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Namaste, Bratzies!

It’s Yasmin here, and I just had the most totally fabnomenal convo with #RealBratz Jasmin Larian, creator of Cult Gaia. Jasmin is only 24 years old and ALREADY has a booming company selling handmade flower crowns. They are soooooo pretty!

The best part about Jasmin is that she is totally a zensible girl! (Aaaaaand is one letter away from having the cutest name ever, if I do say so myself!!!) She is super chill and had a ton of fab advice for Bratzies unleashing their passions, like us!!

Jasmin says you should, “Do what you love and success will find you.”

We Bratz couldn’t agree more!! (See, I told you this gal was OM-mazing!!)

She also says to never let fear hold you back from unleashing your passion. You don’t want to be the thing that gets in the way of your own success. Jasmin admits, “I didn’t have any fear. I just did what I liked. Not having fear gives you the certainty that you will do.”

This chica is totes zen about her success. When I asked her secret is, she said it’s her BBFs!!!

“My friends are why I do what I do. It’s why I got started.”

Jasmin never set off on a mission to build her own company. She began by simply making flower crowns to give her friends on their birthdays. They were so beautifierce that boutiques couldn’t help but take notice. “I always made gifts for my friends. When I was little I used to design and decorate their birthday cards instead of buying one.”

It’s totes OM-Mazing how doing something so small, something that we ALL do — like designing a bday card or gift for a friend — can turn into a lifetime of doing what you love!!

And Jasmin has her fabnomenal friends to thank. They have been her biggest supporters and her most inspiring role models.

“There is so much success to be had in collaborations, between like-minded people. Having supportive friends is everything. You need people to bounce ideas off of and create from. Good friends inspire each other. The friends who have been influential in my own personal growth are the ones I look up to.”

We totes agree.

With Jasmin having such rad success at such a young age, I asked her what she hopes to still accomplish later in life.

“I want to keep doing creative things in one form or another. I want to stay positive and keep my zest for life so when I’m 90 I can say that I have lived my whole life to its fullest.”

We love you, Jasmin!!


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43 thoughts on “Advice from Real Bratz Jasmin

  1. oh and pretty princess

    how do you pursaude your mom to get highlights in sour hair or streeks or tints in your hair


    my nick name is

    pretty princess to

    oh and can i come work for you guys at your magazene please it would be a dream come true


  2. Hey yasmine its me lil ms.mysterious. its true that your supported friends can inspire u to do alot of things. My friends always push me to do new things like not being afraid to make new friends. So yasmine have tyour friends pushed u before to do new cool things? I just came from mexico visiting my granny. It was fabu. I love it.

    Que viva mexico!!!!!

    Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious :-)

  3. It’s not something to win, melody. We are collecting stories from Real Bratz so we can share their awesomeness with the world. And a few lucky #RealBratz will get honored by us specifically for being that rad hero that they truly are!!


  4. Hey, Yasmin! Jasmin makes the coolest accessories! She is so inspiring!!

  5. is the real bratz video thing for america only couse i am not from america.

  6. I just relised some of the writing from real Yaz it says Jasmine not Yazmin its just a bit strange and i would like to know why.
    Thanks Bratz peps i look forwards to hearing why ;)

  7. Hello if i could i would design my bratz look in full detail could you make a game on this website so i could do that. so everyone could do that ?
    Thanks and they should make that game a compitions or they ca enter there doll into the compertion and if they win they can make there doll and a real bratz friend for us and the person who created it could get the doll free and they could name the doll but only with names that aint theres and aint already taken for bratz .
    I hope this is a good idea thanks! :)

  8. Jasmin it’s soo excited to blog/compliment to you it’s an honor i’ve played with the Bratz dolls but the doll i have played most with was Yasmin/Jasmin I heart your doll!

  9. Sorry melody, but we don’t have any tricks on persuading parents to do anything. We believe in asking nicely and being totally willing to compromise. Maybe your mom won’t let you dye your hair, but maybe she will buy you the funky colored hair clip-ons!

    Hope she says, Yes! xoxo

  10. You can still TOTALLY submit a video bratz12girl! We love our Bratzies all around the world!!
    And we are so stoked to hear you say Jasmin is your role model. We think she’s pretty fierce, too!

    Can’t wait to see your Real Bratz video!!


  11. Aloha Blossom,

    Yasmin here. I know it can be totes confusing, but I, Yasmin, interviewed a totally fab girl named Jasmin! Our names are hecka similar. Isn’t that cool?!!

    Sorry to confuse you!!


  12. We’re glad t hear you dig Jasmin as much as we do, Goldensparks!!


  13. What a rad idea, Blossom. We are SUPER busy these dayz, so we can’t get to that idea soon. But we will totally save your fab idea for the future in case we get time! Thanks so much for the idea.

    And keep checking here for all the fab new stuff we have coming out super soon!!



  15. Hi Fandra!

    I’m super busy getting ready for the release of our OM-mazing comic!

    Have a zentastic day!!


  16. hey yasmin i knew your real name wasn’t yasmin those people just got confused and i asked you to come to my house for my birthday but you didn’t come

  17. i love you yasmin and i’m sorry i said yasmin in my first text i ment jasmin wait i’m confused

  18. We are sooooo sorry we missed your bday, kaitlyn!! Jasmin is crazy busy running her own flower crown business all by herself!! And we Bratz are super busy creating our new summer plans for our Bratzies, which are going to be totally rad, BTW!!

    Jasmin asked us to tell you that she hopes you had an AH-MAZ-ING birthday!! And we hope also hope your bday was Bratztastic!!



  19. hey! who knows where i can find *help*on the bratz website, please, im trying to go in to the bratz game but if i put in my username and password, (which i tried several times), the page just keeps coming up! sorry to post this on a comment page, but i’m new and still tryig to find my way around the website

  20. i dont relley no but i no only how to get on the blog so you can ask you of mey other bratz friends i think they will relley know about how to do that stuff im nt the one who started this hole bratz thing so yeah so just ask a girls named yasmin jade or cloe or

  21. hi i love the Bratz i watch the movies, shows and yasmin and you to

  22. Hi Yasmin!!!!!! how many flower crowns have you sold so far? And how do u make them ?!!!!!:D Oh and i am your BIGGEST FAN of all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh yeah and I am turning 11 this year and I am going to have my birthday based on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  23. Hi yasmin its me patience and you look soooooooooooooo pretty.i like your hair and your dress.

  24. hi yasmin i was wondering if i could post a video of my cool outfit and i want to model them on the video

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