Beyond The Red Carpet

Sasha here, Bratzies, and I had such a great time watching all the amazing ladies at the Golden Globes this month! It was so great to see women like Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence win for some INCREDIBLE performances, and I got so see my favorite singer, Adele, win for “Skyfall!” I was so thrilled to see her crazy good song in the new James Bond film get an award, I actually screamed!

I decided to read up on a few of the winning ladies after the Awards, and found out that so many of them have taken some pretty amazing chances and stances in their lives. Jessica Chastain, for example, is a strong vegan and anti-animal cruelty activist, inspired by her mother, who was a vegan chef. Jennifer Lawrence graduated from high school two years early with a 3.9 average in order to begin a career in acting. Adele originally wanted to specialize in talent scouting and hoped to launch other people’s careers before her music was discovered on a friend’s MySpace page. These women are so much more than the glamor and glitz of Hollywood, it blows my mind!

What are some of the chances and stances you take? Where do you think your passions will ultimately take you?

Catch you later, Bratzies!


36 thoughts on “Beyond The Red Carpet

  1. Pashon for fashon girls i love your blog i hope we meet p.s. the tweevles are groossssss and stupid
    From #1fan marie

  2. i love the bratz they are my role models i wish i could see them in life

    sincerely robyn

  3. hi um im ashley im 10 years old i live in east boston oh you wanna know a math awnser 10 + 1,000=1,010

  4. um hi me ashley again i got bored then came on this website and know i am typing and im still bored so thats it…

  5. I. Want. To. See. Them. Because. Thay. Are. My. Favorite. Kcaericteres. In. The. Coertoones. And. I. Like. Them

  6. hi neat post (: i like the bratz so much that i am uploading a movie (with bratz dolls as actresses) it’s called Bratz Middle School Diaries preview on you tube check it out ! (:

  7. I hope that by teaching I can influence and change the minds of others. I’m willing to break the molds of society to make the world a better place. I want to improve schools so that kids can get the most out of it.

    Love ya sasha!

  8. I screamed at my mum util she brought me tickets for abeles concert when I got it I was an angel because I knew if I was bad my mum would take it away would anyone else mum do this

    Also I love you jade i wish I was there to see on the red carpet next time you see adele tell I am her number one fan do you agree that I am because some people think I make it up do you think i am

    Lots of love mollie

  9. my bff is so cute im new i live in london and im called jade like jade in the bratz.Hey jade want to be my friend?

    glad you blog xoxoxoxox

    thank you

  10. Hey guys you know what i love bratz i whatch it every day so guys sasha jade be my bff

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