Adventures of the Action Heroez

– Last Week, in the Adventures of the Action Heroez, our Heroez heroically returned Professor Style’s, of the Passionview Fashion Institute, stolen garments! They are now arriving at the Graduation Fashion show as the GUESTS OF HONOR!


“This fashion show is going to be too fab!” – Shira

“Totes. But, is it just me, or does something feel a little wrong?” – Cloe

Then! All of a sudden… SMOKE FILLS THE ROOM!!!



Just as the Action Heroez were about to take their seats for the show, smoke filled the room! And out stepped… Evilla Vanderbelt!!

“I’m here. You’re welcome. And worry not, citizens! I won’t let you sit through those dreadful designs, with their bright colors and creative flare. I have done you all a favor, and have stolen the garments. I’ll wait for your thunderous applause.”


The students of the Passionview Fashion Institute are completely distraught!!


A DOSSIER ON EVILLA VANDERBELT: Determined to be the ONLY thing that shines, Evilla has committed to a life of crime in order to maintain her vain image. Some of her lesser known offenses include:

-Turning the Statue of Liberty Green in attempt to make it blend in with the surrounding ocean.

-Stripping the panda bear and the skunk of their once neon colors

- Crashing her color-zapping aircraft in Roswell while attempting to turn New Mexico brown, resulting in a cover-up by Area 51.


The Action Heroez refuse to let Evilla get away with any villainy!

Yasmin- “What do you want, Evilla?”

Shira – “Return those clothes now!”

Evilla – “I have a better idea. Instead of forcing the fair people of Passionview to suffer through your designs, let’s show off my beautiful garments instead. No need to throw a parade in my honor. I offer this out of the goodness of my heart.”




Cloe – “Not a chance, Evilla! If those kids don’t show their designs by midnight, they aren’t allowed to graduate!”

Shira – “Return their designs at once. Or else!”

Evilla – “Or else what?”


Hmmm, Cloe thought, There must be some way to force Evilla to tell us where she hid the students’ designs… but how??”


66 thoughts on “Adventures of the Action Heroez

  1. This is the best Action Heroez omigod Bratz how do you do it?you left me in suspense! I want to know more!!!
    From Lil Miss Badazzle!

  2. This was soo Bratz-some! I know your gonna defeat Evilla because of your ”Passion 4 Fashion”. As Always Keep The Passion 4 Fashion, Your True Bratz Fan, Sayor

  3. Hi its me patience morales and today i don/t have so i have a four day weekend and tommorw i am going to see sumrf 2 in theared ders i/m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo execited .well thank you for reading and my next comment will be about boyfriends.goodnight

  4. ok girls some men are mean and some men are nice if a boy bumps in to one of his friends you sould get nerves because if he says this is my friend and your his girl friend that means 1: hes hiding somthing.2 he just did it for a diffrent if he says your his girlfriend and you are thats means nothing wrong and every thing is if you guys met love at frist sight that means you guys should be boyfriend and love at frist sight means that lets say guys meet because you were both at a party and you fell and he caches you and you both star at each other and its like time stops and your the only to that are abel to move.well thats all about boyfriends and i never had one be for in my life.ttylxox

  5. HI tatiana lish thank for menching my name in your comment when it said comic book at the top.i love your last name sooooooooooooooooooo much it sounda soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome and your hole name sounds sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i bet your nice sweet kind and cheerful and pretty craetive and attive.goodnigh

  6. hey hey hey! Fashionista here and it’s Lela and i wanna introduce………..


    it’s 4 girls (Sassy, me, Bria and Annabella) so the wicked witch is Evilia and she’s very evil. And we are a team to defeat her right? i anyways really want her to be defeated! she hates fashion but we LOVE fashion. i don’t care she’s like the tweevils. i >3 that she’s going down. that’s it but our pages are longer but can’t wait until Evilia comes up!

    Xoxo Lela

  7. oh gosh! what will happen next!!!-Bria
    oh no! Evilla is Evil!-Lela
    i wish you guys were strong then Evilla Vanderbelt-Sassy
    Too evil to ruin a fashion show-Annabella

    My Fashionista stars wants to know what’s next!!!

    xoxo pinkalious

  8. hi guys i miss you all i will always be open to people that might want to talk but i can onlt get on on weekends i will not talk to people that are saying bad stuff to me or other people other wise im everyones friend love ya bye bye……….. see you guys later oh and hi love you r awesome bye bye

  9. ok now i/m relly scared because no one is bloging and i ask if every one is ok i hope this isn/t a prank and HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERY as i was saying i hope no one has been kidnapped and i hope no one has been killed or anything like that.i/m sooooooooooooooooooooooooo scared please start commenting tommorw or i will be relly scared and cry

  10. omg that was amazing. How do you come up with sutch great storys. I would do anything to write as good as you guys. I’m writing a story my self it is about a hundred year old vampire who solves mysteys. I also love to read. can each of you bratz tell me your favorite books. mine is called 13 treasures. it is about a girl who can see fairys. it is so interesting. any way im starting 5th grade and I want to know if that is a hard grade or not. oh and I have an idea for your next bratz dolls. you should make them holloween cotumes. cloe would be an angle. jade a vampire. sasha a were- wolf and yasmin a witch. so those were my ideas. I would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy if you used them

  11. We LOVE that you are coming up with your own heroez, The Fashion Heroez!! Totally rad!! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!!


  12. Welcome, tsmiley!! We know you’ll meet tons of rad new Bratzie friends on this site!!

  13. Hi china,

    Sorry you got scared. We Bratz have to approve all of the messages before they can be posted. Since it was a 3-day weekend, we didn’t get around to posting the blog messages until this morning. We didn’t mean to scare you!!

    You and all your friends were writing messages all weekend long. Now that we have had a chance to approve them all, you can read what everyone had to say.

    Hope your weekend was awesome!!


  14. Annabella here! we got great and 2 dangerous news!

    the great news is that we found Evilia.

    the 2 dangerous news is that she’s planning to team up with Evilla and she’s distroying fashion! nooooooooo!


    tune in next week for more!

  15. Hi every body my weekend was great and thank you bratz for telling me that the bratz have to appover because i was getting very scared but thank you for telling me .today school was greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat and i finllay decorated my locker on the inside.what i put in my locker?i put a shandaler in my locker and a mirror and a eraser board with a marker and and a pencil holder!so thats all i have to say sooooooooooooo ttylxox!

  16. hello bratz i have all of your doll forms! i really like you gals! i have an idea for a comic…. Evilla has a fashion machine that takes fashion away from everybody and everybody has BAD FASHION!! (i know that is not possible lol)
    and the fashion heroes have to save fashion!!!

  17. hey! we are cancelled to tell the stories! But they will be in our mags!

    xoxo pinkalious

  18. OMG, Ivyvega! coincidence, much? I hav the book 13 treasures in my room RITE NOW!!!


  20. Dear all Bratzies,
    I have a new fashion line group of mine (The Fabulous, or Fab-a-lish Five!) made up of me, (Lauren Morris, aka Badazzle,) Cassandra Allen, Kat Collins, Mia Henchman, and Jillian Renaldo who is now at vacay. This was a surprise for you all two months ago and I got all my Eva Friendz getta gether for ya galz! Hope ya luv the surprise! The Fabulous Five r here whenever u need us. The FABBEST fashion line group!!!! Text us back wen u need some tips. We’ve go it all! From bullying, to Beauty! Come 2 us 1st!!! See ya’all, and you, Pinkalish! ;*
    We Luv Ya’all,
    The Fab-a-lish Five!!

  21. hi guys im here i know i havent got on in a while but im on and i really miss you all and love ya im at the library and i am thinking of you all i miss you LOVE please text me back when you get this…… love ya bye bye

  22. Welcom, peggybear!! We hope you had a great first day or week of school.
    The fabalish five!! :)

  23. I will but will you guys consider the holloween dolls because if you did I would love it. also I would love too help you guys with other bratz fashions. plzzzzzzzz say yes I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up and this would be a perfect opportunity to start doing fashion. please. it would make me soooo please make the bratz howloween dolls.
    Jade= vampire
    please do it I would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy if you did.
    sincerely ivyvega

  24. hey ivyvega!!! that sounds like a great idea i totes wanna be a fashion designer too!!! are you the real ivy vega??? i read my sister the vampire all the time!!! i love the books! i am on take two. how about you?

  25. hi bratz i have problem
    there is this boy i like he said he kind of likes me but i am scaredits his sister and when i tell him i like him too he will laugh what should i do

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