So sorry for the delayed post, Bratzies!

School started and we are just drowning in homework already! UGH! We have barely had a chance to peek over our stack of books to see if there are any cute boys in our classes. Have you had a chance to spot any hotties?

Do tell!



Oh no! School is just around the corner and all we own are high heels. We can’t go through another year walking those long hallways every day without a single pair of flats. We need recommendations ASAP. What will you be wearing on your footsies this school year?

One Last Bash

Aloha, Bratzies,

We are FINALLY getting to our END OF SUMMER BASH! This party has to be AMAZE. I was thinking of having a tiki theme. We could have a luau with tiki torches, sprinklers and bathing suits! Everyone can refresh with some delish coconut water. What do you think? Is there a better end of summer theme?

Please help!