Back 2 School is right around the corner! Have YOU gone Back to School shopping yet? What are your must haves for a new year? We really want to make our lockers and cubbies stylin’! Looking for fab ideas!


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  1. TIPS:
    Take colored contructions papers and trace your fave pic in black sharpie. Stick it in the walls of your locker. I’ve seen these cool mini-chandelier things you can hang from you locker and turn on and off. And ALWAYS KEEP ORGANIZED!!! If you in middle school, it’s so likely to get a locker mess! So keep clean!

  2. this was posted on my birthday!! And 2day’s my birthday!!! Happy Birthday to Me :D

  3. Bratz I need advice; (Diggy and I broke up) from a long distance relationship, he doesn’t like me, and won’t speak. Diggy and I broke up bcuz he likes Cymmphonique. I need advice. I actually need advice ;’( Tears were settling in my eyes when he broke up with me on Skype. Answer me!!

  4. Sassy here people!! Barbados is very epic!! The beaches and the points of the interests are the best stuff in Barbados ;D Glad I took a selfie with them. EEEEH! Okay while (the girlz) were at Paris, we got questions girls from our age:

    q: I’m SO excited about my Back2Shopping w my girls since we are not going to the same school since we r leaving 4 high school. The prob is that I have glasses, and I feel not so FABULOUS then the girls. I’m really stressing if they find out.

    MovieStarFashionistaAnswer: I’m srry SaSa this a HUGE prob 4 u but friends support you and guess what if your GIRLS don’t like your new appearance, then they r not your TRUE FRIENDS so I say go 4 it, and there’s no worry to be stressing. Girl, actually know what a TRUE FRIEND is.

    q: My name is Nikki Hilton, and i’m crushing on a cute hottie. Well me and my girls are crushing at the same guy and we r keep being at each other’s throats about how Shane, the hottie is our boyfriend. What should I do?

    MovieStarFashionistaAnswer: This happened to me and my girls. But girl, don’t even think about crushing on him! Why? I truly say this cuz the hottie we liked, tried to ruin our friendship over him so we gave him revenge! So even if he’s really THAT cute and u REALLY care bout’ UR friends then stop crushing on him :D

    q: My friend is so cute. He keep embarrassing himself trying to ask me out to a party. But I have a poem due by Monday and it’s very hard to write poems. I told him “maybe”. My two enemies (they r twins) and they told me he’s using me 4 an article (his sisters creates a magazine called Celebrity High) and tears were settling through my eyes. I don’t talk to the friend who keeps asking me out. Should I STILL talk to him? Should I trust them?

    MovieStarFashionistaAnswer: It’s adorable how your friend is showing his feelings bout’ u! :D but if THOSE twins r ur enemies, don’t TRUST them, since ur friend knows romance, ask him 4 help and maybe you can actually go to the PARTAY!! :) and get revenge from those twins $) that will show them! :D

    That’s all the questions we’re answering!



  5. I haven,t went to back to school shopping yet because this year i am going to a new school and my mom doesn,t know if i made it in.If i don,t make it in my mom will put me in online school.

  6. Use multi-color holders to express your rad style! Don’t forget to have mirrors for last minute makup

  7. Bratz!
    Yaaa need new fashion!
    I’m thinking of a creative modern look for back2school. Something that shows that going back to school wanting!
    And some bikinis to go to the pool with BFF!
    By the way, my birthday and what my god where I take the BFF is coming?
    Ideas please!
    xoxo :)

  8. dear bratz, i need some advice my grandmother to me back-to-school -shopping and didn’t get the colored pencils i really wanted for school and everyone in my class has them what do i do?

  9. Hey everybody!Today I went to the middle town park and bumped into one of my friends.

  10. Yeah, I’ve totally gone Back2Shopping!! I even went through my old clothes and was able to come up with some rad outfits for this new year. I’ve DEFINITELY found ways to express my various styles, which are punk, edgy, vintage, preppy (girly), laid back, daring, and skater couture. I think it’s awesome having so many styles because it opens up a wide arrange for outfits and your wardrobe, besides being able to truly express yourself! In fact… I want to do a bit more shopping, but for now, I’ll keep up with science. :)

  11. moviestarzfashionista, i thought you said u would stop copying fabalishfive your so rude and unhonest

  12. Hey , bratz ! I think you guys should wear a cool , rocking black jacket , which has one of those pointy , silver stuff stuck on : to look rebelicious or rocking , I could say . And , then these black school jeans , which have a cool , long chain around would surely rock too ! . Finally , however not the least killer boots – with heels with small 2 chains around it too ! silver round earings .

  13. Did yu see my comments on the summer bash blog ?
    Can you look at them and tell me more ideas to help them like some
    more ideas to attach to my idea . Does anyone wanna help. Who`s with me ?

  14. I am in desperate help my bff is crushing on my boyfriend I read her diary when I got angry should I get even by using popularity or talk to her!

  15. Hey Bratzgirl I think you should talk to your best friend and find out as much as possible before you do something you regret. I used popularity to get back at my best friend and now I wish I didn’t because now she wont talk to me.
    Miss Cheer<3

  16. Well i have a lot but the first one on my list is new CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I know how yu feel even though I don`t have a boyfriend I have a (best) friend that I have been crushing on and someone I know needs to back off because that is my friend and she CAN`T get between our friendship, plus I can`t date.
    PLEASE keep it a secret.

  18. i know how that feels.. i hade a crush on this boy and it turns out he liked me to and my friend got us together and he became my boyfriend and this other girl liked him and she tried to flirt with him all the time so told him to stay away from her .. and he did that’s what you should do they will stay away our boyfriend if you do that

  19. wow you should do something about it tell him u cant hang out with them again…..well if you want to you can

  20. i love going shopping but when i spot something nice it is realy expensive

  21. okay so i went shopping for the beginning of the school year and i got the cutest little nerdie outfit: it’s a pink jean jumper with a plain black shirt and some black chuck’s(i would’ve done or flipflops but that would’ve meant painting my toes all night until they look perfect and it isn’t easy walking up n’ down the hallway for school feeling uncomfortable, anyway) and some black nerdie glasses with a bow on the top with box braids

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