World Cup

OMG y’all!!

My heart is pounding! Is anyone else just dying watching the World Cup? It totally makes me want to kick off my shoes and play barefoot soccer with a bunch of peeps from other countries. It’s such a small world. ┬áIt’s time to start exploring it!

Do you have any ideas on what I can do to start meeting new people?


Crazy Summer Trends

Namaste, Bratzies,

This summer is all about the OM-mazing cross-over sports and activities. I’m super stoked to try out yoga while riding waves on my surfboard and also to try playing chess on a floating board while lazing down a river with friends. What Zentastic cross-over activities will you be rocking this summer?


Summer Plans

Whatz the hapz, Bratz?

Anyone out there trying a rad new sport this summer? We can’t decide if we want to sign up for surf lessons, skateboard lessons, horse-riding lessons or just kick back pool side. What’re you up to?