Guest Post: Bratz Boyz Trends

Hey Bratzies! Super-fan Alex B here with some trendy tips for the boyz. If you know a guy with a passion for fashion who’s lookin’ to stay stylish this spring, you’re in luck ‘cuz I’ve got this season’s hottest trends for boyz to keep them fresh and fashionable!

One of this spring’s biggest trends for boys are neon colors. A touch of color adds major spark to any outfit! Pair plain skinny jeans with a bright graphic T and matching sneakers for a casual look that pops! If you’re a fan of colorful skinnies, go bold with the reverse look, using a black or white graphic T instead! Go-to colors that stand out on anyone are lime green, acid yellow, and electric blue. Neon colors aren’t just for clothes though! If your style is more toned down, adding a bright belt, colorful shades, or a rockin’ wristband will give your look electric accents that bring out the hue in you!

There are so many ways to rock neon colors! Step out in sizzling hues to make a spark in the streets, and at school!

Also trending for guys are wild prints. Bold patterns are great for makin’ statements and stayin’ stylish! Most black & white patterns compliment neon colors nicely too, and many pieces are available in bright, colorful prints! For a laid-back look, try a printed T with jeans or shorts. For a sharper look, wear a patterned button-down instead! Everyone can pull off prints, but if you’re not totally convinced, start with basic geometrics. Be sure to avoid clashing too many patterns in one outfit too. It could mean the difference between looking your best, and looking a mess!

Peep these prints! Plaid, stripes, camo, and a funky floral too!

Vintage-inspired looks are huge this spring too. Retro accessories are coming back big-time! Thick-rimmed glasses are awesome because they work with everything, and come in a variety of colors! Bowties are also great retro accessories because they too come in many colors and patterns, and look great with button-down shirts! Also making a comeback are suspenders. Suspenders are a cool way to add quirky style to any outfit, and also come in tons of colors! Retro accessories give your wardrobe a touch of timelessness, but don’t over-do it! Wear one at a time to give your outfits a vintage twist without looking obsolete ;)

Awesome eyewear makes the perfect accessory for any outfit!

Well dudes, that’s all for now. Stay stylin’!


55 thoughts on “Guest Post: Bratz Boyz Trends

  1. <3333333333!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much again Bratz for having me guest blog, it was an honor! I hope everyone likes my tips! ^_^

  2. This page is awesome! Glad you got a look for the stylin boyz out there. My cousin is definitely going to try the wild patterns.

  3. WOOOAHHHH!!! :) This is awesome, wooah Alex!! Congratz!!! And thanks so much for catering for the Boyz fanz with a passion for fashion!!! This is awesome best trendz post eva <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Amazing job Alex!!!!!!!!!! :))) Woahh this made my day even more amazing!!!

    Boyz for a passion for fashion of life <3

  4. Alex you are my inspiration, this is GagaBratz from Flickr. This is one of the greatest moments of my life.
    Well done!!!

  5. hi bratz i love u
    i wach u all the time
    i love sarsha the most
    but u are all good
    i wood love to be
    a bratz
    !!!!!!!!!!!! love freya

  6. dear bratz and fanz,
    thank you to who ever made this website i love bratz.
    sorry no photo

    Mikayla 42

  7. Thank u Alex for your AMAZING fashion tips

    P.s I love ur Flickr account!

  8. You should do more posts for boys!!! There’s boys that like Bratz too ya know.

  9. That’s my boy! Great job Alex, a truly fantastic blog entry :) Still so jealous x)

  10. Brazt boys are styling but not as much as the girls I have a lot of the girls and I tell you they are styling! Respond for comments!!!

  11. Hello, im brazillian boy with passion 4 fashion, and i love bratz, im love this post, and is super cool a boy’s trends im a girl’s blog,


  12. OMG I read this to my brother and he was probably not even listening but these tips are great and I hope I am wrong about him not listening


  14. I’ve never met someone so truthful and trendy! How did you get the opportunity to do that?

  15. you guys are really good at it i wish i could be in it some day


  17. hi bratz this page is totally awesome .. i super like it ..its so amazing cool . i hope you have a partners

    :) <3

  18. I’m not a boy, by the way. Neon is totally trendy for girls too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do boys care about fashion anyways????????????????????????? Shouldn’t you be posting GIRL TRENDS?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Look, I’m totally serious! Do boys care about fashion? I think all they’re interested in is sports and gorgeous girls.

  20. Dear, bratz my BFF had a carzy day me to. BFF name is nyisha
    this boy think i like him but i dote his name is JALEN
    thats the boy im talking about.

    the boy i like is jeff his so cute thats the boy im takeing about.
    love, carvesha

  21. why would anyone above ask if boyz are into fashion? What about the Bratz boyz? The boyz with a passion for fashion? Every guy I know is into clothes and trying to rock the best look. Ever heard of Nu Boys, the rappers? They started the skinny jeans trend for males. The boys have to look nice for the girls ya know. ;)

  22. It’s interesting to see the boy trends compared to the girl trends. It is crazy how different they are, then at the same time similar. Good work Alex!


  24. wow!!finally there is something about boy trends really cool trends!you guyz really rock

    xoxo filinia456 :)

  25. I love bratz i gave some to my best friend and now have 11 im saving up to by more bratz doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Omg! My mom said i should start wearing neon!!!!!! Ha wow have a real passion 4 fashion :)

  27. I both all of those things and I just have to say I rely love them those things are good for nigh parttys and I am overti 10 my birthday was today so i dine to alat of nigh parttys with my older brother and evry one was so amesd like evry one came up to me and sad OMG THAT IS SO COOL and I was like a qwine at avry nigh parttys.So if you want to be so cool you shode by this things and osov every one on every nigh parttys wor like 16 17 18 19 and 20 how cool is to get a complimet from an older porse than you but not to old so if you want to be and to get lats and lats of comlements you sode by this things.

  28. Oh my lady gondol! Alex that is such a hot idea to spread the word about fashion to boys!! To be honest with you I just dont think a lot of boys know about fashion trends!! thanks for spreading the word!!!! From Ellie your no.1 fan!!!

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  30. A lot of them use totes. I’d say about 65% use the totes. While the rest use backpacks. I’d rtaher not kill my shoulder with a pretty tote. I seriosuly don’t get why they would use those totes, especialy with the heavy textbooks we carry to classes. Plus I reckon it looks cuter to just sling a backpack on your shoulder that holds your books efficiently, than to wear a huge-packed tote full of books.

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  33. You made some Good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with

  34. I really liked your blog Alex and I really hope that the Bratz Boyz will do a new line using this style soon :)
    I’m going into 10th grade and I see that style a lot at my school and I love it! I think that most guys do care about fashion and what they ware.
    I have loved the Bratz and the Bratz Boyz ever since I was 5 years old and I have always loved Jade and Sasha the most out of all the Bratz Girlz and I have always loved all the Bratz Boyz and I love all of the new Bratz Boyz too (especially Thad and Penn).

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