White Not To Wear

Namaste, Bratzies!

We Bratz believe that you have the right to Xpress yourself year-round by wearing whatever you like, whenever you like! But a lot of folks think you shouldn’t rock a wardrobe of white except for during the summer months.

What do you Bratzies think? Should you only wear white in summer? Or is it OK to wear white all year?

We LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Memorial Day Plans

Oh no! The Tweevils parked their pink RV in our campsite and our plans to go camping this weekend are ruined! Help, Bratzies! We need some sweet ideas ASAP for something different we can do to have a totally fabulous three-day weekend!!


National Bike Month

Namaste, Bratzies!

May is National Bike Month. I love to avoid the car and bikes places whenever I can. It’s totes perfecto for the environment! The problem is, in this hot weather, I also heart wearing dresses! Do you have any zentastic advice on how I can both wear a dress and ride my bike?


Mother’s Day

We love our mamas!

Mother’s Day is all about showing your appreciation for the leading lady in your life! There are tons of fierce wayz to show your devotion. Sometimes it means making mom a fab breakfast in bed, sometimes it means giving mom full access to your wardrobe. (Eep!)

How do you show mom you heart her?

Cinco de Mayo

OMB (Oh My Bratzies)!!!

We could not be more stoked May is final here! Fab weather. Fun outdoor activities! Sweet fashions! And what better way to bring in the new month than by celebrating Cinco de Mayo with all of our Mexican brothers and sisters?!? Whether you come from Mexican heritage or just want to show your support, celebrating the 5th of May means a foray into some seriously fab fashions! Brightly colored traditional dresses! Awesome sun hats! Tell us what you’ll be wearing!!