Be Natural, Beauty!

Cloe on the Trends Blog today to talk about natural beauty. You all have it, Bratzies! Don’t cover it up with tons of makeup, instead let it shine through like the ray of sunshine you are! Makeup sure is a lot of fun to play with and wear, but you don’t have to wear tons of it to be pretty. I think the purpose of makeup is to highlight the pretty features you already have!

Here are a few simple makeup rules I follow to keep my natural beauty –

  1. Easy on the eyeliner – there is no need for all that black around your eyes. Try to use as little (or none) as possible
  2. Keep it simple – If you decide to wear eye shadow for a day, don’t wear lipstick (instead use a clear gloss or chapstick). If you want to have a bright lip (like pink or red), skip eye shadow for the day
  3. Give the natural look a try – save makeup for special occasions and not every day. Consider it the same as a new birthday or fancy dress in your closet. Only put it on sometimes.
  4. Face makeup is not necessary – you are probably too young to wear face makeup. I know I am. My mom doesn’t let me wear it because she says it’s a bad habit to start when young and I don’t need to cover up (or ruin) my pretty skin.
  5. ALWAYS wash your face – at the end of every day, be sure to clean off all the makeup and then give an extra wash on the face to keep skin healthy and glowing. Never, ever go to sleep with makeup

Personally, I love my bright blue eyes and would never want to put lots of eyeliner around it. What do you love about your face? Share positive comments about why you don’t need to wear so much makeup in a comment.

Be Natural, Beautiez.

78 thoughts on “Be Natural, Beauty!

  1. Im not from new york. but i like tht chloe always talks about this kind of stuff… Go Bratz!

  2. I never had a bratz doll before but i sure am going to get one!My friend has one she let me borrow once i had fun with her she had jade but i want yasmine i can’t wait to get her!Yay!

  3. Everybody always tells me I have super sparkly eyes. I also think I have bratz lips, but smaller.

  4. Thanks for the advice! One time i fell asleep in eye shadow and mascara and woke up looking disgusting, my big bro laughed at me but it wont happen anymore. thx cloe!:)

  5. being natural and beatiful is a gift not a reward someone might not have that option of being pretty but some of us do

  6. I love Natural beauty. But in our school the trend is big black eyes or pink , and Candy pink lips with the duskyest masscara ever . I know we all have our own style but everyone will stare and look like im a cat with no eye and is wearing a top :D xD Please Reply Katex

  7. Cloe and Jade you both are the Bratz beauty. Kool Kat and Angel,
    I like you both. I have a PS2 I play bratz in it
    I don’t have a brat doll, but I have Coby doll from bratz is Coby your friend?
    you know the twin bratz their jealous from you girls, and roxy in the mall,
    your office, the twins were alway front of your office, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaoooooooooo , the kittens or pups are soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i love make up, i put on to much but since i read this i changed my mind i will take your advice . when i wear to much make up boys tell me i’m ugly . so now i’ll stop wearing to much make up and take your advice

  9. I am so into bratz ! I am 13 and I have been into them as soon as they hit the racks ! My mom came home with one and then showed me the tv show ! I was obsessed !!! I actully still am ! I dont play with the dolls anymore but I collect them ! I have all the movies and so far this christmas break I have been having a Bratz Movie Marathon ! I know all about the Law Suit From Mattel ! Im so glad you won ! I have been into the law suit for awhile now ! I dislike Mattel and always have ! I never ever liked Barbie ! I dont like monster high or any of that ! I love all your MGA Products ! Like Moxie Girls ! You guys are right on and I think your dolls are fashionable ! I dont think they send a bad message at all ! They send an amazing message ! Follow me on Twitter at Pipertmakeup ! I always have an eye out for you guys ! Love MGA Forever ! Bring back the tv show ! All my friends and family would watch it ! Another movie would be amazing ! Thanks for the great advice ! Thankyou MGA for everything ! xoxo Piper

  10. I’m not alouded to wear makeup either. Keep that flawless face for as long as you can!! Makeup can also enable a higher risl of PIMPLES!!!

  11. You???? Too young to wear makeup??? Wow Cloe, you are quite the rebel, going against your Mom… would you like me to show her the pictures of you all Pretty ‘N’ Punk?? But really Cloe, you can cake on all of the makeup you want, unless it’s a basic line, please feel free to go all out! :D

  12. cloe your advice was so awesome i can’t wear makeup but i can wear chap stick and lip sasha and yasmin and jade you girls are so are right it dosn’t matter about the makeup it matters about the natural beauty you and the bratz rock!!!

  13. i love you cloe .so you are trying to say that all girls have pretty features on there face without covering it up with tons of makeup.thanks that realy helps :)


  14. We don’t need to wear makeup because we need to protect our natural skin :)

  15. that was a very thoughtful list.those are very good beauty tips. thanks chloe your cool

  16. you should be carefull because when u put the eyeliner it is cold so u can,t
    control it on your eye.

  17. I love makeup but sometimes i wear way too much so thanks for the tips. btw as you know my names jade and ihave a best friend named chloe isn’t that cool?

  18. LOVE THE BRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Wow you are so right.Little people are kind of to young to wear makeup talking about me to you keep one doing the great work.;) P.S put more ideas on there okay you are great.:D

  20. When I don’t wear makeup boy say I’m pretty or cute more and more boys are keep on asking me out but I am to cute for them. ;D LOL

  21. Wow, you are really cool you guys really are bratz some how people call us bratz. I love you guys

  22. Hey cloe planning a natural beauty ? What about having a nail salon , spa and hair streaking salon??

  23. i really like yasmin because she is really pretty and she knows whats fashion and she may be shy but she has her own and unique personality!

  24. hi can i ask sasha how to remove eyeshad because it dosen,t remove easly.

  25. Chloe,
    You rock!
    Here is a question:
    Can I be in your bratz group please?

  26. Me and my friends love you.
    You rock.
    I love your acting.
    Thats a complient.

  27. I think jasmin and sasha and cloe make really good. Newspaper articles

  28. i like love your movies im like your bigest fan i will love to met you in hear yall sang again. jade i like your fashion can you make me something its just i love you im like going crazy all of yall is my favorite i don’t know who yo pick oh yeah just becuse i didn’t say nothin about the rest of you gaes is becuse i forgot how to spell i see you

  29. The only makeup i wear is clear lip gloss and mascara. i dont it like makeup i dont think it look good on me

  30. Dear Cloe ,
    This a question well i think wearing make up is fun but
    i almost feel like to wear it everyday but i cant hat should i do cloe???
    plz answer your number one fan happygirl

  31. dear cloe
    do you you and your friends wear make up evryday
    plz answer your number one fan happy girl

  32. I really like you Chloe also I like your music. I would like to be as pretty as you.

    Do you have a boyfriend?
    I like your cloths and your make up

  33. I wash my face with soap every morning and then I put my face cream and my face became bright now and that makes me happy Thank you Bratz.

  34. hey bratz! its me, anna , A.K.A filinia456. i always loved bratz!! ever since i was 5 years old! im not into barbie or any of the mattel dolls, cuz they copied off u guys!!! like, first, myscene , second, polly in my pocket, and now monster high!!!! monster high is so stupid!! i mean, names like Draculaura?! that’s is so dumb!!! its tolerating count dracula’s name!! or even Nosferatu!!and that is why i luv bratz and bratzillaz!!!

    xoxo filinia456

  35. Hi

    It’s me, Jamie-Jade! ( Girl, in case you were wondering)

    I need some help, please! I am super scared about this boy. I don’t like

    him and he thinks I do, but I REALLY DON’T. Help!

    Jamie-Jade xx

  36. I like my dark face(brown) and u should see my eyes there really dark brown but in the light u can see my pupil

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