Action Heroez and Cranky Cat

LAST WEEK: In the Adventures of the Action Heroez:

The Action Heroez tricked Evilla into retuning the Passionview Fashion Institute’s students’ designs. But Evilla swore she would get her revenge. Does Evilla have something more evil up her sleeve?!?

The Action Heroez arrive at the P.F.I. Graduation ceremony to thunderous applause.

The heroez quickly take their seats, eager to see the ceremony’s keynote speaker and web sensation, Cranky Cat!!


Cranky Cat sits in his dressing room backstage, crankily waiting to give his keynote speech.

“Meh-eow,” says Cranky Cat.

The Action Heroez, and Cranky Cat, have no idea that Evilla Vanderbelt is lurking nearby…

Angry that her previous attempt to thwart graduation was hindered by the Action Heroez, Evilla sneaks backstage and CATNAPS Cranky Cat!

“The students can’t graduate without their speaker. Boo-hoo ,” says Evilla. “Aren’t you just positively tickled to destroy their joy with me, Cranky Cat?”

Back in the graduation auditorium, the students wait for the keynote speaker, but he doesn’t come. Gasps! Cries! Oh no!! Has something happened to Cranky Cat?!?!

The Action Heroez rush into action, but when they get to Cranky Cat’s room, it’s too late.

“Don’t worry,” Shira says, “We will find Cranky Cat and return him safely to the graduation. Somehow… ”

Will the Action Heroez be able to save Cranky Cat? Tune in next week!!


31 thoughts on “Action Heroez and Cranky Cat

  1. Hi its me patience .ooooooooooooooooooow my god how many more atcion heros will they MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great cool and awsome weekend every body.goodnight.

  2. Wow, bratz! The galz and I totally think you rocked this next issue. I mean, who wouldn’t? you’re complete stars!

  3. Hey its patience and yeterday at school was a good day lets hope the rest of my school year won/t be terribel and my moms boyfriend said fridaty the 13 is a day of bad luck.well that so seeya .ttylxox

  4. Bratz Action Heroez are grate. But it would be much better if there was a animated move of it where the girlz are school spies and Evilla was the headmaster, who took over to keep the fashion school to herself. And the bratz heroez was school spies spoiling every EVIL plan of evilla !!!
    wouldn’t that be awesome. And not only that but I have designed a line for you guys of own. Based on this and you all are wearing stylish school uniforms and that you come with make – up will looks like school equipment !!! SCORCH’N isn’t it Bratz ? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease reply Bratz !!!! I love u all !!!

  5. Hi its peanut here and i think you guys are awesome! I am 11 and i live in canada. I really hope cranky cat gets to do the speech!!! If i was a action heroez i would be yasmin. We SO have the same fashion.

    See ya later, peanut

  6. Btw aprilbear, you are second to post a comment. Remember 1st the worst 2nd the best……. But that certaintly is not true!

  7. Hi its me again i just really want bratz you reply to me!!! I have a blog called bloggers but its not on the internet YET. Please please pretty pretty please reply!!! And my friend has a new baby brother!!! I really want to be replied by the famous bratz because i love you guys!!! Or should i say gals. If you write a blog about the bloggers i will be really happy. Thanks bratz.

    See you, peanut.

  8. Today my little sister`s are some cutiepie`s. Today my mom is a little bit mad. And today I am feeling great!

  9. For Halloween I am going to be a princess and her name is Ariel. For next year`s Halloween I am going to be princess sleeping beauty.

  10. We haven’t been commenting in a long time, and that was bcuz of school, and interviewing one of the most FAMOUS fashion models in the universe!; Sara Deon! She really wants to meet u guys and she’ll probably comment l8r. Btw, us Eva Galz (fabalishfive) wants to know if you would like to see a sneak-peak of out first issue of the Eva Galz. It has hoe our trip in Hawaii was like, and how the interview went. We also have a category called Eva Artistics! Well, text us bak!
    Kissy faces and hearts,
    from Kat!

  11. Hi there its me patience and now school is getting better and if you didn/t know i aready decorated my locker.I have a mirror in my locker and a pencil holder and a easer borad it came with the board and i have a pink or light purpel shandaler in my locker and it has an on and off swich that means it can turn on and off isn/t that cool and i/m only in fourth grade.I have a crush on this boy named sean and hes in my class and he wears glasses and is shorter than me .so should i tell him that i like like him our just be friends and see what happends?well thats all and if you have and answers about my questions about my anwser please blog about.Well thats all so bye.goodnight.

  12. Hi, china! We’re sooooooooo stoked your school has gotten better. And your locker sounds cray amay.

    We think you should hold off on telling the boy you like him for just a little bit. The school year is new! Give him time to get to know you a bit better first. And who knows, when you get to know the other boys in your class, you may like one of them more.


  13. that advice does work but i never got to tell the boy i liked that i liked him because i was shy quiet and nervious so yeah anyway that advice work works so use it

  14. This is a super awesome blog, love you all jv30 you R my best friends. P.S Yasmin what is your fave color.

    <3 jv30

  15. I really love the bratz. l have every Yasmine doll that came out. I’m working on the whole collection.

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