Back 2 School is right around the corner! Have YOU gone Back to School shopping yet? What are your must haves for a new year? We really want to make our lockers and cubbies stylin’! Looking for fab ideas!


Summer Camp Chic

Yo, yo, yo, Bratzos!

This month is all about summer camp chic! It’s time to don the duds you don’t get to wear much during the school year. The best part is, you don’t even need to attend summer camp to rock the summer chic look! Here’s what you do:

1. Get some tie-dye stat! If you don’t own any, invite some friends over and make some clothes yourself! It’s crazy easy to do and crazy fun!

2. You know you need some friendship bracelets! When your BBFs (Best Brazes Forever) are over at your pad making tie-dye, why not whip up some friendship bracelets while your clothes dry? Nothing says summer like showing off all the friends you have in some fab colors.

3. Go bright! Especially when it’s bright outside. During the school year it may be cool to rock darker color sunglasses, clothes and accessories, but during the summer you should turn on the neon! There is no such thing as too bright for summer camp chic. And don’t worry about your cool clothes hurting your friends’ eyes. If you shine too bright, they can always lower their hot pink shades.

4. Brag about where you’ve been! We love fastening funky cool patches to our backpacks. It’s a way to keep summer with you even after returning to school.

5. The last and most important piece of proving you are Summer Camp Chic: camp t-shirts! Again, you don’t ACTUALLY have to be going to camp. Grab your besties, some fun colored tees and some fabric markers. Then decide on a design and everyone can draw matching shirts. You’re in a summer camp of your own and now you’re ready to strut your stuff!

Viva Summer Camp Chic!

Will YOU be rocking this look?


Slumber Party

Whatz the hapz, Bratzies?

The summer is almost over and we need to rock some seriously rad sleepovers before it’s Back2School time. I’m bringing my besties over for a killer overnighter this weekend.

The plans are soooooo last minute, I could really use some help with all the essentials. What are the must-haves for an epic slumber party?

Share your list below!


Independence Weekend

Hiya Bratzies,

Our American fans are celebrating their Independence this weekend. July 4th is the national holiday, but we believe in partying the whole weekend. Fireworks! BBQ! S’mores! Red skirts with adorbs star-covered shirts!

What is your favorite thing to do when celebrating your nation’s Independence day?



World Cup

OMG y’all!!

My heart is pounding! Is anyone else just dying watching the World Cup? It totally makes me want to kick off my shoes and play barefoot soccer with a bunch of peeps from other countries. It’s such a small world. ┬áIt’s time to start exploring it!

Do you have any ideas on what I can do to start meeting new people?


Crazy Summer Trends

Namaste, Bratzies,

This summer is all about the OM-mazing cross-over sports and activities. I’m super stoked to try out yoga while riding waves on my surfboard and also to try playing chess on a floating board while lazing down a river with friends. What Zentastic cross-over activities will you be rocking this summer?


Summer Plans

Whatz the hapz, Bratz?

Anyone out there trying a rad new sport this summer? We can’t decide if we want to sign up for surf lessons, skateboard lessons, horse-riding lessons or just kick back pool side. What’re you up to?




White Not To Wear

Namaste, Bratzies!

We Bratz believe that you have the right to Xpress yourself year-round by wearing whatever you like, whenever you like! But a lot of folks think you shouldn’t rock a wardrobe of white except for during the summer months.

What do you Bratzies think? Should you only wear white in summer? Or is it OK to wear white all year?

We LOVE to hear your thoughts!


Memorial Day Plans

Oh no! The Tweevils parked their pink RV in our campsite and our plans to go camping this weekend are ruined! Help, Bratzies! We need some sweet ideas ASAP for something different we can do to have a totally fabulous three-day weekend!!