’t no hollaback girl
    I ain’t no hollaback girl (x2)
    Ooooh ooh, (x4)

    Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani!!
    So anyways, we know she curses! We love London. Tomorrow we are having a BBQ there! At Hyde Park and then Punkalicious or Hip Hopz!!

  16. I hope you tell us the top secret soon! I’m just dying to know what the top secret is! And by the way,the week’s topic is totes fantabulous!

  17. OMG I know what this is (I think). I bet this is the 2015 come back! (That secret)

  18. hi first time on this blog i love your idea to create it . i just wanted to know if i am welcome here i just signed up today.


  19. well,even though you haven’t made any new blogs,I was still -up-to-tune this week.Finding my way threw your status updates,where to buy your latest fashion in the mall or even to find the latest trend-setting-video games! No one even told me where to find them all! That’s to prove how much of a Brat fan that I am!

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