Action Heroez Part II

The Action Heroez MUST find a way to get the students their designs back! Time is running out!!!

A COMPROMISE IS MADE! The students reluctantly agree to let Evilla show her designs down the runway be theirs, in exchange for returning their stolen garments.

“After all,” the students thought, “how many designs could she possibly have to show??”

Thrilled, Evilla claps her hands and bright lights flood the runway, revealing… A MOUNTAIN OF BURLAP SACKS!!!

“Each one of these beautiful sacks must make it down the runway,” said Evilla. “Or not a single student will get her designs back! Aren’t they GORG??”

“Oh no!” the students cried out. “There’s no way we can get through all those burlap sacks by midnight! We’ll never be able to graduate!!


“It’s OK, guys,” said Cloe. “I have an idea!!”

“I hope this works,” said Cloe, as she throws one of Evilla’s burlap sacks over her Action Heroez outfit and uses her SUPER-POWERED SPEED DASH to run down the runway!!

The students cheer as Cloe runs each sack down the runway. Moving so fast, she is little more than a blur!!

“Nooooooooo!” Evilla cried. “This isn’t fair!”

“Sorry, Evilla,” said Shira. “we did our end of the deal. Now you have to return the students’ designs so they can put on their runway show and graduate.”

“A deal,” Cloe said, taking a deep breath as she finished running the last sack down the runway. “Is,” Cloe took another deep breath,”a deal.”

Evilla reluctantly calls on her henchmen to return the fashion designs to the students.

“Hooray!” cried the students!

“Don’t celebrate yet, Action Heroez,” said Evilla. “I WILL GET MY REVENGE!!”




31 thoughts on “Action Heroez Part II

  1. Wow, bratzies! We think you are a total inspiration to us. You have a GREAT A LISH sense of style! Also, we want to say congratz to your second issue! Ya rock!
    We Luv Ya’all,
    The fabalish five!

  2. o my gosh is it just me or did they make a part two!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND HI PEGGYBEAR AND YOUR WELCOME TATIANA LISH.TTYLXOX.

  3. China, I cant believe it either, but they made part two! And Bloom, I totally agree. They find ways to set up a new, awesome trend! You totally left me in suspense. Lauren is babbling so much, saying, ‘OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD!!’ Lauren is badazzle. And Nial Marrone, her boyfriend came over, and they’re TOTALLY into each other. He loves her. Well, it’s a BIT getting kinda gross, but im happy for lauren. After all, Harry Walker and I are going out as well!

  4. Hey, it’s Nial in the house. Nial Marrone, Laurena boyfriend. Im so dang in love with the girl. Those beautiful sparkly eyes and the shining smile…. Anyways, gotta go. We’re having another kissing convo!(Where we never stop kissing)

  5. Hi guys goodafternoon sorry i didn/t blog this moring but when i woke and i was on the couch i got made cause i like to sleep in mybed room you know what i mean?oh and cleo and sasha sense you both are my two favorites do you think i should falt iern my hair on for monday?ps when its falt ierned some partsof it look gold at least thats what my mom says.

  6. I want good friends on this website who are super nice. sometimes people at my school are mean like evilla. one girl at my school loves to sing. her name is amber. and I love that she loves to sing but some times she gets caired away and she think she is the best. like yesterday for example. I was on the phone with her and we were talking about are band called super awesome girls and I told here I was a little shy and she said” why don’t you just be a background singer or a background dancer” I got really mad so I said ” I will not be a background singer” she did not say anything after that. some times I get mad at amber because she always brags. there is another girl at my school named daria. me and her used to be best friends until she ditched me for another girl. and then about 6 months later my friend asked daria if me and her used to be friends and daria said that no we weren’t I was just following her around. I wish more people at my school where like all the people on these blogs and the bratz if I could have one wish it would be that.
    ps sorry it was so long it is a bad habbit of mine sorry

  7. I feel like dying my hair light blue. PS for Halloween should I be a tigress or Kitty Princess?

  8. Those costumes are rad ideas, ivyvega.

    Sorry you’re having some difficulty with your friends at school. Don’t let Amber upset you. If you want to be a lead singer or dancer, then you put in the work and believe in your dream and it will happen! Achieving success has must more to do with work, perseverance and Bratittude than it does with raw talent.

    This year, focus on following our tips to try and find some new peeps to hang out with. You don’t have to dump your old friends, like Daria, but add new people to your crew, so you always have new people to hang with.


  9. hi bratz i was wondering your opinion for me to wair at a fair? PS you girls are awesome, yasmin u rock!!

  10. hi we are fifth harmony well me & my girls are (not would be awesome though) and my favorite song is miss movin on what is your favorite song?

  11. hey bratzies me and my sisters have an idea called bratz gem dolls : YASMIN = amethyst
    CLOE = sapphire
    SASHA = amber
    JADE = emerald
    DESTINY = diamond
    SHADI = yellow topaz
    P.S. love the comic !!!!!!!

  12. Hi its me patience and i am having a ruff time at school so what school i do?ps on back to school night the teacher said she was glad to have me as one of her students.goodnight.

  13. We’re sorry to hear you are having a rough time, china. We are always here for you.
    Do any of our Bratzies have any suggestions?

  14. Heyy it’s Katie I’m sad one of my best friends is moving and I don’t know what to do so I’m crying cuz

  15. Yes china we are all here for u even me. And katie11 she saids u rock and ur AWESOME……..XoXo

  16. Hi, Katie11,

    We are soooooooooooo sorry to hear your friend it moving!! It’s SUPER hard when one of your besties moves away! But just because she is moving, it doesn’t mean your friendship is over! You can totally call, text, email, Skype, Face Time, etc.!! If you’re old enough, you can hang out daily on Facebook. Or schedule a time to meet on G-Chat or AIM.

    It’s totally OK to cry. It’s totally OK to be upset. But remember, some AWESOME things may come out of it! You will have a friendship space to fill with a totally new and totally fab new friend. AND, since you aren’t going to lose the friendship you have now, you may even have a bud to visit on breaks from school.

    We’re here for you, Katie11.


  17. thank you bratz thats helpfull well she moved back and well im happy and yes i guess its ok to cry and well i didnt really want to fill her spot in with someone els bc shes my best friend like my sister bc she lived with me all summer long so i love her vary much well gtg love ya bye

  18. wow! when i first saw bratz i thought they were going to be a bad impresstion on kidz know i see that they are very good for prople like me to watch i watch the whole thing of bratz every time a new movie of bratz come out i get them now i’m in indianapolis going to school i don’t have time to get them.

    hope you like my story!

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