Adventures of Cranky Cat, Part 2

Last Week in the Adventures of the Action Heroez:

Without their keynote speaker, Cranky Cat, to give out diplomas, the P.F.I. students are once again at risk of not graduating!!

Hiding in her top-secret penthouse lair, Evilla tries desperately to entertain Cranky Cat.

“Look, I made you a ball out of thread I stole from those fashion twits. Don’t you just love it?”
“You’re hoping those Action Heroez will save you. Admit it.”

The Action Heroez try desperately to find Cranky Cat. Cloe speed dashes around Passionview. Yasmin twirls through tunnels. Shira flies high over the city and then…




Shira spots Cranky Cat!! He is perched crankily on the balcony of what must be Evilla’s secret lair!!

Shira calls for the other Action Heroez to help!

“Come, Cranky Cat. Don’t you want to be rescued?” – Shira
“Yas, use your Super Twirl to distract him, while I speed dash in and grab Cranky Cat.” – Cloe
Yasmin spins but she goes TOO FAST!!




The wind from Yasmin’s twirl blows Cranky Cat OFF THE BALCONY and into the MOAT BELOW!!!

“I’ll save him!” cries Shira. She flies down and dives into the moat to rescue Cranky Cat.

Back at the P.F.I. Graduation Ceremony, Cranky Cat was able to give his (wet) speech and saved graduation!

And to thank the Action Heroez for saving him, Cranky Cat took the microphone and gave a very appreciative and enthusiastic,



35 thoughts on “Adventures of Cranky Cat, Part 2

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  3. yay!!! cranky cat got to do the speech!!! i can’t wait for the next blog!! my birthday is in 6 days!! so exiting!! can’t wait because i am having a sleepover!! with my friends Keisa, Kelsey, Claire, Aries, Siri and Simone.

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  5. new update:
    we have a new update! okay, so pick lyrics from a song you like, and transform it. Then we decide the winner. Here is an example. Don’t use it though, because then you cant enter toget a score:
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  6. Hey everyone! Sara here. The Eva Galz are really inspirational. As a teen model, I think that Eva should be the next big thing 2013-2014, till… forever!
    Evaz rock,
    Sara Deon!

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  9. Fabalishfive…. You should speak to your crush. If you cant cuz your too shy… Try to write him a note and slip it in his locker or baxkpack.

  10. hey bratz! I have a topic you should blog about. Billboard Woman of the year! Pink was chosen! So,if you could do that would be nice.

  11. hey, me and my besties started a mustache club today super fun

    love bratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi everbody its me patience and so far my day has been so good and today for dinner i am having Ramen nutels and i was late to school today because i woke up 8:00a.m. and the bus comes at 7:45a.m.and was so mad but i stade come and then my mom made me choclate muffins for breakfeast.OH NO I ALL MOST FOR GOT TO TELL YOU GUYS ABOUT THE FELID OF SCEARMS!!!!! So the felid of scearms is very scary i never been to it but i heard of it and it sounds sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary because people i think will jump out at you and scary you and its dark and you go to the ZOMBIE RUN FUN and the zombie run fun is when you get chased after zombies but i read that this year you can be a human and get chased or you can be one of the zombies and scary pepoel like every body eles that is going to be a zombie. Well thats all i have to say oh and does any body eles have edvice about my ?well thats all every body hope you guys have a good day at school tomrrow.Make sure you guys get some sleep goodnight.

  13. Hey, China! The Zombie Run Fun sounds soooooooooooo rad!! If you go, tell us all about it!! Cloe would LOVE something like that!


  14. No problem! Also,i heard you’ll be traveling around the USA! Visit NJ please! I like there and my mom never allows me to go anywhere so, I am a big bratz fan so, if you could come,it would fulfill my dreams! I always wanted to meet you guys! Knowing that comment on your blogs, make pictures for you and stuff, it would be a great opertunity! If you visit,meet at garden state plaza. Its really big so, you would have a space. (p.s the movie theater AMC)

  15. can u please make more fashion and beauty post…..that’s pretty much the reason i go on here PLEASE!

  16. Hey, PRETTYCOOL,

    We will be returning to our regular blogging in two weeks. Check out our fashion and beauty blogs then!!


  17. hi it been along time for me bloging.but now here i im. you girls have great ideas for those comic i wanted to know do you girls have a plan of haveing bratz stickers this year. piz right back thank you!!! xoxo

  18. Thanks, yasminx1love! We don’t have new stickers, but we do have the new Bratz Cam App that your parents can download from iTunes. It allows you to put Bratz stickers on your photos. And we are coming out with a new interactive comic book. Keep checking the website next week!


  19. thank you!! im so happy that you girls text me back .!! thank you again for the exciting news and i will keep that in mind!! xoxo

  20. heyy every one text back pleazzz im grounded bye th way :( see ya hi china……………

  21. Hey galz!! My day was AWESOME! Okay, I baked w the fabalish five, and we went on a tour with one of the celebs; fifth harmony!!!! it was fabtacular!! After, we had dinner and we went to their concert in L.A. We came back to New York, and that was our day! School starts again 2morrow, and I with ya’all luck for the fifth or fourth week!
    Luv, Badazzle!
    Btw; if you need advice, come 2 us and or the bratz!

  22. hi bratz so are you guys traveling around the united states of america if you are please visit ny please

  23. Hi fifthharmony!

    We don’t have any plans to go to NY just yet. But our schedule may still change!! We will be in NJ in November. This weekend we will be in California. Yay!!


  24. hey bratz you should make some more movies all your movies was the best
    Sincerely, DazzleGirl

  25. heyy everyone whats up love peggybear bye bye enyone can text me back ………………………………………………

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