House of Bratz 4.28.13



In honor of us launching our FABULOUS new REAL BRATZ MOVEMENT, we want all of our Bratzies to UNLEASH THEIR PASSION on Monday. Dress up like your dream job for one day. If you want to be a doctor, wear scrubs. If you want to be a swimmer, wear your goggles on your head like a fab headband. If you want to be a rock star, rock the sequins. And if you see fellow HOBles at school dressed like their own passion on Monday, congratulate them and give them your support! It’s hard to let the world know what your passion is, but it’s the first step in attaining it!!

Tell us what you dressed up as for Show Us Your Passion Monday!!



Oh man, soooooooooooooo many crazy things happened this week! We don’t even know where to start!!

First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to all of our Bratzies (and new official HOBles) who took the Bratz Pact Oath! Welcome to the House of Bratz!!!  We also want to say THANK YOU to all of our HOBles who learned the secret handshake!! That’s sooo awesome!

If you have signed the Bratz Pact and learned the secret handshake, let us know! We want to hear from all of you!! If you haven’t signed yet, you can do so here:

This week we announced what the list of pictures are that everyone must take if they want to participate in Pic A Day May on Instagram. The list is made from YOUR suggestions!! What do you think:

The participants will be in the running for a give-away prize of a Bratz Catz Sasha signed by Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in “Hunger Games”



We launched our REAL BRATZ MOVEMENT!!!

This year, we want to recognize all of our Real Bratz for their hard work.

Are YOU a Real Bratz? Submit a video and you could be the next Real Bratz hero we honor!!

Make a video, no longer than three-minutes, telling us what makes you a Real Bratz. Email the video to

For more information on the Real Bratz video submission, read the previous Blog Post:

Can’t wait to watch you UNLEASH YOUR PASSION!!!


House of Bratz 4.22.13


Calling all House of Bratz members! Monday we are being off-kilter and asymmetrical. Wear a one-sleeved shirt, your belt fastened on the side rather than in front, or a sidewayz hat!


A TON of House of Bratz things happened this week!  We created a House of Bratz Secret Handshake!! Practice it with all your BBFs!!


And super fun news! Sasha wrote in the Super Secret Shared Notebook!











We have completed the BRATZ PACT!! To become an official member of the House of Bratz, print out the Bratz Pact, say the words aloud and sign the bottom!

Can’t wait to see you all in asymmetrical attire tomorrow!!


MTV Movie Awards

Hiya Bratzies! It’s y’allz one and only Cloe!

Did any of you Bratzies watch the MTV Movie Awards? I did, and they were totally super fun! I am OB-to-the-SESSED with all the fabtastic fashions and super chic winners!

I thought Rebel Wilson did a fabnomenal job. I especially loved her haute couture Iron Man suit in my signature color: pink!! It was so rad watching her tell jokes, dance and sing. She is totes a triple threat!

I don’t know what I would do if I had to host something like the MTV Movie Awards. I might have fainted! It would be soooooooo scary to perform in front of all of those people!! But Rebel faced her fears like a rock star and totally nailed it!!

The celebrities all looked abso-fabso! I loved Selena Gomez’s golden dress. Chloe Moretz looked adorbs in denim. And Amanda Seyfried was scorchin’ in her blue mini! Special shout out to Eddie Redmayne and his fab-a-licious black jacket. Is it just me, or was he totally one of the best dressed guys there?

There were a ton of fun wins! I was super glad Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Kiss. And I thought it was sooooooooo krazy kool when Rebel Wilson turned from host to winner when she won for Best Break Out Performance in “Pitch Perfect.” Way to go, Rebel!!

But, my bestestest, most totally absolutest favoritest moment from the MTV Movie Awards was when Emma Watson accepted the Trailblazer Award. Not only was her dress fierce, but so was her speech!!

Emma said, “Becoming yourself is really hard and confusing, and it’s a process….It’s often not to cool to be the person who puts themselves out there. And I’ve gotten teased mercilessly. But I found that, ultimately, if you truly pour your heart into what you believe in, even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen.”

Wow! Right? I mean, wow!

Emma Watson is totally a Real Bratz. I love, LoVe, LOVE how she talked about being an eager beaver in school and always raising her hand to answer questions, even though people made fun of her. Emma stayed true to herself, even in the face of bullying. She continued to pursue and unleash her passion, even when it made her vulnerable. And in the end, she gets to live the dream because she was courageous enough to go after it!  I think that’s what makes Emma Watson a true trailblazer!!

Are YOU chasing after your deepest passions? If not, what’s stopping you? Maybe I can help!!



House of Bratz 4.15.13



On Monday, April 15, members of the House of Bratz will show their allegiance to our club by wearing FUNKY SOCKS! Don’t sweat it (haha, get it?) if you don’t own funky socks, you can always mismatch a pair or regular socks!!

For those Bratzies who have to wear a school uniform, funkify your shoe laces with charms like these!

Send us pics of your rad HOBle Monday looks!!!!



Huge news this week in the House of Bratz:

Cloe wrote back in the Super Secret Shared Notebook!!!! Check out what she had to say to Jade:


We decided we would all make HOB friendship bracelets. This way, you can identify the HOBles near you!!

Extra points go to the amazing Bratzies who can figure out how to turn those hearts into the letters: HOB     Send us pics of your bracelet designs!!

We also decided to have Pic A Day May on Instagram. Everyday we will be posting another picture of something YOU BRATZIES suggested!!  Do any of you have rad ideas for what we should take pics of?

Some good ideas we have already been given are: dollz out in nature, flowers, a pic of your BBF, fierce shoez, etc.!  Give us your awesome suggestions!

Lastly, we wanted to share with you this week’s House of Bratz quote:



Representin’ Advanced Style

Yo Bratzies, it’s your queen, Sasha!

I keep hearing pledging members of the House of Bratz asking me how to dress like REAL BRATZ.    My answer is simple:


Clothes, make-up and hairstyles are just a fun way to show the world who you are on the inside. They are a fabtabulous way to express yourself. If you’re a naturalist on the inside, there’s no need to wear make-up on the outside. If you have a flare for the dramatic, like yours truly, rock out in electric colors and ask your parents if you can put streaks in your hair!

The trick to being a Real Bratz is to always be true to you. There is no need to look or dress like anyone else. Who you are is totes FAB enough!!

The super awesome thing about being a Real Bratz is that ANYONE can become one, at any age!!

Real Bratz super star, Ari Seth Cohen, is on a mission to celebrate and recognize the older Real Bratz population. He finds grandmas on the streets of NYC who exude a true passion for fashion! These older ladies have fierce fashion sense! Whether their clothes are DIY, funky kool, or sleek and chic, they show the world that they are true passionistas. Solid proof that age just refines your fab stylin’s.

Check out Ari’s rad blog. He shows a ton of pics of these Advanced NYC style icons!!

I plan on ALWAYS rockin’ my most fabtastic looks! Even when I’m 100!!  Do you plan on being fashionably TRUE TO YOU well into your golden years?  Why wait? Why not start right now?!

Keep stylin’ and smilin’

HOB Fashions Monday, April 8





Monday, April 8th,  all House of Bratz members should wear something GREEN! Go all out in a head-to-toe green romper, wear funky green socks or glam it up with green eye shadow. Show your House of Bratz support by rockin’ green!

Also, as with any awesome secret club, we will have rotating secret passwords. This week, the password is: FIERCE-A-LICIOUS!! Before you share any super secrets with an assumed fellow HOBle, ask them if they know they secret password. If they pass the test, you will know your BBFs for life!

Can’t wait to see all of you rockin’ your HOBle greens!


I Believe in Mermaids

Namaste Bratzies and HOBles alike!

Did everyone have a zentastic Spring Break? My break was OM-mazing! I went to the beach, did yoga on the sand, collected seashells and just inner peaced with my rad self.

I love going to the ocean! It is so peaceful and inspiring. When I’m at the beach, I love watching the horizon and keeping my eyes peeled for dolphins, whales and mermaids. Yes, mermaids!!

Did you know that scientists believe we have only discovered about 70% of the world’s sea creatures? There are still so many mysteries buried deep in the oceans. Under the blue seas reside the deepest caverns and the tallest mountains on the planet! Perhaps, hidden away in one of those deep-sea caverns, lives a handful of mermaids. You never know!  And it doesn’t hurt to believe.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas he wrote in his diary about mermaids that swam along his ship! He even drew fabtastic pictures of them in journal. Later, Columbus decided that he didn’t see a mermaid but had actually seen a manatee. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty hard to confuse the two! Maybe he just second-guessed seeing such a mysterious and mythological creature.

I know I may seem silly to believe in mermaids, but it is fun to believe that Mother Earth still holds some magical secrets! One of my total fave movie quotes is, “Don’t overlook those lovely intangibles. You’ll discover those are the only things worthwhile.”


I’m not saying mermaids exist. I’m just not saying they don’t exist.

I didn’t see any mermaids on my spring vacay, but I had a fabtabulous time lookin’ for them!

Do you believe in anything wondrous and unseen, like mermaids?

Stay believin’!

P.S. Don’t forget to come back to the blog on Sunday to see what members of the House of Bratz will be wearing on Monday!!!

Super Secret Share Time

Howzit hangin’, Bratzies?

Who here is totes psyched about our new club name, House of Bratz?! We think it’s fabtastic! Obvs!


It was a super close race between House of Bratz and Club Passionista. Thank you SOOOOO much to everyone who voted. Even though Club Passionista didn’t win, you are ALL our lil’ Passionistas. So, is it cool if we sometimes call you that?

The blog is going to start getting updated more often with fun club ideas and super H.O.B. secrets! We’ll let you know when to wear the same outfit or engage in the same activity. It’s gonna be crazy fun!!

Lots of Bratzies have been asking if they can join House of Bratz. Of course you can! Anyone who is a fab friend and a rad human being can join House of Bratz and become a HOBle!  You just have to WANT IN!

The other Bratz and I will work on cool ways for you to pledge your allegiance to the House of Bratz. In the meantime, have fun HOB-knobbing with your fellow HOBles on our blog!!

We also REALLY want to apologize for not getting back to the heaps of  Bratzies posts during the past week or so! It’s been SOOOOO crazy busy! And we’ve been getting SOOOOOO many blog comments. Which we totes LOVE, but it has made it so we’ve gotten a bit behind. If you posted a question and are still waiting on an answer, please post it again here. We will – for sure – get to ya!!

Speaking of asking for advice and sharing your feelings with your friends, I came up with the most awesome sauce rad-tacular idea! I made this super secret shared notebook. The idea is to pick a few of your BBFs (Best Bratzies Forever) and make a notebook that you share back-and-forth with JUST each other.

It’s a great place to scribble your secrets, share your crushes and give each other support. What do you think, Hobles? Is this a good activity for members of the House of Bratz??

Try making a shared notebook in the next couple of weeks and tell me all about how it goez! And let me know what you think of my super secret notebook!

Congratz Bratzies! House of Bratz is officially (FINALLY!!) in session!!



PS. Did you totes get that I swapped with Bratzillaz Jade?? APRIL FOOLS!!!!!